64 Careers that Make for Great Niche Websites and Blogs

Pilots in cockpit flying commercial jet

Your job or former vocation may not provide content for every niche, but it might.  I used to practice law so it’s natural that I publish a law niche website (it’s more fun than I expected).

You might choose a niche based on your work experience or career.  That can be a very good way to get started assuming the career aligns with a good niche.

IMPORTANT:  The following list is not exhaustive. I’m sure I’ve missed jobs, vocations and careers that could be the foundation for a great niche site.  If you have more ideas, please leave a comment.

One other thing to note is you don’t have to quit your job or career to publish a blog.  Maybe you love what you do and want to keep doing it.  That’s great.  You can moonlight with your website and if you make a few extra bucks, that’s a bonus.  Heck, you might make a lot of extra bucks which never hurt anyone.  Depending on your career, you could use your blog to drum up more business or advance your career/business as an online expert.  This is a common practice and can work really, really well.

Here’s the list:

Accountant / finance professional

There are so many niche options if you’re an accountant or have some finance credentials such as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Certified Financial Analyst (CFA).  Your direct experience also may provide additional options.  For example, if you’re a CPA and advised businesses, you could start a business consultant blog.  Here’s a list of niches related to being an accountant or have finance designations.

  • Investing
  • Personal finance
  • Taxation
  • Business advice

Addictions counsellor

You could publish a general addiction blog or niche down to something more specific like quit smoking, quit drinking, quit drugs etc.   These niches can straddle other niches such as health, self-help, money, etc. as you are really trying to help people get their lives back out of the darkness of addiction.

Appliance repair person

Who else knows appliances as well as an experienced appliance repair person?  Nobody.  We’re hired appliance repair people and it’s amazing how much they know about the latest appliances – which are good and which are bad.  This type of knowledge and experience could result in an amazingly helpful appliance website.


An archeologist background could be terrific for a history website (which is a lot more popular than you might think).  I’m a huge history fan, but am not credentialed.  I read historic fiction quite a bit, but that’s about it.  There are millions of people interested in history from all time-periods so an archeologist could put together some amazing content that people would love.

Architect / interior designer

This is a huge niche and very popular.  There are so many approaches you could take.  Consider:

  • Commercial architecture
  • Historic architecture
  • Interior design trends
  • Home staging
  • Residential architecture
  • Organizing your home
  • Focus on a specific room or type of architecture.

The list goes on.


I’m not into astrology, but millions of people are and therefore there is huge demand for this type of content.

Audio visual professional

I have a buddy who is a project manager for a large audio visual company.  He manages large audio visual projects for commercial and residential clients.  For example, he upgrades offices so they have the latest in communications and other fun hi-tech goodies such as smart blinds, etc.

Someone with this background could publish a highly informational and technical website about smart homes and/or offices which is a fast-growing industry.


People are wild about baking of all types so if you’re a baker by trade, you could knock it out of the park online.  You could cover baking generally or niche down.  Topics include:

  • Bread and baked goods
  • Cakes
  • Desserts
  • Specific dietary baking ideas (i.e. gluten-free).


Coffee is wildly popular and there are no shortage of websites dedicated to coffee.  These sites cover equipment, coffee makers, types of coffee, coffee grinders, espresso machines, etc.  If you know your coffee and how to make wicked good coffee, you could have a ton of fun with a coffee-oriented website.


bartender pouring a drink

Lots of people drink.  There are many approaches you could take with a bartending/alcohol related blog.  Consider:

  • Craft beer
  • Drink recipes
  • Glassware
  • Trade rag for aspiring bartenders

Bicycle mechanic / bike store owner

Not only could a great cycling blog help your local bike shop business, but you could make a lot of money promoting your own products or other products as an affiliate.  The ad revenue could be good too.

There are millions of cycling enthusiasts of all kinds – road, mountain, touring, etc.  There’s also so much gear associated with cycling, you could focus on the ridiculous amount of gear options (helmets, apps, shoes, apparel, etc.).

Boat captain

Do you have experience piloting boats?  Boating is a huge niche and could be covered from many angles.  I have a friend who buys old sailboats and refinishes them.  As far as I know he doesn’t blog about it, but he could.  The boating niche could be covered from many angles such as:

  • Yachting
  • Ski boats
  • Sailboats

You could cover it from a travel angle, boat care angle, etc.

