28 of the Best Apps for Bloggers

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Blogging has become a really huge and profitable industry. Around 5.8 million new blog posts are created and uploaded every single day around the world. 77% of all internet users around the world seek help from and read blogs regularly. Blogging can be a really profitable venture; for example, the Huffington Post earns around $14 million a month through their blogs.

The industry has no boundaries and can be turned into a profitable venture with the most basic equipment. All bloggers need are basic technological equipment like laptops and a good internet connection. There are several apps in the market which are really helpful for bloggers around the world. Here are 25 of the best apps that bloggers can use to take their blog to another level.


IFTTT application

The If This Then That app is commonly known as the IFTTT application. The application has been an astounding success between users since it allows other apps to communicate with each other. For example, your Gmail and Instagram will be able to talk to each other through a recipe designed by the app. Additionally,  using the application, your Instagram can be set up to save all the images to Dropbox or post a picture simultaneously on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This way, bloggers can have a more active social media and engage with their followers more effectively.

2. WordPress

WordPress application on a phon

The best part about the WordPress app is that you can upload on-the-go. This way you can stay connected to your followers even while you are visiting a remote location. You can also check the statistics of your previous post through the application, which allows you great insights into your popular stories, viewership, and other details. This can help make your blog more in tune with your followers and audience. Bloggers also need to be on the lookout for recent trends and stories so that they can stay on top of things. This means that they have to be a reader as well as a blogger, which the app will allow them to do.

WordPress has one of the biggest amounts of readers and bloggers online. This makes it easy to find an audience for your blog, as well as tweak your blog according to your personal preferences.

3. Blogger App

Blogger interface by Google

Blogger is another really popular platform where many readers and bloggers have amassed. Google has ensured that this perfect application to start off your career. You can design your website according to your personal preferences and create a fun looking blog. However, most people prefer WordPress due to the increased functionality of the other application.

4. Tumblr

Tumblr app on an tablet.

Tumblr is a really interactive application for bloggers since they are able to maintain micro-blogs rather than be burdened with full-blown blogs. You can easily post short posts about pictures, videos, quotes, GIFs, and a lot more. This makes the application less taxing and stressful for the blogger. There is also a huge audience for every kind of phenomenon, ensuring that you will find a quick fan base for your own blogging niche.

The application has plenty of useful features that make it really easy for bloggers to engage with their audience. Posting is a quick affair and you can even schedule posts easily. There are many features you can use while posting content, which makes it fun to create content. You can also view and reply to messages at will or manage different Tumblr accounts/blogs through the application.

5. Pinterest App

Pinterest App

Pinterest is the go-to place to get inspired. It is the perfect place to discover new ideas and trends for a blogger since they can browse through different tips and tricks. Pinterest allows you to look up new recipes, design DIY projects, check on new hairstyles, and a lot more! This can be a really interesting place to try new things for your blog.

6. Aweber App

The Aweber App

The AWeber is a unique application that is available for Android and iOS users. It is really easy to check the results of any broadcasts or auto-responder sequences that you have launched. You can check the statistics on the go from any location, as long as you have internet. You can also track how many subscribers you have gotten recently and how many people have unsubscribed from your blog which can help you plan out your blog posts. The app doesn’t have any special functions, but this just serves to make the app simpler to use and convenient for users. You can easily check your stats without worrying about all the extra features.

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics mobile app is a really easy app that lets you monitor your business on the go. You will be able to check all sorts of different key metrics through built-in reports, as well as compare the data ranges of past data. You can apply segments through the app onto your data to check the different trends that may emerge, which can be really helpful to bloggers seeking to change their platform a little.

You can also monitor the data in real-time, meaning that you will be getting up-to-date data all the time. This can help you make changes accordingly as soon as the statistics require it. There are plenty of different dimensions, segments, and metrics that you can combine to build your own reports according to your personal preferences as well. Any reports that seem important to you can be easily saved so that you can come back to them later.

8. Evernote App

Evernote App

Evernote is the best application for bloggers since it helps you organize your professional and personal projects. You can take detailed notes through voice messages, pictures, and written descriptions. You can also create helpful to-do lists to ensure that you can follow everything on the agenda for the day. You can also save the different ideas and trends you find online in one safe location through the Evernote app, ensuring that you won’t lose it. The application also syncs up between your computer, phone, and tablet automatically so that you don’t have to update every single thing every time.

9. Wunderlist App

Wunderlist Application

The Wunderlist app is basically a simple task manager app that assists you in everyday tasks. It has simple to-do lists that can help you stay organized. For example, bloggers can put everything on their agenda on the app so that they can complete a project more effectively. The application will set up reminders for you so that you don’t forget to complete a task either. It makes it really easy to share, capture, and complete your list of things to do. It also syncs your computer, tablet, and the phone automatically, so you can check it through any available device.

10. Buffer App

Buffer Application

Buffer is a really great application for bloggers since you can schedule your social application posts on the go. The app is really convenient for bloggers who may have a tendency to forget posting on different social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It makes it easier to stay connected with your audience and followers.

