Picking Article Topics Out of a Hat (Literally)

I’ve picked article topics out of a hat as a personal challenge.

What I did is write a bunch of random seed topics on a piece of paper and put them in a hat.

picked one and forced myself to write about it for a niche site.

The fact is many topics can be applied to any niche.

The fun part is coming up with an angle so it’s relevant for the site.

In recent emails I’ve regaled you about poker nights.

Some of you might be thinking I’m a degenerate gambler.

I’m not.

It’s a social thing with a group of guys. We play in my office.

We all have young kids. It’s a night out sans kids. Buy-ins are modest – high enough to make a big win fun but not so high that any of us are sweating bullets if we lose.

While I’m on the topic of poker, let’s use that.

Let’s suppose I picked “poker” as a topic out of the hat.

How can I write about poker that works on a niche site?

This is the fun part.

As you’ve read recently, it’s easily applied to a site like Fat Stacks.

How about other niches.

Here are some ideas.

Sports: that’s a no-brainer. There are all kinds of betting topics. You could create an entire site on sports betting.

Fashion: Cool sunglasses for poker nigh that conceal your eyes giving you the advantage OR The must-have shirt design for poker night. You could do a series – fashion for casinos, an at-home poker game, etc.

Travel: write about a local casino. I might just have to head to a local casino for “research”. I wonder if I can write the night off haha. Or publish yet another Las Vegas article (or series). Any excuse to go to Vegas, right?

Music: Best 50 songs for poker night OR 50 songs about poker (I actually searched this putting together a playlist for poker night).

Home: Man caves, poker table write-ups, poker chair ideas, etc.

Wellness: How meditation can help you win at poker.

Food: 20 must-serve foods and snacks for poker night | The best wings recipe for poker night.

Tech: Best poker apps | Best poker websites.

Are these the best topics in the world?

Probably not, but they can be fun if you’re into poker or need something to write about.

Also, poker is gambling which is one of those topics some advertisers don’t take too kindly to. I use it merely for illustrative purposes, not as a suggested topic.

Besides, the concrete examples above are not the main point of the “pull a topic out of a hat” exercise.

The main point is to learn ways to come up with topic ideas when forced to within strict parameters.

It helps you get creative.

If you can do it with some random topic, you can do it with more relevant topics.

You begin to see how interconnected topics can be across niches. How one topic can be framed for a different audience.

And remember, write for an audience and optimize for a search engine. Not the other way around.

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