7 Best Poll, Quiz & Survey Software Options for Your Website

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Today’s websites need interactivity to succeed. Surveys and quizzes provide one of the easiest ways to bring this to your website. People love to showcase their own knowledge. Quizzes have become the most shared content type. They provide both interactivity on the site and a viral content opportunity.

You don’t need to know coding to add a survey to your site either. Using any of the eight best poll & survey software options for websites, you can develop intricate surveys and questionnaires using preset themes and code. Some options also provide WordPress plug-ins. You’ll find free and paid options.

My 2 favorites:

Opinion Stage:  I make the lion’s share of my polls and quizzes for all niche sites with Opinion Stage.

JotForm:  I use JotForm for different types of forms, but you can create amazing quizzes and surveys with it as well.

1. Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage targets advertising/marketing agencies, bloggers and publishers with its creative service that lets users create interactive content with a few clicks. The service offers creation of: forms, interactive articles, lists, quizzes, slideshows and surveys.

It features variable pricing levels. These start at free for non-commercial use and rise to $199 per month for large-scale corporate users.

Although individuals can use Opinion Stage, it’s geared more toward professional use. Agencies use it to design content to drive traffic and boost engagement. Marketers use it to develop sales and marketing tools to generate leads and increase revenue. They also use it to gather actionable information to build personas, form marketing campaigns and more.

2. JotForm

JotForm provides more than polls and surveys. It allows the development of a plethora of forms. It provides thousands of templates that come designed and developed. You can copy the code as-is or customize it to match any site. It provides templates for forms, quizzes and registrations.

It includes condition tools that let you design a form or survey to hide or show questions or fields depending on a user’s response. You can add background images and logos. If no template fits your needs, use the drag-and-drop builder. If you do know how to code, it allows you to enter your HTML directly.

Use the site’s Theme Designer tool to change the look of any template. This lets you customize the colors, fonts, etc. while the template controls the form’s code and interactivity options.

JotForm’s subscription options range from free to $99 per month. A free subscription provides all the features of a paid plan, but lower limits on storage space and submissions.

3. MyThemeShop Poll Plugin

The free My Theme Shop Poll Plugin lets you build polls and quizzes for free. On the My Theme Shop site, you’ll find it referred to as the WP Quiz plug-in now. It’s designed to produce flip card, personality and trivia quizzes.

The plug-in helps the user develop interactive surveys and quizzes that use responsive, speed optimized design. It suggests phrasing to help create SEO ready wording.

The download costs nothing, but lets the user create an unlimited number of quizzes. It works with any WordPress theme.

You can add images and/or video and use a multi-page or single page layout. The plug-in functions more like a full app by letting the user add social share buttons, change the color of the background, font and progress bar and set the survey to auto scroll to the next question. It offers six animations effects. You can include images as the answers for questions. Use it to post a quiz or survey to a blog or Facebook.

There is a pro version. Export of quizzes is only available there. The pro version is designed for businesses who need to use the plug-in on five websites or more.


4. Playbuzz

Funded by Disney, Playbuzz has helped content creators entertain their site visitors since 2012. Like Opinion Stage, it’s geared toward professional use although its featured quiz titles lean toward fun. The platform targets advertisers, creators and publishers so Playbuzz provides real-time analytics to help them track the survey or quiz’s success.

The site features a selection of user-generated quizzes. Most users of the site tend to use the platform to create viral content. Examples include:

  • Which Kind Of Dog Fits You Best?
  • Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?
  • Which Big Bang Theory Character Are You?
  • News Or #FakeNews? Find Out If You Determine The Real Headlines From The Phony

The development platform provides options for content optimization to “maximum social interaction.” It helps plug partner content via its site, too.

5. Poll Daddy

Poll Daddy, owned by Crowd Signal targets brands and marketing agencies. It provides options for creating polls, quizzes, surveys, plus ratings.

The platform offers unlimited survey creation with unlimited responses. Its response collection options include e-mail, iPhones, social media and via the user’s website.

Use Poll Daddy’s advanced editor to create surveys featuring 14 different question types. These options include free text, Likert scales and multiple choice queries. The platform also allows user created CSS to customize color, font, images, element sizes and videos.

Users can view results in real-time or wait until the survey closes. The analytics options include filters letting the user analyze partial data and create reports. The platform also allows export of raw data in the following formats: to CSV, Excel, Google Docs, PDF, and XML.

Integrate the platform’s code to let your website or blog visitors rate your content. Choose from a five-star rating system or Nero ratings that allow them to leave yes/no, like/dislike or thumbs up/thumbs down ratings.

It offers a free option for individual use. Crowd Signal processes its registrations via Word Press, so you’ll need a Word Press account to use it. Corporate accounts cost $99 per month.

6. Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey specializes in surveys as the name implies. Its software lets the user create and deploy a survey quickly. It integrates into multiple systems and provides plug-ins for various web hosts and content management services.

The site also hosts a global consumer panel. It offers survey creators the option of collecting responses through it.

In addition to data gathering, it also offers payment acceptance on online survey forms. It specializes in the following survey types:

  • concept testing,
  • customer loyalty,
  • customer satisfaction,
  • employee engagement,
  • job satisfaction,
  • market research,
  • opinion polls.

Survey Monkey offers how-to guides and tutorials for first-time survey creators. It also assumes many needing to design a survey instrument don’t have professional experience in the area. It offers more than 180 survey templates to jump-start the process. It also offers a database of more than 2,500 questions phrased using appropriate survey science methods and wording. Disburse survey invitations through chat, e-mail, mobile, social media and your website.

The platform offers custom branding. Users can add logos, plus customize fonts, themes and thank-you/completion pages.

Survey Monkey offers a survey quality metric test, a service unique to its platform. Called Survey Monkey Genius, it predicts the performance of the survey. This lets you improve the survey before releasing it.

Its data analysis tools let you view results in real-time. You can design and manage surveys from mobile devices via the Survey Monkey app. Filter and sort data. Export results into SPSS or download visual data. Create custom reports.

Work in collaborative teams to create and implement surveys. Survey Monkey lets you share data, surveys and design resources across teams without sharing passwords. It offers advanced design options like AB tests, advanced piping, branching, conditional questions, HIPAA compliance and page skip logic.

It offers free basic accounts. You can also acquire the professional version for $57 or its corporate level for $99 per month.

7. Thrive Plug-in Poll Software

Thrive lets individuals with zero survey design experience create entertaining and engaging viral polls to improve market strategy by obtaining direct consumer insights. Use the Thrive Quiz Builder to develop surveys without knowing code, Photoshop or survey science.

The builder lets you design branching surveys, text or photo questions and a WYSIWYG design tool to drag-and-drop margins and padding settings and more. Choose from using survey templates or using the wizard to create a custom look.

The app alerts the designer when something’s missing from the survey elements. It also includes a social media badge editor. It offers in app analysis tools, too.

There’s no free option for this plug-in but the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Its single site license costs $67. It offers a five license pack for $97 per month and a 15 license pack for $147 per month.

These eight apps and plug-ins represent the best poll & survey software options for websites available. Most feature a free option which enables you to try the software before you buy it. The single exception is the Thrive plug-in which still offers a 30 day warranty.

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