My Top 31 Favorite Internet Marketing Blogs (Who Really Know What They’re Doing)


I updated this list in January 2019.

Do you know what sucks, generally, about reading blogs by internet marketers who really know what they’re doing?

They generally don’t publish content as frequently as I’d like.  Neil Patel of Quicksprout is the exception.

But it stands to reason.  After all, folks that have businesses separate from their IM blog are busy working on their business.  Moreover, they usually only publish content when they have something worthwhile to say… usually based on actual results and testing.

But this is why their work is so great.  They’re in the trenches every day which becomes fodder for fantastic IM blog content.

Not only do I read all blogs on this list, I’ve purchased most of what they sell (those that sell stuff).  The collective information and experience below is mind-boggling.

The list is in alphabetical order by blog name.  I don’t have a favorite.  I like them all and read pretty much every new post each one below publishes.

Ahrefs Blog

The Ahrefs blog offers amazingly detailed articles on keyword research, content marketing and SEO generally.  Whenever I see an Ahrefs listing in the SERPs for my search queries I jump straight into that site because I know the content will be outstanding.

I use Ahrefs software so the information is doubly helfpul since I can directly use the tutorials and tips they provide in their articles.

I personally know Gael and Mark behind Authority Hacker.  I love their site.  They don’t publish often, but when they do, you know it’s good stuff.

Gael and Mark own a fleet of successful niche sites separate from Authority Hacker so they have plenty data and info on which to share solid info on Authority Hacker.

I own Authority Hacker Pro, their flagship course.  It’s outstanding. I know they put their heart and soul into that course.  While it’s not cheap, it’s a terrific course for anyone looking to build launch and build a niche website.

Jon Haver is a great guy and his blog posts are epic.  He’s a big PBN/SEO guy for building out niche sites that generate revenue from affiliate offers and selling FBA products.

I know Jon personally and have had some great chats with him.  He’s a fellow Canadian.  He’s helped me tremendously.

Like others on this list, Jon’s blog content is based on real results, good and bad.  He’s one of the most transparent guys you’ll find online.

Brian Dean of Backlinko is a great guy and he definitely has a solid approach to SEO.  He’s all white hat.  His message is to produce amazing content and promote it.  Nothing new, but his website is a wealth of information with some great step-by-step details on how to actually do white hat SEO.

Moreover, his Case Studies are fabulous.  I’ve read them all.

I bought Brian’s first SEO course a few years ago when it was modestly priced at $97.  It was good.  As his reputation has grown, so too has the price for his course. / |

Chris is one of the best writers and possesses one of the best internet marketing minds I’ve ever come across.  In fact, the first IM product I ever bought was from him for $29.  It was the Conduit Method (outdated now, but a gem at the time).  I generated my first affiliate commissions following his guide.

Chris now publishes a personal blog called but he used to publish the Lazy Marketer back in his SEO/affiliate marketing days.  He also recently launched, which includes a great blog as well.

These days, Chris has evolved into SAAS development with his new software product called which is a suite of content marketing software tools (KW research and other goodies).

He’s funny, articulate and he provides some great insight as to where he thinks the best online opportunities are going forward.  To top it off, he’s a fellow British Columbian. | Affiliate Lab (Save $200) | My Affiliate Lab Review

Matt of Diggity Marketing is one of those guys who is so knowledgeable about SEO and PBNs that you just have to read his entire blog when you visit.  I stumbled onto his website a couple months ago and I think I read almost every post, signed up to his list and signed up for a consultation all at one time.

Yeah, I did a coaching call with Matt to bounce some ideas off of him.  It was worth every penny of the $500 I paid.

Matt’s work on is based on an insane amount of data of literally hundreds, maybe thousands of websites he owns.  He’s a testing maniac.  His attention to detail and his record-keeping is second-to-none (he shared some data with me on the coaching call that was mind-blowing so I saw some of his data records).

If you’re into SEO, you gotta read

How can you not read which is owned by Ryan Deiss.  Ryan is one of, if not the most successful niche website publishers I know who also publishes an IM blog.

I’ve purchased many courses from Ryan and have learned a ton from him.

In fact, Ryan is so big in the space, he hosts Traffic & Conversion, one of the biggest IM annual events.  I may attend in 2017 and if not, will definitely attend one year.

Ezoic Blog

I think the guys at Ezoic are fantastic.  I use their service on and off.  I’m about to use it extensively for mobile as they roll out AMP capability.  That’s fodder for a separate blog post that will surely come.  The point is Ezoic is a Certified Google Publisher, has extensive connections at Google regarding SEO, content marketing and ad revenue.  They publish a lot of terrific blog posts that are based on their extensive knowledge and of course data having access to soooo much website SEO and ad revenue data.

