How to Make $10,000 Per Month Online (As FAST as Possible)

How to make $10000 per month online fast

$10,000 per month is an amazing online income milestone to hit because it’s a comfortable income for most people in any country.

It’s also an important milestone to hit because if you can make $10K/month, you have a decent system in place that’s scalable.  To increase income is merely a matter of continuing what you’re doing.

By applying some leverage (outsourcing and/or increasing paid advertising), you can dramatically scale up.

The key to making $10,000 per month online FAST requires 3 things:

Note, this post is all about doing it fast (meaning I don’t cover slower methods).

1. You must have an offer;
2. You must have at least one consistent traffic source immediately available; and
3. Your offer converts with said traffic source at a rate that’s profitable.

It’s simple, but not easy.

This post explains several proven ways to make a lot of money fast online.  I set out my simple formula that worked the best for me at the bottom.

You can read my first 8 income reports with 1 niche site here for exact earning figures with 1 niche site (I think you’ll agree that one niche site earned quite a bit very, very quickly).

There have only been 4 instances where I reached $10,000 per month profit within 6 months. They are:

1. Offered a high-value service (SEO and conversion)
2. Ranked 2 web pages that very effectively presold high-commission products (SEO and conversion)
3. Entered into a JV deal (Knowledge & Relationship)
4. Paid traffic to high conversion offer (Paid traffic and conversion).

The first 2 occured before Google Penguin when pretty much any backlinks worked for ranking web pages. It was old-school SEO which doesn’t work anymore.

The third instance was where I teamed up with a person who had a huge list. I provided expertise, knowledge and information for a piece of the profits. The profits were mid-five figures, but short-lived (time limited offer).

The fourth instance is what I use today and it’s what I’ll focus on because it’s been by far the most profits earned in the shortest amount of time. More importantly, it’s not short-lived… I continue earning well in excess of $10,000 per month with this method.

This post on how to make $10,000 per month fast focuses on the fourth method listed above.

That approach is using paid traffic to high conversion offer(s).

1. The offer

It goes without saying, but you need a monetized offer(s).

In my case, my main offer are ads. My secondary offer (but gaining in importance) is promoting a fleet of products as an affiliate.

Are ads offers?

Of course they are. Typically people equate offer with something for sale like a product or service. But, ads are offers; profits accrue with volume.

Other offers include:

  • A service (it’s best that you’re able to outsource fulfillment in order to scale).
  • A product: digital or physical.
  • An affiliate promotion
  • Lead generation (paid per lead generated).

Pros and cons of the different types of offers:

I’ve earned revenue from all 5 types of offers so I have a pretty good idea about the pros and cons of them.

FYI, all types of offers have the same traffic generation issues, so I won’t list traffic as a con.  It’s a given that any offer you have, you must figure out the traffic angle.

1.  Display ads:


a. You don’t have to sell. Instead, you need to test design, sizes and placement. It’s all about RPM. Testing is pretty easy to do. You certainly don’t need to be a copywriter. You just let the ads do the work.

b. Immediately available. You simply add code to your site. You don’t have to apply to be an affiliate, create a product or offer a service.

c. Almost no niche or content restrictions. This is a huge benefit to me. High-converting affiliate offers restrict you to specific niches. Display ads don’t have such restrictions. You can monetize almost any niche and any piece of content within that niche. I love the freedom (and potential for a lot of traffic the freedom provides).


a. You’re dependent on a 3rd party. It’s no secret Adsense (often the most lucrative display ad option) bans accounts. This is a big risk. If most of your revenue is based on third parties, it can evaporate immediately.

b. Requires lots of traffic. In order to generate decent revenue, you need a lot of traffic. Unless you can generate a lot of traffic fast, you won’t earn much.

=> Get my free report in which I reveal exactly how I use display ads to generate tens of thousands in monthly profit.

2.  Offering a service

I got started online when I worked in a profession and our firm needed a website. I was tasked with getting a site going and then getting traffic.

