RankXL Review – A Course Based on $20,000+/Mo. Adsense Revenue

RankXL Review Summary
  • Effectiveness
  • Ease-of-Implementation
  • Thoroughness


If you’re a niche publisher, getting RankXL is a no-brainer becaused it’s based off real results (spectacular results). There are solid SEO and Adsense tips throughout. Every niche publisher needs this course. It’s also very good for if you’re just starting out as a niche website publisher.

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RankXL puts all the pieces of niche website publishing with SEO and Adsense together.  It’s a great model – one that earns RankXL’s author, Chris Lee more than $20,000 per month from Adsense.

I have to give Chris Lee and his RankXL course credit for reigniting my excitement about niche website SEO.

A little over 2 years ago I stopped focusing on SEO for niche sites.

When the SEO was easy pre-penguin, that’s all I focused on.

After penguin kicked a few of my high earning sites into SERP abyss, I decided I should learn other traffic strategies.  I did learn other traffic sources, principally social media (Facebook mostly) and paid traffic.

While I’m happy I’m not entirely dependent on search engine traffic any more, I have to admit once I have it, I want more.  I guess it’s the perceived “free” nature of it.

I have a lot of free SEO traffic simply by publishing a lot of content that does well with social engagement… now I want more

This blog never intended to delve much into SEO.  I’m certainly not an expert at SEO.  I get blurry eyed reading the technical aspects of it.  But now that I have 8,000 to 12,000 daily visits of free traffic to my biggest niche site, I want more.

Enter Chris Lee’s RankXL, a course based on Chris’ amazing niche site success.

RankXL puts all the pieces of SEO and Adsense together

I was introduced to RankXL by a Fat Stacks reader.

A few months ago a reader emailed me and asked me what I thought of Chris’ RankXL course.  I had never heard of him and hadn’t heard of the course.  I checked the sales page and before I knew it, I wanted it.  Chris’ staggering Adsense revenue from organic traffic was amazing.  I figured anyone who can make 5 figures per month with Adsense and SEO can teach me something.

I bought it.  Read it.  Loved it.  I told that reader it was worth buying.

This was about 4 or 5 months ago.

I didn’t apply much of what Chris teaches immediately because I took a bunch of time off and then was too busy to dig into improving my site’s SEO … until recently.

What is RankXL about?

RankXL is all about earning great revenue with Adsense and SEO.

Chris doesn’t buy traffic.  He’s an SEO purist.  While he may earn some revenue with affiliate promotions, he doesn’t mention it.  His course focuses on revenue from Adsense, which is great because I love using Adsense for monetization as well.

The best aspects of his course are they work and it’s simple.  I like results and I like simple.

I can’t profess to any results yet because I just started implementing his methods recently on an existing site of mine.  I am excited because what he teaches makes sense.

What does RankXL cover?

Here are the main points the course teaches well.

The course focuses on building out authority sites monetized with Adsense with traffic from the search engines.

Specifically, the course covers the following:

1. Niche selection:

Chris doesn’t complicate niche selection.  In fact, he makes it pretty simple.  He makes one suggestion for keywords to avoid (interestingly I disagree with him, but it’s a minor part of the course).

His niche selection approach includes which keywords to go after, including monthly search volumes to look for.  As usual, search volume guidelines aren’t set in stone.  Chris suggests going for fairly high volume keywords.  I agree with this approach.

But don’t high search volume keywords have a lot of competition?

Yes they do. Furthermore, you’re not going to rank for those keywords in a month. The point is this is a long term business and simply by following Chris’ site structure and content production, you’ll start getting some traffic from long tail.  In time more traffic should arrive as the site gains more authority as a result of promotion, content and traffic.

2. Content strategy and creation

Chris hammers the point home that content is important.  I agree with him.  It’s hard to promote lousy content.  The course explains clearly how to go about writing and publishing excellent content (although it’s not rocket science).

3. Website structure

This is the part I found most useful because I had a niche and knew my keywords… I just had poor site structure.  Up until not too long ago, I focused on social media and paid traffic.  Both are fantastic sources of traffic.