Glen Allsop Blogs

Glen’s first IM blog was  It was great but he’s stopped posting there.

His latest blogs, both of which are amazing, are and

For the life of me I don’t understand why he felt he had to started 2 new blogs.  I think he could have carried on with Viperchill incorporating both approaches he takes on and  However, Glen must have his reasons.  He’s no slouch in the SEO and blogging world so I’m sure it’s working out for him. |

Gotch SEO

Nathan Gotch is an SEO guy and blogs prolifically on the subject.  He does SEO work for clients so he’s in the trenches and knows what works.  He’s both white and grey hat, which is cool.  I’ve been following him for about a year and he’s come up with some novel ideas (which is rare in the SEO space).

You can tell Nathan eats, sleeps and breathes SEO.  He’s creative and I like the fact he tries new things and then reports on what works and what doesn’t work.  The key is that he actually does SEO work for clients so he has real data to report on.


Glenn Gabe publishes GSQi, which is an amazing SEO and general digital marketing website.  Glenn offers services and so he has access to a lot of data of client sites.  It’s that data he shares in posts which results in outstanding information based on real results.

In fact, he works with some huge sites, which is awesome because so much data and traffic makes it possible to see movements across the many Google algo updates.  Glenn then hypothesizes what’s going and what sites are doing that results in such shifts with various Google algo updates.

Dom Wells is the founder of the spectacularly successful blog.  I love the content they produce; it’s right in my wheelhouse since it’s usually detailed info about publishing niche sites.

Dom owns some niche sites, but his bread and butter is offering a fleet of services for aspiring bloggers such as content services, selling done-for-you niche sites, SEO services and more.

I’ve used HPD’s services on many occasions.  I’m in awe of Dom’s organizational abilities and how quickly they produce excellent work for their customers.

Actually, the blog isn’t all that great, but their YouTube channel rocks.  I’ve watched several of their videos which are informative, entertaining and very well done.  Jim and Ricky have great banter and through all the laughs and jokes they share some really great information on building up niche sites.

What I like most about Jim and Ricky is they actually publish a fleet of niche sites that are successful so they know what they’re talking about.  They’re not just some dudes who have one site about blogging; they actually have a large niche site business.

Learn more here.

I don’t know Jacob King and he doesn’t know me.  I read his IM blog because he’s hilarious.  He touts blackhat SEO like it’s 2010.  It seems he has some success.  I’d never do what he does, but that’s not why I read his blog.  He’s a fellow IMr with a wicked sense of humor.

Just be warned, his language is foul, which is part of the appeal to me.

This blog has some amazing informaiton about on-site SEO, link building, content and branding.  It’s published by Jason Acidre. Like many knowledgeable SEO bloggers, he co-founder and CEO of an SEO agency.

Kinsta Blog

I use Kinsta for hosting and love it, but that’s not why I’m listing them here.  I trust their opinion on a lot of tool and software suggestions because they know the technical side of WordPress very, very well.  Kinsta publishes blog posts regularly on WordPress tips, software they recommend, tutorials and all other types of content marketing ideas.

Marie Haynes

There are few SEO professionals who have a reputation as stellar as Dr. Marie Haynes.  She’s booked solid and charges premium fees.  Fortunately for us mere mortals, she publishes a blog, but it’s fairly simple.  She provides a coles notes version of the Google Help Hangouts.

If you don’t want to sit through long Google Help Hangout live streams, visit her blog and you can read the gist of them in minutes.  It’s a great blog for the latest straight from the horse’s mouth.

Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward is in the trenches big time.  He has SEO clients for whom he’s had some great success.  His blog covers SEO (white and grey hat), content marketing and pretty much everything and anything to do with traffic and website monetization.

He’s been around for years.  Some of his posts are epic case studies which are almost always informative and helpful.  While I’m not into grey hat SEO, I appreciate his insights and enjoy reading his work.

The Moz blog

It’s a bit of a cliche to include The Moz Blog in this list, but I admit I visit weekly to check out the latest blog post entries.  I don’t use their software, but some of the blog posts (and comments) are undeniably good.  I really appreciate how they publish a text version of the Whiteboard Friday videos (I loathe watching videos).

The Moz Blog has a huge community of professional SEOs.  Most are white hat, but you do get contributions and comments from some very knowledgeable and technical folks.

