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How many articles can you publish on a WordPress website?

Are you wondering how many articles or blog posts you can publish on a self-hosted WordPress website?

Short answer: As many as you want. There is no limit. Awesome, right?

Which makes the following something to consider…

Try not to overthink content publishing.

It’s easy to do.

I’ve done it.

I suspect we’ve all done it.

We toil in uncertainty.

If you can’t handle uncertainty, blogging and running a business probably isn’t for you.

One example of overthinking is over-analyzing which keywords to target.

I’ve seen discussions on forums and have had readers email me multiple rounds discussing the merits and demerits of KW A vs. KW B ad nauseum.

By the time the smoke cleared, those folks could have published crackerjack articles on both keywords. 10 articles probably.

TIP OF THE DAY: There is no cap on the number of articles you can publish on a WordPress website.

Think about that for a second.

You can actually publish as many articles as you want.

There’s little need to hurt your brain choosing among keywords, especially if you’ve drilled down to reasonably low competition KWs.

I’m not talking about trying to decide between one KW that requires a gazillion links and 8,500 words of content vs. the keyword that’s never been covered.

I’m talking about two or more keywords that are both relatively low competition and similar in difficulty but may have slight differences.

The thing is no two keywords are identical.

Instead of going around in circles trying to figure out which one (or ten or 50) to go after, go after them all.

I’m not joking when I say there is no limit to how many articles you can publish on a WordPress website.

You never really know what will rank anyway.

It’s a numbers game.

Do your best to drill down to low competition, scoop them up into a huge bucket, and start publishing.

I know you’re as surprised as I am that there’s no article cap with WordPress.

If you don’t believe me, test it. Find out for yourself.

Worst case scenario: Your traffic blows up to 10 million monthly visitors and your hosting service sends you an invoice for $4,000.

We could all be so lucky.

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