But if it’s possible to get free organic search traffic and to grow it by making some simple changes, why not.

What’s so great about organic search traffic?

Yes, I agree free organic search traffic is not free.  Content and promotion costs money (or takes time).  However, I’m already producing content so I might as well use it to get organic search traffic as well.

The more free organic search traffic I get, the more clearly I understand 2 clear benefits of it:

i. It’s passive:  I love this aspect of organic search traffic.  I don’t need to post to social media daily.  I don’t need to manage dozens or hundreds of ad campaigns.  I don’t have to do anything.

ii. It’s all profit.  When I buy traffic, my profit is a percentage of my ad spend.  With organic search traffic, it’s all profit (less the cost of content production, which is a cost I pay anyway with paid traffic).

Am I going to stop social and paid traffic?

No way.  That’s not the point.  Instead, I now have 3 solid traffic sources.

4.  On-site SEO (which should not be undervalued)

RankXL isn’t too technical, which I like.  But it’s detailed enough that your on-site SEO and site structure will be poised to do well for getting organic search traffic.

5.  Off-site SEO

Chris builds links, but it’s not the blackhat variety.  Instead, he works hard promoting his content with other website owners.  RankXL sets out 4 white link building methods Chris uses.

This section of the course is very detailed.  He steps you through every aspect of this including example emails he uses to reach out to other bloggers and website owners.

6.  Monetization with Adsense

You might be thinking, why on earth would I put all this work only to end up with Adsense revenue with SEO can generate much higher revenue promoting affiliate products?

That’s a good question.  In fact, for years I ignored Adsense, now it’s one of my biggest revenue sources.

I can’t speak for Chris, but the main reason I love monetizing with display ads is freedom.  By freedom I mean I can publish content on so many more topics… topics and keywords that don’t involve buyer intent and product promotion.

For me (and I believe Chris will agree), having the freedom to publish on so many topics and so many niches that will earn from ads is liberating.

I know this firsthand because for years I only monetized with promoting products as an affiliate.  Not all topics, niches and keywords successfully sell products.  However, any topic that attracts traffic can generate revenue with display ads (admittedly some better than others).

Isn’t the information in RankXL available for free on the internet?

Yes, the information is out there for free.  In fact, the information in most courses can be found for free online.

Chris didn’t invent niche sites, SEO and monetization with Adsense.

But the problem with reading endless free information online is that there is so much free information, you don’t know what to use and what to ignore.

I like simple blueprints based on real success and that’s what RankXL offers.

I’m not surprised Chris is super successful.  His course is really well written, easy to understand and loaded with step-by-step details to replicate what he does to make a very good living with SEO and Adsense.


Does his SEO methods involve blackhat SEO tactics?

No.  He suggests NOT building PBNs.  He doesn’t even mention any of the pre-Penguin link building methods.

All of his link building methods are white hat in that they involve reaching out and promoting his site.  It’s hard work, but when it works, it really works.

Do you need to invest a lot of money?

No.  With the exception of inexpensive hosting, you don’t need anything.  If you have funds to invest that helps with speeding up content creation, but it’s not necessary.  Most successful people online started doing everything on their own, including me.

How long does it take to make 5 figures with Chris’ methods?

Chris achieved incredible revenue growth.  As with any business course or entrepreneur tips, there is no guarantee the course will work for anyone.  Instead, it’s a course setting out what Chris did.  That’s it.

As far as I’m concerned, I never expect guarantees with anything.  All I care about is that information is based on real life success.  When it is, I almost always learn something.

In the case of RankXL and my niche situate phase at the time of getting then implementing RankXL, the best information in the course for me was site structure… something I ignored for too long with my niche site (I focused mostly on buying traffic so site structure wasn’t important until organic search traffic grew to a point where it was clearly a traffic source I needed to capitalize on more).

Will RankXL work for any niche?

It’s a bit of a stretch to say any single method will work for every single niche; however, RankXL can work for many niches.  Obviously some niches are far more competitive than others, which means more work.  The plus side of competition is the payoff can be bigger.

Can RankXL be applied to an existing site?

