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How to turn 12 words Into an amazing article

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If you want to amp up your content game, you need good content ideas.

I’m not talking about winding up your favorite keyword research tool for some spoon-fed topics.  While you definitely want to do this for much of your content, there are other avenues for content inspiration.

One of my favorites is digging up statistics for inspiration.

One interesting stat can be the foundation for a great article.

Here’s an example (12 words).

“Nike sold $10.05 BILLION worth of footwear in North America in 2018”

So what? you say.

It’s actually an interesting number when you consider the following:

$10 BILLION is approx. 50 million pairs of shoes with an average price of $200.

With 579 million people in North America, that’s one pair of Nike shoes for every 10 people.

In other words, 1 in 10 people bought a pair of Nike shoes in North America in 2018.

It’s probably 1 in 30 where the people that bought Nike shoes bought multiple pairs, but the number is impressive enough.

Now that I’ve extracted a series of interesting points from a single stat, it’s time to turn this into a full-blown article.

I realize most of you aren’t in the footwear niche.  That’s the point actually.

Coming up with great article ideas requires learning how to take pretty much any topic and applying it to your niche.

Here are some ideas for a variety of niches:

Entertainment niches:  Did you know Disney earned $11 BILLION in NET PROFIT in 2018.  That’s more in PROFITS than all of Nike’s North American shoe revenue (revenue is gross sales while profit is what’s left over after all expenses – it’s an important difference).

You could explore other comparisons of how Disney’s insane profits measure up to other companies.  Or, you could explore Nike footwear product placement in movies.  Product placement is a fascinating advertising strategy.

Travel:  Nike’s $10 BILLION in footwear sales is more than many countries’ GDP.  For example, Somalia’s GDP is $8.21 billion.  Somalia is one of many countries with a GDP less than $10 billion.

Pets:  Dog walking shoes article.  Insane? Maybe, but it’s a thing. Nike has such a shoe.  Talk about a fairly easy product listicle that you could have a lot of fun with – “10 best dog walking shoes for men.”  It could be written in a way of kind of poking fun but offering serious options as well.

It’s kind of ridiculous because any shoe suitable for walking is a dog walking shoe, but why not drill it down and have a bit of fun with it?

While not entirely related to the Nike revenue statistic, I wouldn’t have come up with the dog walking shoe idea had it not been for the Nike revenue stat.

Sports or wealth niches:  Get this doozy.  Michael Jordan earned $130 million from his Nike shoe line in 2018.  That’s his financial haul which amounts to 1.3% of Nike’s North American footwear revenue.  No other athlete comes close to MJ’s footwear earnings and the reason for that is MJ earns a % of his shoe line revenue.

In 15 minutes I came up with the above article ideas stemming from one stat.  And I’m not in any of those niches so I’m not all that familiar with them.

When you combine fun stats with your own experiences, expertise and opinions, you can craft a great article.  Or, come up with listicle content.  I know listicles get a bad rap, but they really are popular and can do well in search.

Here’s another interesting statistic:

Did you know there are 3X the number of beef cows to dairy cows in the United States?  I didn’t know that.

Specifically, in 2017 there were 31.2 million beef cows and 9.3 million dairy cows.

This could be fodder for many niches. Consider:

Food niche:  Write about milk production which could be derived from the number of dairy cows.  The average cow produces 8 gallons of milk per day which is 2,920 gallons per year.  That’s a ton of milk produced each year.

Travel:  Talk about where all the beef and dairy cows are.  You could write about touring cattle ranches and/or big dairy farms.  Farm touring is kinda popular.  We take our kids to fun pumpkin patches, berry farms, etc.

Leather products (clothing, upholstery, tool-belts – anything with leather) could be discussed in connection with the cattle industry.

Environmental:  You could discuss environmental impact of cows.

Finance:  Plenty of agri-business topics stem from the cattle and dairy industries.

The list goes on.

If you struggle to turn interesting stats into full articles, surely you can find ways to incorporate them into articles on related topics.

Be different

Coming up with unique concepts for content gives your site a unique angle and freshness. Being different yet serving your readers will help you stand apart and hopefully in time, establish itself as a favorite in your niche.

Should this be your sole content approach?

No.  It’s just another idea to improve content or form the foundation for entire articles.  Over time, what I’ve found helpful, is to develop a variety of article types that work for your site.  This could be one-such type that you integrate into your content cycle.

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