6 thoughts on “What are Shoulder Niches?”

  1. Hey Jon, would love your opinion. I have a fishing website, focused on where-to and how-to content, maybe adding in some buyer intent content with gear reviews at some point (not super excited about marketing content but that’s a topic for another day). My question is, do you think it’s too far of a reach to add a shoulder niche/major category with recipes for how to cook the catch, focusing on the same fish types covered in the other articles? Maybe a little on cleaning/filleting, etc., as well. Thoughts?

  2. Great article Jon.

    Would you create a sub site in a subfolder just for a should niche?

    If you site niche was dogs instead of creating a category or tag for cats,
    Would you ever build out another Wordpress website in a subfolder just for cats?

    Thanks again for the great info.

  3. Hi Jon, you’ve got an awesome share and love getting ideas from it. I have just put up my sticker business and wondering what shoulder niches I can use in the future in writing content? Hope you could help. Cheers

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