With smart online marketing, service providers can print money online. BUT, you must offer high-value services and/or be able to outsource services in order to generate big profits. If you earn $20 per hour and can’t outsource it profitably, you’re simply trading time for money.

However, if you can charge $400 per hour or hire people to do the work for less than you charge, you can generate huge profits.

Pros of offering a service

a. You get to do something you enjoy. If you have expertise and enjoy doing it as a service, you get paid to do something you enjoy.

b. Get up and running fast. Assuming you know how to execute the service, you can be in business as fast as you can create ads.

Cons of offering a service

a.  Trade time for money (especially in the beginning):  Many people turn to making money online to get away from trading time for money.  Offering services, unless outsourced, is essentially trading time for money.

b.  May have to sell services cheaply to get started.  If you’re starting out and are in a competitive market, the only way to compete is on price.  This means possibly working for not much money.  However, the aim is to establish a good reputation and referrals at which point you can increase prices and/or hire help.

c.  Could get boring.  You could end up doing the same work over and over which runs the risk of getting boring.

d.  Dealing with customers.  Customers aren’t always a picnic to deal with.  Instead of one boss, you have many.

3.  Selling a Product

If you can create a quality product that sells, you can end up with a license to print money.

Pros of selling products

a.  You’re in control.  You control the inventory, pricing, availability, etc.

b.  You create a valuable buyers’ email list.  Assuming you have buyers join your email list, you end up with a very valuable asset because you have inexpensive access to people who have already purchased from you.

Cons of selling products

a.  Customer service.  You can’t please all the people all the time.  You will have disgruntled customers.  It’s no fun, but it’s part of business when you sell something.

b.  Getting profitable isn’t easy.  If you rely on paid traffic, it takes work and testing to make paid traffic profitable.  If you go the free traffic route, that too is a lot of work.  While it sounds easy to set up an e-commerce site or sell a digital product, it isn’t… at least it isn’t in order to get to $10K profit per month.  Sure, there are stories of people who hit the jackpot quickly and with little work, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

c.  Inventory.  If you sell physical products, you need to manufacture products or find wholesalers.  This requires legwork and effort… and you may not ever get profitable.

4.  Promote products as an affiliate

I love being an affiliate.  You get access to tens of thousands of products without inventory hassles.  But it”s not all roses.

Pros of being an affiliate

a.  No inventory/customer service.  Being an affiliate is the antidote to the cons of selling your own products.

b.  Almost unlimited number of products to choose from these days.  Pretty much every niche has products you can promote.  Of course, some niches have better options than others.

Cons of being an affiliate

a.  No control.  Products may be discontinued, the affiliate program could close… anything could happen that stops you from earning from promoting any product.

Example of affiliate marketing gone haywire:

I have a web page that pulls in about 600 visits per month promoting a type of physical product.  It’s a gallery of sort, but includes a comparison chart.  It’s lengthy and informative.  It targets buyer-intent keywords.  It’s a good earn… but should be much better.

I promote one merchant pretty heavily because they’ve converted well for me for years (and their products are excellent).  Anyway one day they decide not to pay commissions on their low-cost product (they sell about 20 products).  Obviously the low-cost product is a big seller.

I actually sold several and then noticed I received no commission for those sales.  I argued with them that it wasn’t in their terms and conditions (it wasn’t).  In fact, they changed their terms and conditions after I made it an issue.  Yet, they still refused to pay me.

What really irks me is I send traffic to their site and they end up selling product without paying a commission.  They’re doing it to many affiliates.  It’s not cool.

BUT, I’m the affiliate and I have no control except to stop promoting them.

The bottom line is if you go the affiliate marketing route, accept the fact you don’t have control.

5.  Lead generation

Lead generation is essentially selling contact information you collect or you contribute to collecting.  CPA offers are an example.

Pros of lead generation:

a. No inventory and sometimes relatively high conversion (because there’s no cost to the lead… at least not for the part of the transaction for which you get paid).

b. Plenty of offers to choose from.

