4 of the Best WordPress Table Plugins I Use Across My Niche Sites for Various Purposes



13 thoughts on “4 of the Best WordPress Table Plugins I Use Across My Niche Sites for Various Purposes”

  1. Hi Jon
    Regarding inputting links in TablePress, I agree it’s a PITA if you do it manually through the plugin. I set up Excel spreadsheets for my tables, with a simple formula to generate the link, then save the result as a .csv to import directly into the plugin. Works pretty well and doesn’t take a lot of time. You can use exactly the same process for images. Happy to share the spreadsheet / formulas if you’re interested.

    1. Hey Colin,

      Great idea. Thanks for the offer. I find Excel a bigger nuisance to use than TablePress. Fortunately for most tables I don’t input links and if I do such as a product comparison table I use WPCompear or Arena Products Store.

  2. Hey Jon,

    Very Informative.

    Without a doubt Tablepress & Thrive content builder are two of the best plugins in the business. I am using Tablepress on my Niche blogs and it is very easy to use and of course these days Google showing knowledge graphs, so having a table in posts becomes all more important.

    ~ Jenny

  3. Go Pricing is my “must have” plugin for creating pricing and any other tables in WordPress.

    I am surprised it is not mentioned anywhere in this post.

    1. Thanks Kasa. I’ll check it out. I tend to restrict my recommendations based on what I use and I don’t always use every plugin available… although I’ve often tested many not mentioned, but in this case I have not tried Kasa. I’ll check it out.

  4. I’m currently using Arena Product Store, but I have a feeling it is no search engine friendly because most posts writing with it are nowhere to be found on search engine why other posts do well. What were your experience with the search engine ranking when you were using the plugin?

  5. Really great to know about the plugins, specially the 3rd one is new for us, thank you so much for sharing useful information. Come across your blog while looking for best plugins to add in our Wordpress website. Truly impressive work, keep updating and sharing…!!! Cheers…!!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing with us…!!! Really inspiring content, definitely share with my colleagues and friends. Keep sharing valuable and useful resources…!!!

  7. Hey Jon, this is a really helpful & informative thread for WordPress developers. A Thrive Content Builder is one of the best plugins for using a list of product information in an easy way. And another one is also best for a table format. This is such a helpful thread.

  8. WARNING: I purchased WP Compear in December -18 and created a complicated table. It worked for some time, perhaps weeks, and after that suddenly when visiting the site again the table had completely vanished. No trace there in backend or frontend. I don’t know what had happened. Perhaps in some point I had to disable all the plugins to debug the site, but of course this complete disappearance shouldn’t have happened. Anyway, be careful. The developer hasn’t replied at all to my 3 support request.

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