Business consultant

If you’re an experienced consultant, you could publish a great blog that covers your consulting expertise.  This could be used to grow your consulting business or be a stand-alone business.  I’m a big fan of niches that serve a business audience so there is a lot of opportunity here.

Car sales person

Car blogs are popular so if you know cars as a result of being a veteran car sales person, you could start a car blog.  You could focus on a particular brand (i.e. Mercedes), type of car (Crossover) or cars generally.

When I was in the market for a car, I spent hours reading multiple car blogs about the vehicles on my shortlist.  In fact, reading about the different options online helped me make a choice.  I enjoyed the process as well.


I don’t have to tell you that food blogs are popular.  It’s hard to break into it and you’ll need to be persistent, but if you’re a chef who can come up with great unique recipes, you’ll have a leg up on the many food blog hacks out there who aren’t very good.

When people start trusting your recipes, they’ll visit your site all the time because they need ideas for dinners all the time.  I know firsthand that it sucks trying to find good recipes so when you find a blogger who consistently publishes excellent recipes, it’s a keeper (as in it gets bookmarked).

Chiropractor / physiotherapist

Back and neck pain are huge niches that can be properly covered by a chiropractor or physiotherapist.  I wouldn’t ever consider jumping into a health niche like this unless I were licensed in some capacity.  That gives chiropractors and physiotherapists a huge advantage.  These sites can help grow their practice or be a stand-alone business.

Competitive athlete

Any person who has excelled in a particular sport can start a blog about that sport.  Be it tennis, golf, baseball, curling, hockey, football, soccer, skiing, snowboarding, parkour, field hockey, rugby, lacrosse, etc. they all have a huge audience.  You could cover it from a tutorial perspective or a news perspective by blogging about the professional leagues and teams (or both).


This is very broad.  There are all kinds of contractors out there, but generally I’m talking about a renovation contractor or home builder.  That kind of experience can produce an awesome website on renovations and/or building a home.  There is huge demand for that kind of content.  The blog could be used to grow the business or once successful, be a stand-alone business.

Doctor or any health practitioner with credentials

I would not go into any health-related niche without credentials.  I held this view before the 2018 Google Medic update.  Since that update, it really is futile to start a health website unless you are well credentialed.

But, if you do have the credentials, you have a huge advantage that could result in an extremely popular website.  People have insatiable appetites for health information, whether western medicine, alternative health, remedies, preventative medicine, etc.

Dog trainer

The dog and pet niches are huge.  There are a lot of people in them that at most own a dog (which is sufficient knowledge), but if you’re experienced dog trainer, you have an advantage.

Early childhood educator

Child health and rearing is another niche I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.  I think you need some level of expertise beyond having kids.  That’s my 2 cents’ on the matter.  That means if you have an early childhood certificate and experience caring for kids, you have the background for a terrific kids website.  It’s even better if you have your own kids as well.


An electrician could make a fortune with a blog.  It could cover:

  • Tutorials (I’d be careful here though because you don’t want people getting electrocuted)
  • Lighting information (this is my preferred approach).
  • Smart home wiring.


Science-oriented websites are popular.  An engineer could publish a highly technical and detailed website that could be very popular.  It would be even better if the engineer was capable producing CAD drawings that could be published on the site.

Of course there are many types of engineers; not all fall into popular topics, but many do.


Farmer looking out over harvest

Whether you raise animals or grow food, people are wild about learning how to do both.

Fine clothing/shoe store sales person

I used to have a roommate who worked in a store that sold suits.   He was quite good at what he did largely because he knew a lot about suits.  He had a fantastic wardrobe to boot.

I’m a big fan of fashion, apparel and gear niches (probably because I like buying clothes and gear).  If you know style and work in the industry, you could have a lot of fun blogging about it (plus make some good money too).

Finishing carpenter

Home renovations is huge and part of that entails finishing woodwork such as installing hardwood flooring, crown molding, custom cabinets, etc.  If you’re a finishing carpenter, you could publish a fantastic woodworking oriented blog that could grow a huge audience very quickly.

Fishing guide

Fishing is a passion niche.  If you know how to fish, the sky is the limit with a website.  It’s one of those almost perfect niches due to all the gear you can promote, tutorials, huge audience, info products you could sell, etc.  I’m not into fishing at all, but if I were, I’d be blogging about it.

Flight attendant

Flight attendants are travel experts and have seen much of the world.  Their experience provides plenty of knowledge to kick off a terrific travel blog.


