1 thought on “Can new site owners keep Shutterstock images on sites they purchase (without having to pay for new image licenses)?”

  1. Jon, thank you for the extremely helpful guide. It’s good to know how things work in regards of image copyrights when you are selling or buying websites. I sold a few sites myself in the past and I know how important it is to have a proper licensing for the images.

    I’m searching currently for high quality stock image service and I was wondering about shutterstock. But I see there are too many complaints and negative reviews online about them, more than 93% complaints. The situation is similar with adobe stock (77% complaints) and I don’t really want to risk my account being overcharged with early cancellation fees and things like that.

    Can you recommend a reputable stock image company that offers the same or comparable service with better rating and a majority of happy customers?


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