7 thoughts on “Why I decided to pony up $99 per month for Answerthepublic.com keyword research software”

  1. Hi Jon,

    I have a question about answer the public. How different is it to keyword shitter? $99 per month is a lot. And the amount of content I produce won’t justify that yet. But was just curious how it differs to keyword shitter.


    1. Answerthepublic.com focuses on full questions while Keywordshitter.com lists all Google autosuggest. Both are free (ATP gives you a couple free searches daily). Test the differences and you’ll see what I mean.

      1. Thanks Jon! I appreciate your content. I’m also from Vancouver. Been building a site in my spare time for the past two years. Slow grind with a full time job and 3 young kids. Starting to get decent traction with 7500 monthly visits. $130 from Amazon and $50 from Ezoic ads. 38 Articles total. Now I can invest in writers to help me scale. I plan to grow this site really big.

        Your content has helped me a lot!

        Thanks again

  2. Wow Jon, well said. I’ve been on the fence about getting the $99/ month for ATP. I already have ahrefs, but love the cool unique kw ideas from ATP. I’m just a one man show with 2 sites… so I think i’ll just stick to ahrefs paid, and then ATP 3 free searches/ day. Thanks for saving me the extra $99…although when I grow my website portfolio I may add it. Now… the days where I enter in the wrong kw and max out my 3 free searches for the day!!! 24 hour wait time… patience skillset will have to be mastered for this.

  3. Great article and long time reader.I completely agree, answer the public is very helpful.I found that also asked is very helpful as well.

  4. Hi Jon, do you find that ATP provides keywords missing from ahrefs? Or is ATP more organized to find such question keywords because that’s all it provides?

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