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My Wildly Unrealistic Blogging Expectations

This week I launched my first batch of Google Web Stories.

It’s a Google product so I figure it’s worth giving a try.

The problem is Google does a ton of experimenting so you never know if something they launch will stick or disappear.

Remember Google Plus? That was one pathetic attempt at launching some kind of social platform. Yet, so many of us played along getting zero results for years. We hung in there believing Google would make it work. Ultimately, Google ditched the entire platform.

Ever hear of AMP? Yes, AMP is still around but thankfully only a very small percentage of sites use it. It’s a horrible platform for publishers.

I don’t blame Google for testing and trying. They dominate because they try new things.

Google Web Stories is yet another experimental offering. It’s in beta now. Google makes no promises.

Nevertheless, since I’m also a tinkerer, I’m willing to gamble some of my time on trying them out.

Since I’m a “glass is half full” type of guy, I have wildly unrealistic expectations.

As I write this email, I’m expecting 10,000 visits to my measly 5 published Google Web Stories.

I also expect 10,000 visits each and every day. Haha.

I’m totally dreaming but I can’t help myself.

This is how I operate.

I do the same with every video I launch, course launch, pin, etc. Despite rarely having a home run in this biz, I still naively believe everything I touch will turn to gold.

Why do I remain so naively optimistic?

Because I’ve had some moderate success.

My unrealistic brain fools me by telling me that my success was the result of overnight efforts.

But it’s not. The logical me understands this.

Most of my moderate success is the result of suiting up and showing up 5 days per week for years on end.

No single day effort ever did much.

But 1,000 days of effort has achieved quite a bit.

I remember creating my very first affiliate link.

I thought that sucker would earn me tens of thousands of dollars.

Sadly, it wouldn’t earn anything for close to 18 months. When it did earn, it was a grand total of $9.95.

I wasn’t dejected though.

I kept going.

And so this week I spent hours of my time publishing Google Web Stories just to satisfy my curiosity. What if it hits big?

I play Texas Hold ‘Em poker the same way.

I just have to stay in the game until the last card is dealt. Every card dealt costs me. Good players have systems and fold based on those systems and odds.

Not me. I stay in until the bitter end because what if? What if such and such card shows up?

Google Web Stories is that hopeful card.

I know for many people starting out, the next ten blog posts are that hopeful card.

Remain optimistic but the reality is this business takes time. Home runs are rare. Don’t count on them.

Instead, count on getting results SLOWLY over time with consistent output.

Stay tuned. I’ll give my Google Web Stories a week or two to ferment in the Google barrel and report back.

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  1. I just heard about the Google Stories WordPress plugin from the guys over at Income School. I’m very curious if this is going to be like schema on steroids. haha Glad to hear you’re checking it out!


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