How to apply for and get an AdSense account approved? Discover details of a recent approval

Document application getting approved with approval stamp

I’m working with a great guy who is new to blogging but is doing a spectacular job. I love his site.  He’s truly creating a terrific online resource in his niche.

He’s taking it slow and steady publishing epic stuff weekly.

His traffic is coming along – but he’s still inside 6 months so he has a month or few months to go before his traffic should ramp up.

Recently he applied for an AdSense account.  He asked me first if I thought the site was ready to apply.

I was reluctant to say “yes” just because his traffic is pretty low. However, based on site quality, I knew it was a winner.

I said “give it a shot. I think your site is fantastic and AdSense will like it.”

He applied and was approved.

I bring this up because so many people do not get their AdSense applications approved.  I agree it’s harder now than it was years ago (like when I applied).

However, it’s not impossible.  You just need to create a really good site.

Website Metrics of a Site Recently Approved by AdSense

What exactly are the metrics of this guy’s site that was approved?

Please keep in mind that this is to serve as an example and is not necessarily a benchmark.

  • Site Age: 5 months
  • Traffic: 30 visitors per day (according to Ahrefs so probably higher)
  • Number of published posts:  37
  • Average # of words per post (approx):  2,000

The person behind this site has never published a site before.

He writes all his own content (he’s very much into the niche).

His expenses are pretty much nothing.  He doesn’t waste money on anything he doesn’t need.  He bought one premium theme and has $6/mo. hosting.  That’s it.

He’s doing it right.  I think it’s going to be a huge success.

I’m not particularly interested in his niche but he’s publishing articles that I end up reading out of interest as much as his asking me to review what he’s doing.

How’s that for doing it right?  I’m not his target audience but he’s covering topics and presenting them in such a way that I can’t help but read his stuff.

Does this mean you have to publish 37 articles?  OR, does it mean once you publish 37 articles you’ll be approved?

No and no.  The above metrics of the sample site is one example and is an example only.

It does not mean when you publish 37 articles you’ll be approved.  Nor does it necessarily mean you must publish 37 articles.

That said, one article won’t do it.  It also doesn’t mean 37 articles will do it either.  His articles are outstanding.

Frankly, I think only having 37 articles is pretty good.  That shouldn’t take long if you really hammer away. This guy publishes this site for fun and isn’t in a rush, but if you are in a rush, you can crank out 37 good articles in 2 months.

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