Yes.  I’m applying it to my fairly large niche B2C site.  It will also work for a new site.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of applying RankXL methods to an existing site is there’s already content to use, a better understanding of keywords and better knowledge of the niche.

The advantage of starting a website from scratch with RankXL is you can structure everything properly correctly from the start.  It’s a lot of work restructuring and tweaking content strategies once a site has 800 posts (like mine does).

If you have an existing site that has some decent content, I think it’s best to continue building it out unless it’s clear RankXL won’t work.

Can the strategy be outsourced?

Yes it can, but Chris recommends starting out doing some of the work yourself until everything is working smoothly enough that you can train people properly.  I totally agree with this.  I find outsourcing works best when you’ve done the work and established the processes involved.

To this day, despite earning over ,000 per month from one niche site, Chris writes some of his content and does his own blog promotion.

Even though my niche site is fairly profitable and I outsource quite a bit of the work involved, I’m writing some of the important content and am taking care of the site restructuring per the site structure recommended by Chris.

That said, once you have a firm grasp of keywords in the niche and the site is up, running and earning, much of it can be outsourced leaving you more time to launch new sites.

Does RankXL cover social media and/or paid traffic?

No.  Chris primary traffic source is organic search traffic.  I have no idea if he even does social media for his niche sites.

Does RankXL include any examples for illustrative purposes?

Yes.  This is a great aspect of the course.  The course uses a sample niche throughout to illustrate the concepts taught.

Will RankXL work if you don’t have an Adsense account?

Yes.  You can use any ad network.  That said, Adsense generally pays the best (although I do very well with Media.net ads in addition to Adsense).

Will RankXL work with promoting affiliate products?

Yes.  Much of RankXL teaches traffic generation via SEO.  That said, not all niches that would work with Adsense will work well with affiliate promotions.

Do I recommend RankXL?

Yes.  It’s one of the better courses I’ve purchased.

RankXL Review Summary
  • Effectiveness
  • Ease-of-Implementation
  • Thoroughness


If you’re a niche publisher, getting RankXL is a no-brainer becaused it’s based off real results (spectacular results). There are solid SEO and Adsense tips throughout. Every niche publisher needs this course. It’s also very good for if you’re just starting out as a niche website publisher.

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How can I recommend this course if I don’t have results yet?

I’ve just recently been madly implementing site structure recommended in the course.  I’m also working on a lot of new content outlined in the course.  While I haven’t had a noticeable increase in organic traffic yet (it’s too early), the fact the course resonated so much to me that I’m investing ,000 in content and at least 4 weeks in site restructuring means as far as I’m concerned, it’s worth getting.

Besides, anybody making $20K per month from Adsense has something to teach.

Why not perfect scores (star ratings) if I like it so much?

After working intensely with the course for 10 days now restructuring my site per Chris’ course (which is turning out to be a big job since I have over 800 posts to deal with), I had some questions for Chris.  No course author can anticipate every question; nevertheless I docked it a smidgen for ease-of-use because of outstanding questions I had.  Also, there isn’t a support forum or Facebook group for support, which knocks it down a touch for support.

The course focuses on SEO and organic traffic only.  If you have no interest in organic search traffic, it’s not the course for you.

If, on the other hand, you like the idea of building up a large authority site that pulls in huge amounts of traffic from the search engines and generates revenue from display ads and/or affiliate offers, RankXL is worth buying.

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4 thoughts on “RankXL Review – A Course Based on $20,000+/Mo. Adsense Revenue”

  1. Amazing Review. It seems there something in this, I agree with you anybody making $20K per month from Adsense has something to teach.

    Its time i also give it a try

    1. That’s an interesting question. I’m not there’s a single best course. My aim with any course is to learn one or two things. If I get that, I’m happy. RankXL is definitely one of the better courses and it’s very reasonably priced… assuming you’re interesting in niche site SEO and earning with AdSense.

      In terms of all time, I bought a $29 course from a guy named Chris Rempel (known as the Lazy Marketer) back in 2009. It was my first course and before I started niche sites. That course got me going in this biz and while it’s not available any more, that course probably made the biggest impact on my blogging business.

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