This is a new IM blog that I love.  It’s published by Ryan Nelson who is a reader (that’s how I got wind of his blog).  This guy is a monster niche site publisher and like me, blogs about his experience at

It doesn’t take long to realize Ryan is a smart blogger when you read his articles and the topics he comes up with.  I had the good fortune of Skyping with him a while back which was a great discussion.  He knows his stuff and I’m confident his blog will become a staple read for many of us looking for great IM blogs.

Spencer Haws needs no introduction.  I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ve read Spencer’s Niche Pursuits website which has been a staple IM blog for years.

Spencer is transparent and has shared a lot of case studies, good and bad over the years.  If you publish niche sites, you’ll learn something visiting Niche Pursuits. /

I don’t know Neil personally, although once upon a time I bought his $200 course which included a 30 minute consultation call with him.  That was a good offer.  I doubt Neil would remember me.

Neil is a giant online.  The guy is a content machine.  More importantly, he routinely produces excellent content across all of his web properties.  I read Quicksprout and the most… not so much the blog.

Neil knows his stuff, which is based off research.  His connections within the online space are amazing and so he gets info and data us other mere mortals could only hope for. The result is he’s able to publish some great information.

I’m also impressed how responsive Neil is in the comments.

Chris Lee hit the IM scene like Leonardo DiCarpio reached stardum… fast and meteoric.  Out of nowhere comes Chris who is making 5 figures per month with white hat SEO and AdSense.  Who doesn’t want to figure out what he’s doing?  Seriously.

Anyway, he launched an amazing course sharing everything he does in a very easy-to-follow manner.

I purchased his course and love it.

He shares a lot of great info on his blog, but like others, because he’s busy with real niche sites, he doesn’t publish on his RankXL blog as often as I or many others would like.

Robbie Richards hasn’t been blogging all that long but his meteoric success is amazing.  He focuses on publishing epic content based on his results.  Granted, most of his results as far as I can tell are based on the same blog (i.e.  I tend to read blogs that produce information based on non IM websites where the blogger has other niche sites, but with Robbie I make an exception because his content is really good.

This site has been around for years.  It’s a behemoth in the SEO space.  However, I didn’t start visiting regularly until a few months ago.  What I like about this site is you get timely SEO and content marketing information.  The site covers a lot of what John Mueller shares, discusses and reports.  While I could dig around for that on my own, I appreciate that does it for me.

This site also has a lot of terrific guest contributor content.  Clearly they have high standards because the articles are usually very good and informative.  I also appreciate that the articles aren’t 5,000 word books.  Instead, they’re often listicles that succinctly get to the point.  I’ve learned a good number of tips and technics following this site weekly.  I just wish they published even more than they do.

I got to know Nick Loper when he invited me to be interviewed on his podcast.  Since then I’ve enjoyed many of Nick’s podcast interviews.

He’s a super nice guy and a fantastic interviewer.  I love the diverse guests he has on his show.  His angle is featuring anyone with a “side hustle” most of which involve some sort of online business.

His blog is definitely worth checking out because you’ll learn about some pretty novel business ideas.

Jon Morrow is a great writer who I enjoy reading immensely.  The dude knows how to get traffic.  His website is all about getting more traffic and building an amazing blog.

My favorite aspect of this site by Pat Flynn is information on how to start a podcast.  I haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon, but if ever I do, I’ll be sure to carefully comb over his recommended products and methods for setting it up.  He undeniably knows podcasting well (as well as YouTube video production).

I’m surprised he hasn’t devoted more time and resources to his other niche sites which he used to profile in his income reports.  He makes piles of money so one would think devoting a team to building up more web properties wouldn’t be a problem.  After all, it was his niche site success that fuelled his meteoric rise as an IM blogger.

Pat is a branding machine and appears to be a super nice, genuine guy.  He recently announced that he’s stopping his income reports, which is surprising since as far as I know, he came up with the idea long ago which was a super genius move that put him on the map.

These days he’s a major influencer in the IM space – so big I think he’s hosting conferences.  You know you’re big when you can sell out conference rooms.

Anyway, his blog is worth a visit now and then to check out what he’s up to as well as to read/listen to his interviews with successful bloggers and niche site publishers.

I strongly recommend you get on this email list put together by Rae Hoffman.  Every Saturday she sends out a fabulous email with a bunch of latest information about SEO, social media, content marketing, latest tools and affiliate marketing.  I look forward to it every week.

Rae has been an affiliate marketer for years.  She offers SEO services.  While I don’t visit her blog much, I don’t need to because here weekly newsletter is so comprehensive.

