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It’s not fair

There’s so much in this business that’s not fair.

Sites with more authority and traffic rank new content faster. They also rank easier for higher traffic keywords.

When starting out, how are you supposed to rank if you don’t have authority?

It’s not fair.

Sites with more traffic have access to higher earning ad networks like AdThrive, Mediavine and Playbuzz.

How are lower-earning sites that are up against higher authority sites to get more traffic to qualify for better-paying ads?

It’s not fair.

Ad networks probably give better customer service to their higher-earning publishers.

It’s not fair.

Publishers earning tens or hundreds of thousands per month have the money to push out even more content and rank for more keywords than someone starting out.

It’s not fair.

Affiliate networks, at least the good ones, are prone to only approve publishers who have a proven sales track record.

How are new publishers to generate sales when not given a chance to generate sales?

It’s not fair.

Sites with tons of traffic have a far easier time getting permission from other publishers for using assets like images.

Big publishers typically get much higher quality guest post contributions written by experts which amounts to free high-quality content.

It’s still not fair.

These are just a few of the hurdles new niche site publishers face.

It’s daunting.

It’s frustrating.

But they aren’t insurmountable.

For example, when I started out and I sought permissions for images, I had maybe a 10% success rate.

Now my success rate is 50% or higher.

How do you tackle these barriers?

I’m sure there are many avenues but I did so (and do so with new sites) by doing the following:

  • Seek out obscure keywords and topics the bigger, established sites don’t cover directly. I pretty much ignore monthly search volume. If it’s an actual search term, I go after it. I don’t care if the KW research tool says 10 searches per month.
  • Publish killer content for those keywords.
  • Interlink related content on my site.
  • Exercise extreme patience. Results take 12 to 24 months.
  • Rinse and repeat to the extreme – as in crank out content like crazy.​

Succeed breeds success

As your traffic grows to epic levels, doors open up. Walls crumble. Red carpets roll out.

All the highest-paying ad networks want your site. Not only that, but they will also onboard your small sites increasing their value instantly. All my sites, big and small, are with AdThrive now.

Google ranks some or much of your content fast.

Experts in your niche beg you to publish their outstanding articles.

You have a growing content budget so you rank for more and more keywords.

Google ranks even more keywords.

More doors open.

You’ve crested the proverbial hill.

Can new sites still grow like this?

Two days ago I received an email from a Fat Stacks reader responding to a recent email I sent. I love these emails from readers Here’s what he said:

It reminded me of this email I sent you all those years ago [in 2016] and made me chuckle seeing that I hadn’t generated an ad click yet.

I’m nowhere near your level but I’m full-time now and comfortably doing five figures per month in profit and growing. A big part of that is down to you—you were my first real inspiration to get into this game.

Just wanted to say thanks!

In 4 years this reader went from zero ad revenue to generating five figures per month.

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