5 thoughts on “Should you scale up your blog by hiring writers and outsourcing content? Maybe not!”

  1. Hi Jon. I love this article. Such great perspective. As a former flooring person, I had others do the actual flooring work (and other people that helped me oversee the jobs and do some of the marketing). But, I was the main one doing sales and found it very challenging to delegate that. As a blogger now, I’m kind of a hybrid. I like that majority of my traffic is SEO and rather passive and continues to grow. I sub out portions too, but it’s challenging finding the balance sometimes. I’m getting better at it though, esp when I sub out things I’m not good at.

    I’m going to share this article with my audience soon (on email).

  2. I came over because of Debbie! I am a writer like your first plumber. I had a marketing agency with 3 employees and never got to write. Then I did “one glorious day… Tuesday” of getting to write. Over the last three years I have switched over entirely to a blogging model with 3 blogs and some posts done by a writer I like and respect, but mostly me.

    I am an INTJ too… fun! I think I get my systems fix by researching and doing one big thing a month… blog post a day, scheduling out Pinterest pins for quarter, keyword research. I hated when I was a manager and not a writer…:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tara. I hear ya on the managing. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I love writing too and now get to cherry pick what I write each day.

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