I just stumbled on this website by Rohit Palit which is top notch when it comes to info on niche websites, Amazon affiliate promotion and SEO.  This is a terrific site for newbies looking to start a profitable niche website.

The guy behind Techtage makes an insane amount as an Amazon affiliate.  I can’t tell you how much because he protects it behind a social sharing locker… but you can find out for yourself here.

I seriously can’t believe Rohit is only 19.  Amazing. is a new blog about blogging, but so far it offers outstanding information about how to build up a great niche blogging business.  This site is run by Anne who owns 5 successful niche sites which she builds with the help of hired writers and VAs.

I always love finding other quality sites that are based on a business model similar to mine and definitely fits the bill.

Are there others I should read?

If you know of other fantastic IM / How to Blog sites, please list them in the comments below.  I’m always looking for more great sites to read.

18 thoughts on “My Top 31 Favorite Internet Marketing Blogs (Who Really Know What They’re Doing)”

  1. Great list… you’ve given me lots more weekend reading… thanks.

    Since this summer, I’ve grown partial to the strangely named

    But he doesn’t swear nearly as much as Jacob King,
    so maybe just useful information isn’t enough…


    1. Hey Jim,
      Thanks for stopping by again.

      Yes, a strange name for a blog indeed unless you’re a fan of the Breaking Bad TV show. The Fat Stacks name is taken from the line:

      “Gonna make some mad cheddar, yo. Cheddar, Mr. White. Fat Stacks. Dead Presidents. Cash Money. We’re gonna own this city.” – Jesse from Breaking Bad TV show. I loved that show.

      Ohhhhh, I’ve been tempted to adopt Jacob King’s language because he is funny, but I fear I would come out crass and rude instead of funny.

      Have a good one Jim.

      1. I could actually hear Jesse’s voice when I was reading that line, haha.

        Love it! I just watched the entire Breaking Bad series from start to finish for the second time.

        1. Hey Chris,

          It definitely warrants a second viewing. Hopefully it sticks around on Netflix for a few more years. I’m waiting for more “Better Call Saul” to be released. That’s another genius show.

  2. Informative list, Jon. Some doyens that I listen in the gym like Neil Patel and Dean whose youtube vids are quite good. I just went to Rohit Palit, looks just like Neil when he started. Lots more links that am going to review for tips and tricks, thanks a bunch.`

  3. I remember the conduit methos and I built a site with that method and was making around 1k per month, before Google started hitting affiliates with their animal algos. (Penguin, Panda)
    What is your opinion on Income School Guys?

    1. Hey Sunny,

      Chris Rempel was the guy that got me into affiliate marketing. The guy changed my life. He’s a great writer too. I’m not familiar with the Income School Guys… sorry.

  4. Ryan from here- thanks for the mention and kind words, Jon. It’s true, FatStacksBlog was (and still is) one of my go-to resources when I first started building sites. He has some truly revelatory content on the site, especially if you’re focused on building high-traffic, money-generating content websites.
    Blog posts like this one (, are pretty powerful learnings when it comes to content production. Whenever I get his emails notifying me of new posts- I always head over immediately and read up on his insights. I’ve also purchased his course in the past- and I can recommend buying his products because he’s actually in the traffic generation trenches. So the information is both cutting-edge and practical.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ryan and the really nice comment. Likewise, you’re publishing some great stuff that’s actually novel and insightful.

  5. Hi Jon,

    Many thanks for your insights, witty and informative as usual.
    I would mention two other IM gurus:
    – Ben Settle of and,
    – Matt Furey of
    Both are giants of email IM. Matt was one time Ben’s mentor, and you can notice it in their similar writing style. Ben is prolific. Every morning I’m waiting for his daily email and the daily dose of raunchy humour.

    1. Hey Eugene,

      I considered adding Ben Settle. I used to be subscribed to his email and actually appreciate his daily email approach. I don’t follow it, but I think it’s good. I appreciate you including it in the comments. I’m unfamiliar with Matt Furey, but will check him out.

  6. Great lost John – I’ve added a few new ones to my weekly read 😉 It looks like Sugar Rae tapped out of he IM game last year though, according to her blog – are you still receiving newsletters from her?

    1. Hey Mark, yeah, I have to update this. I used really enjoy Sugar Rae. She did leave IM and went into real estate investing. She wrote a farewell post. Her stuff was epic.

  7. These will surely gonna help us out. As being a beginner it is very important to read blogs like it. I have been trying to gain some knowledge regarding internet marketing too as I have keen interest in it. Thanks for sharing them all.

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