Cons of lead generation:

a. Not getting paid.  Most lead gen merchants reserve the right to refuse payment for leads.  They have the discretion.

b. Legwork:  If you go the route of selling leads yourself, you need to find buyers, which is legwork.

Example of lead gen gone haywire:

One merchant I work with ran a giveaway paying $2 per lead.  They also run holiday events paying triple commissions.  I ramped up promotion, generated nearly $1,000 in lead gen commissions over the course of a month.

Then lo and behold, they go and reverse about $250 in commissions on me.  I asked them what’s going on and they just said they weren’t good leads.

I know they were decent leads because my traffic and email readers are their target market.  They’re real people too.

I have no idea what they’re looking for because they don’t justify the reversals.  They just tell me they’re bad leads.

Needless to say I’ll never promote this merchant again and I’m pulling off every link to them on my site.

I’m not a big CPA marketer, but I’ve heard scrubbing leads is common.  I’m not terribly upset and my campaigns were still profitable for a few minutes of work; however, without better justification I’m not going to bother promoting them anymore.

2. One consistent source of traffic immediately available

In my case, the immediate source of traffic (when my niche site was new) was (and continues to be) low-cost, high quality paid traffic.

Primarily I use Facebook ads and syndication advertising (Outbrain and Taboola). I also use Bing Ads to a lesser extent.

While you can certainly earn $10,000 per month with free traffic, the point of this article is to offer suggestions for getting there fast.

Fast means you don’t have the luxury to build up social channels and organic search traffic.

Therefore, in order to get a lot of traffic (or sufficient traffic) fast, you must use paid traffic sources.

Below I set out my preferred paid traffic sources:

1.  Facebook ads

Facebook advertising is tricky because it’s not particularly great for converting immediately.  Instead, it’s best to either build a list and/or monetize with display ads.

I do both with Facebook ads and since I focus on list building and earning from display ads, Facebook ad traffic is excellent.

Other benefits of Facebook ads:

a.  Huge traffic:  Unless you’re targeting a very specific group of people, the amount of traffic you can generate is incredible.

b.  Residual benefit of attracting fans:  While Facebook reach on Facebook pages is diminishing, having fans can still generate quite a bit of free traffic.  I’ve found that even doing “clicks to website” Facebook fans can generate a lot of fans quickly, which then generates free traffic by posting to my Facebook pages.

c.  You can drive traffic to squeeze pages and web pages littered with affiliate links.  Facebook isn’t too restrictive about where you can send traffic.  They are a little picky in some industries, but if you’re in a popular niche like me that’s G-rated, there aren’t many restrictions.

Cons of Facebook advertising:

a.  Ads become less effective over time:  While I do have some campaigns I’ve been running for months, many campaigns lose steam after a month or two.  It’s the nature of the platform.  This means you must continually launch new campaigns.

b.  Ad prices fluctuate:  I’ve noticed that ads became fairly expensive in November and December.  They also fluctuate a bit throughout the year.  That said, I’ve run campaigns that cost very little per visitor.  It’s a bit up and down.

2. Syndication Advertising (a.k.a. Native Advertising)

The two syndication advertisers I use are Outbrain and Taboola.  There are others out there and I’m sure I’ll try them in time, but I prefer focusing on 1 or 2 and using them effectively than juggling dozens of paid traffic platforms.

I love syndication advertising because:

a.  It’s low-cost

b. high-quality (Adsense friendly)

c.  Almost unlimited:  The amount of traffic you can generate is huge.

d.  Consistent:  With the exception of November and December, the cost per click is fairly stable throughout the year, which means you can set up campaigns and let them run indefinitely.  I have 5 month old campaigns still generating a decent ROI.

Cons of syndication advertising:

a.  Can only run these ads to quality content.  In other words

3.  PPC Advertising

The 2 big PPC players are Google Adwords and Bing Ads.  I use both.  I like these sources of traffic for very specific web pages.  Basically, wherever you send this traffic, you must have excellent conversion/RPM.

