How I Got Backlinks from 84 Domains to 1 Curated Article

Curated content article

The best part about this type of content is it’s pretty easy to produce and can easily be outsourced.

What type of content am I talking about?

It’s curated content.

Not only do I have one piece of curated content that has attracted links from 84 different domains (without outreach or any promotion), it is the 5th highest visited article on my niche site (thousands of monthly visitors).  So the links work.

It also does exceptionally well on Pinterest.

I want to tell you about this because anyone can produce this type of content.

You probably are familiar with this type of article.  You’ve no doubt visited many sites with this content.

I’m just confirming they can work really, really well if you do it right.

Backlink screenshots:

Ahrefs report showing 84 referring domains to one curated article

backlink growth to one piece of curated content

What is it?

It’s a list of 101 tips relevant to my niche.

Each tip is garnered from 101 other sites and includes an image from each site.

I link out to each site with a source link.

This article has attracted links from 76 other websites, most of which are dofollow (with no outreach or guest posting).

Think about that.  A curated piece of content is link-worthy.

When I published it a couple of years ago, I expected it would do well on social media, but never did I think it would attract links and do well with organic search.

I target a good keyword which helps.

BUT, not every piece of curated content knocks it out of the park.  It’s hit or miss, but when it hits, it’s awesome.  This makes it worth doing.  Besides, they often do well on social media.

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Why did this one do so well?

1.  “101” Tips: I can only speculate, but the fact it’s huge helps.  101 tips is long.  The number “101” pops.  While curated, it was a lot of work.

2.  Unique content: Another thing I did was I wrote a unique write up for each listing.  I didn’t copy and paste from the source sites.  I put my own spin on it and then linked out.

3. Targeted a great keyword:  I didn’t do much keyword research back then (focusing on social), but by happenstance I targeted a killer keyword.  I strongly recommend that you target killer keywords.  Do the keyword research.  I have other curated articles that don’t target great keywords and they aren’t as successful.

4.  Quality: I focused on quality tips. My VA combed through hundreds of tips and sites to find 101 worthy tips to include.  In other words, I didn’t settle on the first 101 I found.

5. Pinterest: Finally, and I think this is the biggest reason it attracted many links, and that is it got good traction on Pinterest.  The result is the article got solid exposure with other websites and they linked to it.  Search traffic quickly followed.

In fact, it was profiled as an example of excellent curated content by a very well known internet marketer.  He doesn’t know me and if he does, I doubt he knows I own that niche site.  I never brought it to his attention, but I appreciated his link.

DIY or Outsource

This type of content can be outsourced for very low cost.  Hire a Filipino VA to do all the research, contacting site owners for permission to use images (if you need the images) and do all the formatting.  You jump in and do the brief write-ups or hire a writing service to do the write-ups.

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  1. Hi Jon, I came across your site while learning about building niche sites. I’m loving the great suggestions on creating content! Am looking out for the reopening of your niche course too. Cheers!

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