You can also add an image directly through the URL which makes it really simple to use. It can save you a lot of time since you won’t have to download the image onto your phone and then manually add it to your Twitter or Instagram. Since tweets with images tend to create more interaction on Twitter, this app can make it really interesting to keep up with your followers in a convenient and helpful way.

11. Podcast Addict App

Podcast Addict App

The Podcast Addict App is great for bloggers since it allows you the chance to connect with different experts of blogging. There are many podcasts which can help bloggers learn more about SEO, advertisement, social media engagement, audience attraction, sharing, and a lot more. There are also plenty of blogs that can help you deal with the anxiety or stress that can come with content production and online trends.

Through this app, you can download episodes you want to listen to, as well as make playlists. The application works offline and online, which is great for listening to podcasts while you are commuting or don’t have access to a Wi-Fi connection. It can be a great way to acquire more knowledge while you are busy with other activities like house chores.

12. MobileVOIP Application

MobileVOIP App

The MobileVOIP Application is an easy-to-use cheap calls application. It lets you make free international and national calls directly from your phone. Bloggers such as travel bloggers and photography accounts often need such services to keep in touch with their family and friends, especially when they are on a tight budget. This application can, therefore, help you save a lot of money while you are traveling or need to get in touch with people across the world.

13. Instapaper App

Instapaper App

The Instapaper Application is the best place to store all your ideas and inspirations in one place. You can save any interesting videos, articles, recipes, lyrics, blog posts, pictures, or anything else that you find interesting while browsing. In just a few clicks, you can use the application to read, save, and manage all the different things you find interesting on the internet.

You can also post whatever you like onto other platforms like Evernote, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and any other app that you may have linked. You can also create posts even when you are offline and schedule them to post automatically the next time you go online. It has many interesting features that can help you become more engaged with your followers and audience. For example, you can “copy” part of a post from a Tweet and the app will instantaneously produce a tweet for you using the text. This can be really easy to manipulate and save you a lot of time.

14. The Pocket Application

The Pocket App

The Pocket Application is a very clever and interesting application. It is kind of like an online scrapbook, which makes getting inspired really easy. For example, while you are scrolling through the internet and find something you want to read later one, you can simply put it on the Pocket. You can pocket videos, articles, pictures, web links, and more. You can save things directly from your browser or other apps like Pulse, Flipboard, Zite, and Twitter. This makes it really easy for bloggers to save their ideas and potential inspirations to look through later on.

15. Grammarly

Grammarly app

Grammarly is the best virtual writing assistant that you can get. It is used by more than 6.9 million [ep[;e every day who find that the app can help improve their writing. It checks grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and any other mistakes that you may have made. It is a must-have for writers, who can also install the plug-in which interacts with all other social media. It filters through any errors and mistakes that you would have made. This ensures that you have impeccable writing and grammar while posting or blogging.

16. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid application

The ProWritingAid application is the best way to polish your writing. It keeps a check on any clichés and wordy sentences in your work. It also checks up on passive writing and scores you on readability. This way, you can improve your style and rank better on Google. The application also analyzes your writing and showcases the data in 20 different reports. These reports can be really helpful in improving your writing skills so that they are more engaging. Many writers also use the app for a check on any copy blushes they may have, which can help keep your plagiarism in check.

17. Scrivener App

Scrivener Application

Scrivener has become really popular due to its ability to handle a project of any magnitude. It ensures that everything goes according to plan for bloggers and writers alike. The application is used by authors, copywriters, lawyers, students, screenwriters, and bloggers because it can genuinely help improve writing and planning. Scrivener has won many awards for overall UK App of the Year and the Productivity App of the Year at the UK App Awards 2017.

As a blogger, it can help you become a better writer. This can truly help you engage with the audience in a better way, as well as enhance the overall quality of your blog.

18. Instagram

Instagram application

Instagram is a really popular application, on par with Twitter and Facebook. It has amassed millions of users, which makes it easier for bloggers to expand their audience. It also has a very interactive interface, so bloggers can use newsfeeds and story posts to engage with their audience. The application also has separate business account facilities where you can view insights, reports, and audience statistics easily.

This helps make it easier for the bloggers to track how well their posts and stories are doing with the audience, as well as makes track their followers. The application also makes it really easy to automatically share the posts on Facebook and Twitter, with just one click. Instagram has been a haven for bloggers, allowing them to go full time and amass millions of followers at a time. The application also has an editing feature, which can make it easier for you to enhance your posts and pictures. The captions have a word limit on them, however, making it hard to create long blogs. You also cannot post your blogs without adding a picture.

19. The Cloze App

The Cloze Application

The Cloze application is the best place to organize your documents, phone calls, emails, and meetings, as well as LinkedIn, Twitter, Evernote, and Facebook. It sets up a really great simple place which holds all your important data in one location. For bloggers, it can be a truly a safe haven since you have to deal with so many different platforms at once. The application will also send you reminders to follow up on emails or messages, as well as posting times. It can also take email signatures for you so that you don’t have to take a lot of time finishing up documents and dealing with clients.

