1 thought on “Find out what works for your niche site and then stick with it (but be mindful of changes coming down the road)”

  1. Nice Post Jon… as always. I was just explaining to my sister today… which by the way wrote her very first 2 posts on her new lifestyle blog that I’ve been trying to get her to start forever now. ““I write for the reader but optimize for search.” So good. I was trying to explain just this to her… you want to appeal to search engines and include all necessary keywords, but you also want to write for the reader 100% too…

    For speed… I just used this Alexei’s service: https://wpspeedguru.com/

    My sites are SUPER fast now. A’s across the board. It’s a bit pricey… but to be honest.. well worth it. There are too many sites I go on for mobile and they take forever to load, then I opt out go right back to the searches. I don’t want to be in this category…

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