Flowers and flower arranging is super popular.  A florist could publish a super popular website all about growing, caring and arranging flowers.

Furniture sales person

Furniture is a monster niche.  If you have a background selling furniture, chances are you know a lot more about furniture than your average Joe.  You could publish a helpful and lucrative website all about furniture.

Golf pro

Golf is a monster niche so if you teach people how to play better (and have success doing so), it wouldn’t take long to build up an audience if what you teach helps golfers improve their score.

You can also promote all kinds of products, publish tutorials, add a golf travel section etc.

Graphic designer

Graphic design is big business.  If you’re skilled, you could publish a tutorial oriented website.  There are thousands (probably millions) of amateurs who want to learn basic graphic design skills for their projects.

Hairdresser / barber

Beauty niches are huge and fun. If you’re a hairdresser or barber, you could publish all types of articles and galleries on the latest in hairstyles, facial hair, hair care, etc.

History professor / historian

This is like the archeologist background.  A credentialed historian could build up a large audience writing about their areas of expertise.  History niches are super popular.

Home inspector

A home inspector is an interesting vocation because they’re trained in many facets of the home.  Specifically, they’re trained in spotting problems.  We’ve hired home inspectors in the past and those with plenty of experience are an absolute wealth of knowledge about caring and maintaining homes.

Hotel manager

Anything hotel-related could result in a great travel blog.  An experienced hotel manager will be able to offer much better insights about tours, hotels and other accommodations than your typical TripAdvisor reviewer.  I think an insider’s look into hotels would be a great blog.

Insurance broker or adjuster

Insurance is very technical, yet it’s something most people need in one form or another.  Most people buy multiple insurance policies such as auto, home, life and health just for starters.  You might add disability, boat and other options.

The thing is insurance policies are rife with small print and can be confusing.  I’ve bought insurance and frankly I get nervous trying to decide which policy is the best one.

Moreover, insurance is a very lucrative niche, whether monetized via ads, affiliate offers or promoting your own brokerage.


These days, millions of people are landlords with in-law suites and listing their homes on vacation rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO.  It’s a huge, growing niche.  If you have extensive landlording experience, you probably have a lot of knowledge that millions of homeowners would appreciate.

Lawyer / paralegal

There are dozens of niches within the legal realm.  They include injury, crime, divorce, bankruptcy, business, immigration, etc.  There’s also the trade rag approach publishing a business blog for lawyers (i.e. marketing tips).

However, it’s a good idea to have a legal background before jumping into a law niche unless you keep it fairly superficial such as law and pop culture.


A mechanic could publish a fantastic vehicle blog.  It could be about vehicle repairs, maintenance or discuss the latest and greatest vehicles.

Mortgage broker

What could be more confusing than a mortgage?  Moreover, many people get one.  Being able to write about mortgages and real estate with the level of expertise that experienced mortgage brokers have could result in a great website.  It could be used to grow the brokerage or be a stand-alone monetized blog.

Nail aesthetician / manicurist

A nail blog falls under the beauty niche.  There is plenty of demand for nail art inspiration as well as how-to content for improving/painting nails.  This could be included in a general beauty blog or stay as a nail-only blog.


While having early childhood educator credentials is better, an experienced nanny who is great with kids could publish a great “parenting” or child-rearing website.  Again, it helps if the nanny has kids as well.  The “nanny” background lends credibility, especially if they have some level of training.

Nursery workers / owners

Gardening, plants and flowers is hugely popular.  It’s also very technical.  Few people know gardening like nursery workers and owners since they’re responsible for growing and caring for all kinds of vegetation.  The photo opportunities alone for a website is incredible.


People are nuts about nutrition and diets.  Everyone has an opinion, but only those with credentials will have an advantage, especially in the post-Google Medic environment.

Outdoor guide / search and rescue

Man fly-fishing

The potential here is huge.  There are many outdoor-oriented jobs such as kayak guide, canoe guide, surf instructor, hiking guide, ski instructor, rock climbing instructor, fishing guide etc.  Any outdoor guide or instructor has the experience to publish an awesome website.

I’m talking from experience too.  While I don’t normally partner up on niche sites, I have an old friend who volunteers with search and rescue and is a true outdoorsman and so we’re teaming up on an outdoor-oriented website incorporating his expertise (which is considerable).