20. The Slack App

The Slack Application

Slack is a really great way to boost productivity and communication between the team. Bloggers often have to depend on a lot of different people, such as photographers, social media heads, editors, etc. this means that you also need a nice place to engage with your staff in a more effective way. You can upload files on the app and keep everyone in the team on the loop.

It reduces the need for meetings and emails since you can just send a small text to update the team from any location. This can save you time as well as increase productivity. Slack can be downloaded on any phone and tablet, as well as laptops and computers.

21. Adobe Photoshop Sketch App

Adobe Photoshop Sketch App

Bloggers always have to come up with more and more interesting ways to enhance their engagement tactics with the audience. The Adobe Photoshop Sketch App allows you to create expressive drawings from anywhere. You can use natural drawing tools for your creations like watercolor brushes, markers, pens, and pencils. This allows you to play around with textures and use blending to get a more authentic look for your drawings. You can also use to touch up or draw on saved images. This is a fun way to add a unique style to your blog.

22. Writer

Writer app

Blogging can be really hard work, especially using your smartphone only. There are plenty of distractions that make it difficult to produce content. The applications and incoming notifications can make it hard to focus on the task at hand and kill your productivity. The Writer app makes it really easy to create a distraction-free environment for you. This allows you the peace of mind to develop your content in piece with no annoyances flooding your notification tab.

23. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is the best place for bloggers to store and share all kinds of different documents. You can upload spreadsheets, videos, images, documents, audio, and many other forms of data onto the Cloud. This ensures that the data will not be lost, as well as syncs these documents to all your devices through the Google account. When the data is synchronized, you can easily access the files from wherever you want. For example, you are writing your blog post at home and are just halfway done, you can continue working on it through the application on your phone while you are commuting. This makes it really easy for bloggers to produce content, keep it secure, and sync data.

24. Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com app

Blogging and writing sure is hard work without having to confuse certain words. Dictionary.com can help you find the perfect alternative word to use in your blog, as well as look up meanings. You can even look up the meanings of any particular phrases and words that your readers have used in the comments under your blogs. This will help you stay more engaged and in-tune with your readers

25. Swiftkey Keyboard Application

Swiftkey Keyboard App

The Swiftkey Keyboard Application is a really amazing application for bloggers who are tired of making typos or dealing with tiny keyboard buttons. SwiftKey Keyboard can auto-correct any typos you make. It also has a great predictive text option based on your past typing behavior, which can make it really easy to use.

SwiftKey Keyboard also allows you to personalize word predictions through a feature where the application learns your preferred choice of words on different social media applications and blogs. You can also make the application learn new words in case you prefer some slang words or local nuances that the keyboard may not have. The keyboard also comes with plenty of emojis to make your writing come to life, which can be really helpful on social media.

26. Fade In

Fade In app

Fade In application is the perfect application for screenwriters. Many bloggers often have to develop skits and scripts for their video shoots or series. This app comes in handy by drafting a script into a nice screenplay styling as you type it out. It has plenty of features to assist you in everything you may need. This includes real-time collaboration, bookmarks, layout options, and a lot more to keep you happy. Can also insert images directly into the document, which can be helpful if you are planning to add a storyboard or directions. Fade In is a professional screenwriting tool that can help bloggers who develop videos and skits often. For bloggers and writers, it can help vividly plan out chapters.

27. Ulysses

Ulysses app

Ulysses has a really minimal interface which can help bloggers stay away from distractions. If you want a text-only, simple editing feature, this app will be perfect for you. Instead of focusing on the formatting and layout, you can focus on the content. This is necessary to dish out quality content since you need to keep the audience engaged as well. Ulysses has become an essential blogging application for smartphone users since it keeps you away from unnecessary distraction; it simply motivates the blogger to write well.

The application is great for blogging since it has a simple, all-around design. You can write material for your WordPress blog through this application and publish it directly from the app.

28. MindNode

Mind Note application

Mind Note is really popular amongst iOS bloggers. It is the best application to visualize your ideas and brainstorm for content. Producing content regularly is perhaps the hardest job that a blogger has to face, which is why it is important to come with new, creative ways to inspire you. It is a really great application to help you generate new content ideas.

This application can also have a positive impact on productivity. It has the ability to sync tasks with other to-do applications like Evernote and Wunderlist. You can also upload any interactive versions of your documents to other collaborative servers like MyMindNote. This can make it easier for you to explain and share your ideas with other people. It can also provide a detailed map for you from which you can take guidance the next time you sit down to produce content.


Applications have become the basis for almost every feature in our lives from alleviating boredom to enhancing communication. Since they have encompassed human behavior in every form, it is important to take advantage of them to improve our own lives. Bloggers can benefit from application immensely and shouldn’t be taking their benefits lights. They can help make your blog look more attractive and creative, help you produce content quickly, improve the quality of your content, and connect you to a large audience. These benefits are often not provided with any other tools, which is why it is vital to seek help from these 28 best applications for bloggers.

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