PPC traffic is the most expensive traffic online; however, because it’s search based, it can be very valuable.  It can also be plentiful and run on autopilot for months.

I don’t send much PPC traffic to web pages monetized by display ads.  The economics don’t work nearly as well as Facebook ads and syndication advertising.  Instead, I send PPC traffic to lead generation websites and pages promoting products with affiliate links.

Other fast sources of traffic include:

Social media

Unless you have large social channels built up, the only way to generate a lot of traffic with social media is to hit the jackpot with something that goes viral.

The trouble is it’s not easy to do this, but if you pull it off, the amount of traffic you generate within minutes can be staggering.  It’s possible.  It’s something to try.

Affiliates (people who send you traffic)

Obviously you need to be vendor of something in order to obtain this type of traffic.  If you do sell something, getting a few big affiliates to promote your offer can generate thousands, tens of thousands or even six figures very fast.

Since I don’t sell anything in my niche sites (other than this site), I don’t rely on affiliates.  However, with Fat Stacks, I’ve noticed that affiliates can generate thousands in one day.

The trouble with relying on affiliates is you’re relying on affiliates.  They can stop promoting your offers, they may decline your invitation to promote… you’re not in control.

Other traffic sources:

There are other traffic sources, but I’m not familiar with them.  There’s PPV, traffic exchanges, domain redirect traffic and probably a whole lot more that I’ve never heard about.  Again, I’m only writing about what I do and know.

What about organic search traffic?

Unless you get lucky, organic search traffic isn’t very fast. It’s a long term traffic strategy. It can be very, very lucrative, but it’s not easy to generate sufficient organic search traffic to earn $10,000 per month fast (unless you’re very, very good at SEO).

Also, organic search traffic, if you take shortcuts with link building runs the risk of being short-term traffic due to Google penalizing sites with artificial links. Again, if you’re very good at link building and do it in a way that looks natural, it can work.

3.  Your offer converts with said traffic source at a rate that’s profitable

Just because you have an offer and traffic doesn’t mean you make money.

The offer must convert from the traffic.

The key is matching your offer to your traffic source.

This third principle also applies to display ads.  The fact is some traffic sources generate a far higher display ad RPM than other sources.  For example, Facebook traffic and syndication ad traffic generates a high display ad RPM.

On the other hand, Pinterest traffic generates a dismal display ad RPM (I really can’t figure this out… it may be just in my niche though, so be sure to use Pinterest if your niche is visual).

It boils down to this (and you know this):

You must earn more than you spend.

That said, for many online models, you must look at ROI over time.  If you incorporate email marketing in your online business, it can take a month or two (or perhaps longer) to see a positive ROI from paid traffic because perhaps you generate sales down the road with your email newsletter.

On the flip side, if you monetize primarily from display ads, you’ll need a positive ROI immediately.

To recap, in order to earn $10K per month fast, you need 3 things:

1. You must have an offer;
2. You must have at least one consistent traffic source immediately available; and
3. Your offer converts with said traffic source at a rate that’s profitable.

What worked best for me?

While I’ve generated decent revenue with every type of offer set out above, I hit $10,000 per month profit the fastest with the following formula (see my first income reports for one niche site here where I hit $10,000 per month in 3 months):

1.  The Offers:  Display ads and affiliate products

Some pages have only display ads.  Other pages have both display ads and affiliate promotions.

2.  Immediate sources of traffic:

Facebook ads and syndication advertising (Outbrain and Taboola)

That’s it.  Obviously I tested many ads, content and affiliate offers, but it only took a couple of months to get to K per month with this model.

Learn more…

My course steps you through exactly what I did to hit well above $10,000 per month within a couple of months in a new niche using a very simple formula that doesn’t require selling anything.

=> Click here for this course.


=> Get my free report in which I reveal exactly how I use display ads to generate tens of thousands in monthly profit.