Personal trainer

This is a no-brainer.  I’m into working out and have been for years, but I’m not certified as a personal trainer.  If I were and I were into working out a bit more than I am (I don’t do that much really), I’d leverage that knowledge, interest and credentials into a fitness blog of some sort.  Topics could include:

  • bodybuilding
  • strength training
  • cross training
  • general fitness
  • running
  • cross-training
  • weight loss

… the list goes on.


I consider the photography niche a near-perfect niche due to the  potential traffic, value of that traffic, affiliate offers and volume of topics/keywords.  I’m not a very good amateur photographer so I have no business jumping into this niche (although I nearly achieved a photography minor in college and was a school photographer for 1 year).

The thing is I could hone my photography skills and my college/school photography experience could be sufficient to launch such a site, but the thing is I’m not interested in photography.

However, if you have any professional photography experience, it could be perfect for a photography blog.


I’m subscribed to pilot threads on Quora. I’m fascinated by flight, military planes and commercial flight in general.  I don’t have a pilot’s license and probably won’t get one, but I find the career an interesting one.  I know two commercial pilots as well.  I have to restrain myself from bombarding them with too many questions about their work.

My point is a lot of people are interested in piloting aircraft.

I also think being a pilot offers a good background for travel blogs from a pilot’s perspective.


The plumbing niche is like the electrician niche.  So many homeowners try to fix plumbing themselves via YouTube.  A qualified plumber could crank out hundreds of helpful videos and tutorials that would do well.  They could also blog extensively about all things plumbing – pipes, toilets, sinks, faucets, etc.

Real estate agent

Real estate is a North American past-time.  Not only do we need a place to live, but many people fashion themselves as aspiring real estate moguls via flipping (which almost always works in a bull market, but is disastrous when the market starts tanking).

Real estate agents learn a lot about real estate as well as home decor, staging, mortgages, etc.  They learn a sufficient amount so that could intelligently blog on the topic.

Successful real estate agents could publish a trade rag where they advise other realtors how to build up a successful real estate agent biz.


While I’m not in the careers/jobs niche, I like it.  I find it interesting.  I’m not particularly qualified other than having gone to business school.

However, a recruiter is uniquely qualified to publish a careers/jobs blog.  There are so many opportunities here, and I’m not talking about another job finder website.

One could focus on a particular industry and include how to become such and such (i.e. paralegal).  Or it could be broader and cover many industries.

Sales person

If you’ve carved out a career selling something, chances are the stuff you sold could be the basis/topic for a website.  This list specifies a few such careers such as fine-clothing sales person and car sales person, but there are so many other product lines that could work.


Science blogs and websites can be insanely popular.  There are so many interesting topics and new discoveries happening all the time.  If you’re a scientist of some type such as marine biologist, geologist, astronomer, etc. you could publish a fascinating and high-traffic website.

I’m no scientist, but I’d love to publish such a site.  Like history, I find many science topics interesting.


If you sew for a living, you have a lot you can share and teach the general population.  Whether it’s creating your own clothing, hemming pants, altering clothes, etc., your expertise as a seamstress could result in a fantastic website.

SEO specialist

This is a no-brainer, right.  One of the most popular blog topics online is SEO.  It’s kinda funny because many of them are “I’ll show you how to do SEO which I learned by doing SEO for my SEO blog.”  I jest a bit.  Not all are like that.  Some SEO bloggers actually do real-world SEO for clients and/or their own niche sites.

Many successful SEOs got their start working in an SEO agency.  If you have agency SEO experience (or from other sources), you too can start an SEO blog.  Just be aware that it’s really cut-throat, as you can imagine.  After all, any person blogging about SEO is going to do all they can to rank in the search engines because that’s the point of their blog.

Sommelier | Wine sales person

Once upon a time I was a server in an Italian restaurant.  I loved that job and took it seriously. It didn’t take me long to realize if I sold more wine, I’d make more money.  15% to 20% on a bottle of wine was a nice extra chunk of change for merely popping the cork and pouring a round.

In order to sell more wine, I studied the wine the restaurant sold so that I could talk it up.  That worked like gangbusters.  I often won sales contests which put more money in my pockets.  I got so into it that I considered pursuing the hospitality industry as a career.

While I never became a full-fledged sommelier, I knew a bit about wine.  These days, wine is very popular and if you know your wine (as any sommelier would), you could publish a fascinating wine blog.

Tennis pro

Just like a golf pro, a tennis pro (aka tennis instructor) could publish a great tennis blog promoting racquets, apparel and of course teaching techniques.


