SumoMe Review Reveals It’s My Secret Weapon for 600-800 Social Shares PER DAY

SumoMe Shares

These share metrics are from one of my niche sites (not this blog).

If you want free traffic, publish content visitors share.  It’s that simple.

While one of my niche blogs averages 3,500 to 4,500 daily organic search visitors, that’s a fraction of the traffic generated from social media ( especially Facebook).

Currently one of my niche sites gets 30,000 to 35,000 daily page views, much of it from social sharing.  Check it out (and that’s not a one-off day; that’s a typical day for one niche site).

1 Day Page Views 36000

How do I get 600 to 800 ADDITIONAL social shares EACH day?

Keep in mind this is additional shares.  It does not include the shares from my left-side floating sharing buttons and below-content sharing buttons.  These are additional.

You’re going to love the answer because it’s so simple.

I use the SumoMe plugin for WordPress.

Specifically, I use the Image Sharer feature included with the SumoMe plugin.

Here’s the best part.  SumoMe is FREE.  Okay, you do need to pay $10 to remove the SumoMe branding; otherwise it’s free.  I did pay the $10 because I hate third party branding on my site… but that $10 was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Other SumoMe Apps

I only use the image sharing app.  But they offer several others and are rolling out new apps all the time.  They offer opt in forms apps, including an exit intent option, contact forms, traditional share buttons and heatmap/analytics apps.

Since I only use the image sharer app, that will be my focus in this SumoMe review.  The set up and settings and installation for other apps are pretty much the same.  It’s a really simple plugin to use.

What does SumoMe Image Sharer do?

When a website visitor hovers over an image, 3 social media buttons show up.  They are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

While the hovering Pinterest button is nothing new, the Facebook hover button is, and it’s brilliant.  I’d rather have 1 Facebook share than 20 Pins.  For my site, Facebook traffic is far more plentiful and more valuable.

Go ahead – hover on any image on this page and look for the social sharing buttons that appear.

IMPORTANT: What makes the SumoMe sharing feature so powerful is that it shares the specific image instead of the entire URL.  This way a visitor can share multiple images on a page resulting in a lot more shares.  Moreover, visitors are more inclined to share a specific image than the general URL (in some instances).

This works particularly well with one type of content I publish quite a bit that attracts a lot of visitors.

Video Review

How to set up and install SumoMe (specifically the Image Sharer)

You’ll need to download the plugin and upload it in the usual fashion.

Once the SumoMe plugin is uploaded to your site, take the following steps.

Step 1:  Open Up SumoMe

Go to your website and there is a small blue icon in the top right.  Hover over it with your cursor and a Crown icon will appear.  Click that icon.

Sign up or log in.

SumoMe Sign Up

Step 2:  Badge Location

If you don’t pay $10, you’ll have to live with the badge on your site.  You can choose the location.

Option to Unlock SumoMe Badge

Step 3:  Hiding the SumoMe Badge/Logo

I chose to hide the badge.  Therefore, I paid the $10.  Upon doing so, the “Hidden” option appears for badge location.

SumoMe Hidden Option Appears After Paying $10

Step 4:  Selection the Sumo Store

Installing SumoMe Apps

Step 5:  Select the Image Sharer App

FYI – you can use any and all of the SumoMe apps.  They offer a good variety.  Play around.  For me, the image sharer is the best app.

SumoMe Options

Step 6:  Install Image Sharer (or whatever apps you choose)

Step 2 installing SumoMe Image Sharer

Step 7:  Test It

Go to your website and hover over an image.  If you see the 3 sharing buttons in the center, you have success.

Example of Image Sharer by SumoMe with Social Sharing Hover Buttons

How do you check your sharing stats?

It’s simple.

Step 1:  Open the SumoMe Badge

While on your website, open the SumoMe app by hovering your cursor in the top right of your site.

Step 2:  Select the App in the Box for the stats you wish to see

Your stats and data will appear.  It’s that simple.  For the image sharer app, the analytics screen is as follows:

SumoMe Shares

Image Sharer Settings

You can easily configure the image sharer app (and the other SumoMe apps).

Again, open the app on your website (hover top right).

Select the app you wish to configure.

Select the “Settings” interface.

The following are the image sharer settings options:

The following is exactly how I configure my SumoMe image sharing app.

SumoMe Image Sharer Options

How do I get 30,000+ page views per day (and earn $40K per month) from ONE niche blog?

Obviously SumoMe doesn’t generate all of that traffic.  You need traffic to get sharing traffic.  Learn exactly how I launch, set up, monetize and get traffic for one of my $40K/month niche blogs – Click here.

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11 thoughts on “SumoMe Review Reveals It’s My Secret Weapon for 600-800 Social Shares PER DAY”

  1. Thanks for the good content and advice, Jon.

    Just one comment regarding SumoMe. In your video, you refer to it being a one-off $10 to get the branding removed. However, I’ve just installed and it’s $20 per month. Was you info wrong or has their pricing changed significantly since you made the video?

    1. Hey Adrian,

      I believe pricing changed. I don’t like SumoMe’s pricing, but I really like their products so I pay. I think I’m paying them $80 per month now for various pro tools across my sites.

  2. Are the floating sharing buttons that stay with you as you scroll down this page part of the Sumome sharing options? If so, how do you set it up? Thank you.

  3. Hi Jon,

    I’m actually finding the Share portion (not Image Share) of SumoMe to be incredibly frustrating as it is not showing updated share counts. I see the shares in the stats, but not on the front end. Turned all my caching off, deactivated and re-activated.

    I’m on the free version, so maybe the pro is more accurate. The image share is hands down the best though.

    Over the last 72 hours I’ve tried 9 different social sharing plugins, run into issues with every one. Monarch was my favorite, but they have an issue currently causing the Heartbeat API to malfunction – people are getting their hosting shut down. If they get that solved though, I’m going back for the share buttons but I’ll keep image share on SumoMe.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Hey Barbara,

      That’s an interesting comment. I’ve found all social sharing plugins I’ve used didn’t tally total shares accurately with SumoMe being the only exception. That’s the main reason I use it and it was accurate with the free version. I upgraded for more mobile control.

  4. I do use SumoMe but their settings don’t seem to really work when it comes to Discover. Recommendations often do not match the selected categories and sponsored post keeps coming up no matter what settings. Is it because it’s a free version? Their pricing is too ambitious. Haven’t tried Image sharing yet. Thanks.

    1. I don’t use Discover, just SumoMe’s image sharer and share features. Yes, their pricing is a bit rich, but I love their share buttons.

    1. Hey Nicky,

      SumoMe has image sharing, specifically you can share a specific image on a page. It’s very good and worth using for that. I also find SumoMe’s share count very accurate.

  5. Hi Jon,

    I love the tips in this post. Never thought of allowing people to share the image. This will help a lot since my travel blog is full of images. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m new here and really enjoy your content.

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