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About the 8 Niche Sites Featured in Fat Stacks Income Reports

Here's a detailed breakdown of the 7 niche sites I feature in the Fat Stacks income reports.

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Over the years readers ask that I provide more details about the 7  8 niche sites featured in my income reports.

My income reports break up revenue across 8 of my niche sites.  All 8 sites are in different niches and they earn in different methods.  They all vary with respect to traffic levels, income, content and amount of time/money I dedicate to them.

Instead of regurgitating the info in every monthly income report, I thought a dedicated page would help.

Why don’t I disclose my niche sites?

It’s simple. I face enough competition.  If I disclosed my sites, it’s likely some people would jump in the same niche, go after the same keywords and make things harder for me.

Why don’t I include fatstacksblog.com income in the income reports?

Again, it’s simple.  I think it’s weird for me to tell you how much a site makes that discusses how to go about online publishing.  The goal of my income reports isn’t to show how much I’m earning but instead to illustrate that niche sites and blogs can be a viable business.  In other words, going into real-world niches can be really good.  You don’t have to, nor should you jump into a “how to make money online blog” in order to establish a great online business.

Real-Life Niche Site Example

For years readers naturally have asked to see one or some of my niche sites.  I resisted until June 2020 when I created a new niche site that I built, monetize and will grow just as I do my other niche sites.

That site is Cyclebaron.com.

Cyclebaron.com will be the 8th niche site profiled in my income reports.

Site #1:  My flagship niche site

Site #1 is by far my highest traffic and highest-earning niche site.  It’s in a broad niche that actually encompasses many sub-niches.

  • Launch date: February 2014.
  • Traffic: Traffic fluctuates between 800K and 1.2 million monthly visitors throughout the year.  The lion’s share of traffic is via Google search, although Pinterest traffic is pretty good to.
  • Revenue:  97% of revenue is earned from display ads.  Most affiliate revenue is via Amazon (and it’s not much).
  • Content types:
  • Additional connected web properties:  Pinterest boards, Instagram, YouTube, Podcast (launching very soon), Facebook page (pretty much worthless), Twitter (also worthless) and Flipboard (yes, you guessed it, worthless).
  • Email newsletter:  Yes, I’ve built up an email newsletter with subscribers over the years.  It earns practically nothing but it’s an okay way of sending readers back to the site.
  • Article publishing frequency:  2 to 3 new articles per day.
  • Content & keyword strategy:  Target low competition keywords, write long articles with quite a few images (it’s a visual niche).

Site #2: My oldest niche site

Amazingly, site #2 was the second niche blog I ever launched and it’s still going relatively strong.  It earns primarily via affiliate offers although in 2019 I started expanding the content topics and now monetize with display ads as well.

  • Launch date:  2010 (or thereabouts).
  • Traffic:  It gets about 200 to 400 daily visitors (6,000 to 12,000 monthly visitors).  The audience is very niche.  Most traffic is via Google search.
  • Revenue:  98% is from affiliate promotions.  However, ad revenue is climbing.
  • Additional connected web properties: None worth noting.
  • Email newsletter:  Yes.  This email newsletter is very lucrative.  I use an automated sequence to generate new sales monthly.
  • Article publishing frequency:  Very sporadic.  Some months I’ll publish 6 to 10 articles.  Some months I do nothing.
  • Content & keyword strategy:  Long tail keyword content mostly.

Site 3: Niche Site I Purchased

I bought this site around 2015 I think.  It was a well established site with loads of good content, thousands of inbound natural links but earned almost nothing. In fact, the revenue barely covered server costs.  I thought I could improve ad revenue, but I couldn’t. It’s in a poorly performing niche.  I changed that by changing niches.  Now it’s a very broad site I use to test stuff.

  • Purchase date:  Around 2015.  At that time it was 8 years old.
  • Traffic:  180,000 monthly visitors (mostly organic search).
  • Revenue: 98% of revenue is earned from display ads.  The rest via affiliate offers.
  • Additional connected web properties: none worth noting. They’re set up but are worthless.
  • Email newsletter: No.
  • Article publishing frequency:  Very sporadic. Some months I’ll throw 15 articles on it and other months nothing.
  • Content & keyword strategy:  Again long tail, but it’s an “everything and the kitchen sink” site in that it covers all kinds of topics and niches.  It’s kind of a mess, but earns reasonably well due to having excellent authority.

Site 4: Niche site I started a few years ago

This site has great promise. I’ve kicked it along over the years.  It’s in a niche with plenty of traffic potential.  I continue to work on it and while it’s not a big earner yet, I believe it will one day be a big earner.