Self help and psychology are two mega niches that will always be in demand.  What’s really interesting about these niches is that the audience can’t consume enough of the information.  If you publish good content, people will come back over and over and over.

While there is no shortage of self-help bloggers who have no credentials other than having an interest in it (or an interest in the gobs of money it can make), those with proper credentials can create something spectacular akin to Psychologytoday.com.

Travel Agent

I’m not certain, but I suspect with the explosive growth of travel booking sites, the travel agent industry has had a tough go of it in recent years.  I may be wrong though.  Perhaps they’ve adapted by offering unique services.  I can tell you that in the event I need to plan a lengthy trip that involves multiple hotel bookings and coordination, I’d be tempted to hire a travel agent.  While I like traveling, I’m not a fan of the millions of decisions needed when booking travel arrangements and accommodations.  I’d love to tell a travel agent “here’s our budget and this is what we’re looking for – kindly put together an itinerary”.

It used to be the case that everyone booked through travel agents.  The family travel agent was like the family doctor or dentist.  Not any more.

Nevertheless, there are still travel agents and anyone with such experience has probably travelled extensively and knows a lot about travel which makes for a great travel website.


A vet has the ultimate credentials for a pet or animal website.  While we all know pet niches are popular, I bet you didn’t know that non-domestic animal sites are also popular.  The search volumes for all kinds of animals (and related terms) are huge.

Wedding planner

I would never do a wedding blog because I have zero interest in the topic, but that doesn’t mean there’s no interest in it. On the contrary.  The wedding niche is massive and lucrative.  Anyone with any sort of wedding planning expertise could knock it out of the park in this niche.


If you have writing credentials, or better yet, are a published author, you can easily jump into the incredibly lucrative “how to write” niche.  This niche is like the internet marketing niche, but is much, much bigger.  There are more aspiring writers than there are aspiring bloggers.

Even if you have success selling self-published novels, you could teach how to make money writing self-published novels.

Millions of people yearn to earn a living by writing.  I’m not talking cranking out SEO articles, but by writing novels or non-fiction books.  I’m not sure what the massive appeal is because it’s hard work, but it definitely is one of those dream jobs that you can cater to.

Yoga / pilates teacher

While not quite as popular as 5 years ago (according to Google Trends chart), yoga and pilates are still popular and here to stay as a fitness/lifestyle regimen.  There are no shortage of yoga blogs and websites.   If you’re a yoga teacher or pilates instructor, you could easily produce a top-notch yoga blog on the side.

8 thoughts on “64 Careers that Make for Great Niche Websites and Blogs”

  1. This is a great article. Some real food for thought here. The idea of partnering with a friend is a great one, particularly as I’m not a farmer or an electrician or a tennis pro… but guess what :o) I note you have yoga/pilates teacher… what’s your thoughts on just ‘teacher’? I’ve got many years of education under my belt and I maybe need to justify my degree as well!

    1. Hey Andy,

      In my original list I included teacher, but I don’t really like teacher blogs that serve other teachers. However, if you taught in an area that gives you credentials for something broader like early childhood educator or if you’re a high school teacher with a science, math, history degree etc. then that could be good for a niche site.

      1. Hi Jon!

        It was years of working with children from 5-11 and obviously their parents. The real buzz was getting kids to reach their potential. In that sense, I’d be thinking along the lines of something that would support kids and parents across a range of issues.

        The problem with teacher to teacher blogs is the teachers :o)

  2. Hey Jon,
    Looking to start a blog regarding investments in a particular up and coming stock/category. Found a good domain name and whatnot but I have read some articles out there talking about how investment blogs may be hard to get approved by adsense…any comments on this?

    I am sitting on some good domain names, I want to turn them into earning blogs but not sure exactly what categories to go with. I have read your article on niches already and am not sure if maybe trends have changed since writing that article.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hey Phil,

      I’ve not heard whether AdSense is harder to get approved for specific niches. Generally, I’d say it’s not easy getting approved for AdSense these days (relative to 5 years ago). However, as long as the content is good and you have traffic and the site doesn’t violate TOS (i.e. copyright issues), you should eventually get approved.

    1. I’m not sure of anything, but their some ideas. There’s no sure thing with any business. You can have the best idea in the world, but if not well executed, it’s meaningless.

  3. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and
    interesting, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
    The problem is something which not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about.

    Now i’m very happy I came across this in my search for something concerning this.

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