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  1. When you say “display ads” are you talking about Adsense ads? And if so, you’re sending FB traffic to your site in return they click on your ads for a ROI?

    1. As i understand
      Offer + traffic isn’t equal profit in many cases(except ads)
      Fast Profit= offer + immediate/converting traffic

  2. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.
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  3. I enjoyed reading your income reports!! I love to see that people are making loads of money online as it motivates me 🙂 I really want to try the facebook ads, however I just launched my website a few days ago, and I’m not using Google AdSense, yet, as I don’t have a lot of content. I was wondering how you got approved for Google AdSense so quick with a new site? About how many pages/posts of content did you have ???

    1. Hey Eva,
      I’ve had an AdSense account for years. Once approved, an account holder can add ads to any new site that meets AdSense TOS. It’s a good idea to wait until your site looks great with plenty of really good content and navigation. AdSense is picky these days so you must ensure your site is excellent.

  4. If you in fact did make this much money you would not need to sell a 57 dollar report. Why not be honest about it?


    I’ve not seen any members of ours using adsense making more than a few hundred dollars per month. Something missing here?

    Why do you have only 3 or 4 comments? Oh, yes…its because no one can make this kind of cashola!

    I’d be willing to give you my 150k home for something that worked! I’d live in my car for 90 days! Until I made enough to buy it back.

    Oh it says learn how you do it. That will be quite a bit different from anyone else trying to do it, right? Not the same.

    Thanks. Maybe its why you don’t get much action here. Your ad didn’t work. Your article did not work. Oh.,Bam! There is no adsense to click on!

    1. Hey Rick,

      Thanks for the comment.  Good point about selling a $57 report.  I thought long and hard about selling that and decided to because I like publishing this website and selling a report generates a few bucks.

      I agree it’s not easy earning a lot with display ads, but I have.  Here’s a screenshot.  I appreciate the fact you question it though – that’s a good thing to do when reading these types of blogs.

      Adsense Revenue

      Granted I spent money on paid traffic, but overall it was fairly profitable. I also generated a lot of revenue from other ad networks such as Ezoic,, ShareASale, Sortable,, Amazon, GumGum… the list goes on.

      I agree my blog (Fat Stacks) isn’t enormously popular. I don’t put much time into it because I now publish 3 other fairly high traffic websites in a variety of niches. I put about 90% of my time into those other niche sites. But you make a good point. I publish on this site when I have something worthwhile saying based on work I do in other niche sites. Sometimes that 3 times per week, sometimes it’s no posts per week.

      Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your feedback.

  5. I thought I was worth reading. My problem is I can’t figure what offers convert and what doesn’t. I have tried so many ways to at least make more than I spend but can’t figure out the formula. I hope if I keep reading good stuff like this and take it with a grain of salt I will be able to figure it out some day or even get lucky and hit a jackpot.
    Thanks for the article.

  6. I enjoyed reading your income reports!! I love to see that people are making loads of money online as it motivates me ? I really want to try the facebook ads, however I just launched my website a few days ago, and I’m not using Google AdSense, yet, as I don’t have a lot of content

    Thanks for the article.

  7. Hey Jon, Excellent Article. Much of the doubts cleared with this astonishing post. However, I’m unsure about how some blogs succeed in making money without any advertisement on their website. could you please suggest some more surefire methods to make money online esp for the sites which have great content, good traffic but do not want to display any advertisement.

  8. Hi Jon, your tips on Taboola and Outbrain have helped me solve the traffic question. My topic is a real tricky one on Facebook ads. My offer could be Adsense but the niche I’m entering into is a HIGH cost service so lead gen would be a good way to go as long as I could trust the service providers to pay up. With your experience doing lead gen for high-ticket professional services, is there a good process for calculating the cost per lead to charge? For example, if the service is $10,000, would you simply ask the provider how many consults he needs to secure a new client and divide that into the $10K?

    Thanks for putting out such helpful articles.

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