  • Launch date:  2017 or so.
  • Traffic:  60,000 visitors per month (mostly organic search).
  • Revenue: 95% display ads and 5% affiliate (Amazon).  I’m working on increasing Amazon commissions.  I’ve recently started buying products in the niche and am reviewing them.  Boring work, but potentially lucrative.
  • Additional connected web properties:  Pinterest (it’s a visual niche) and Instagram.
  • Email newsletter: Not yet, but will get one going one day.
  • Article publishing frequency:  2 to 10 articles per month.
  • Content & keyword strategy:  Historically focused on low competition keywords but am moving toward more competitive keywords with buyer intent (i.e. affiliate content).

Site 5: Local lead generation site turned niche site

This niche site has a long and varied history. I launched and built this originally as a lead gen site for a local business industry.  It made very good money for a handful of years until the industry was destroyed by government legislation.  There it sat.  After a few years I transitioned it to a niche site within the industry.  It’s never done much and I’m not sure if this site has much of a future.  It’s kind of served its purpose but I hang onto it for a rainy day… who knows, maybe I’ll come up with a brilliant idea for it one day.

  • Launch date: 2014
  • Traffic:  2,000 to 3,000 visitors per month (mostly organic search).
  • Revenue: 100% display ads.  It used to earn thousands per month as a local lead gen gen site.
  • Additional connected web properties: None.
  • Email newsletter: No.
  • Article publishing frequency:  Very infrequent.
  • Content & keyword strategy:  No strategy really.  I’m not sure how much potential this site has even if I throw everything at it.  The only thing I can think of is reviewing some online services that are akin to the services I used to promote.  This could work, but it’s still pretty much a one product site.

Site 6: Niche site I started 2 years ago

Like site #4, this is in a specific niche.  However, unlike site #4, this is a product oriented niche that is trending and growing.  It focuses on a line of products I like buying, testing and using.  While I get bored of writing reviews, I enjoy buying and using hthe products.  I’ve not been able to dedicate as much time as I’d like to this site, but am hoping in 2020 to put a lot more into this.  I recently bought more products and am in the process of cranking out a number of reviews.

  • Launch date: 2017
  • Traffic: 3,000 visitors per month (mostly organic search).
  • Revenue:  100% display ads, however, I hope affiliate commissions will grow soon.
  • Additional connected web properties:  YouTube channel (needs work).
  • Email newsletter: No.
  • Article publishing frequence: Very infrequent over the last year.  I’m hoping to do a big push in 2020.
  • Content & keyword strategy:  A mix of low competition long tail info articles and buyer intent articles (reviews, comparisons, etc.).

Site 7: Niche site I launched in 2018

I don’t really know why I launched this.  It flounders.  It has about 30 articles on it so it’s aged and ready to grow if ever I figure out what to do with it (and get time/money for it).

  • Launch: 2018
  • Traffic:  3,000 visitors per month.
  • Revenue:  100% from display ads.
  • Additional connected web properties: None.
  • Email newsletter: No.
  • Article publishing frequency:  Very infrequent.
  • Content & keyword strategy:  No plan in place.  It sits.

Site 8: Cyclebaron.com

Niche site #8 is Cyclebaron.com.  I decided to finally create a niche site that I’ll share publicly with Fat Stacks readers given the requests over the years to see examples of my niche sites.

  • Launch: June 2020
  • Traffic:  None
  • Revenue:  Likely a mix of display ad and affiliate revenue
  • Additional connected web properties: None.
  • Email newsletter: Maybe
  • Article publishing frequency:  Weekly
  • Content & keyword strategy:  I’ll target low competition KWs but will also write articles based on my participation as a cyclist (mountain biking) and of course all the gear/accessories I buy.

Cyclebaron.com is built just like my other niche sites – pretty much the same plugins, theme and uses much the same content approach.

Do I own other niche sites?

Yes, I own many other sites in my growing portfolio.  I may add them to these reports but probably not.  The point of the income/progress reports is to profile progress (or lack thereof) and the potential of this business.  The aim is not to showcase all of my sites.

Did I miss anything?

If you have additional info that might be helpful, let me know in the comments or contact me via the contact page.  And no, I won’t reveal exact niches or URLs.


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  1. Hi Jon. I just started reading Fat Stacks in the last fortnight and am loving the content.

    Are you able to share how many published articles you have for each niche site?

    I am most interested in the first niche site but would love to know the numbers for the others too (bar 7/8 as I can see that anyway).

    I am just curious to know how much content it takes to get a million page views a month. I suspect a boat load if you’re publishing 2-3 articles a day. I know this will be heavily niche dependent but I am still interested to know.

    Many thanks


    • Hey Oliver, I have about 2,000 long form articles on my biggest niche site. I have a ton of other articles but they are published not for search but for social and readers.


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