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Adngin Review (More Ad Revenue with AdSense Testing)

Adngin Ad Testing Software and Service

Heads up: This Adngin review is a paid review.  I have not used Adngin, although I’ve used AdSense testing software and services so I’m very well versed with the software and service.

The reason I’m doing a paid review is I think ad testing services and software can be really helpful for a lot of website publishers.

While I invested literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours in testing ads and using ad testing services, I know many website publishers struggle making money with ads and don’t have time to test properly.

This is where Adngin may help.

Adngin is an AdSense testing and optimization service.  It offers software to test ads as well as customized help with their reps.  You can use one or both.

Why use Adngin?

  • More ad revenue. Adngin’s goal is to earn you more money through rigorous AdSense testing.
  • Peace of mind that you’re as well as can be expected on your own.  It may well be the case your site is optimized nicely with AdSense, but you wouldn’t know if unless you did some serious testing. Adngin makes testing easy.
  • Retain full control over website layout and ads used.   It only tests AdSense ads (using your account so you retain full control).

How does Adngin work?

Once you sign up, you sync your account with your AdSense account.

Once you’ve synced accounts, you can begin testing AdSense placements and designs.  This is done by creating experiments.  Via experiments, Adngin ensures you display only 3 ad units per page and will automatically configure placement and design based which performs best.

You can also get personalized help with Adngin’s customer service.  They can help you get started with placements for thorough testing.

Over time, the software will determine the best performing AdSense configuration at which point you can either set up new experiments for further testing or run with what you have.

What other ads does Adngin offer?

If you go with the Commercial Plan (300,000 monthly pageviews or more), you can enable native ads in addition to AdSense ads.  What’s nice about this feature is Adngin offers Outbrain (not easy to be a publisher for Outbrain ads), Taboola, RevContent and AdBlade.

What else?

The service also offers a video widget which displays video ads.  You split this revenue with Adgnin.

Can you use non-Adsense ads?

Yes you can.  This is one feature I like.  Because it’s your AdSense ads being tested via the software, you can use other ads on your site as long as you follow AdSense terms and conditions regarding other ad networks on the same site as AdSense.

How much does Adngin cost?

  • Free: Up to 10,000 daily page views.
  • $250/month: 10,000 plus daily page views.

Why use Adgnin over other ad testing services?

In addition to thorough testing, it’s an easy platform to set up.  Moreover, you’re testing your AdSense ads instead of ads provided by the ad testing platform/service.  This is a big difference because you retain control over all elements of the testing.

=> Click here to get started with Adngin today.


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