My favorite way to speed up traffic to a new niche site (focus on the data)

At the end of a recent poker night, I was down to $12 for the last hand.

Just to make it interesting, I put it all in blind.

I didn’t bother looking at my hand. It was a blind bet just for fun.

The others still in the game matched me plus bet more against one another.

Once all the cards were laid and bets made, it was reveal time.

Lo and behold, I won.

After losing more than winning throughout the night, I won my biggest pot on that last hand. I bet blind. Go figure.

New niche sites are like betting blind.

You have no idea what will work.

I’ve been at this blogging gig for several years and still don’t know how a new site is going to shape up or what sub-topics will work.

More often than not I’m surprised.

For example, what is now a decent earner at $2K per month had some big wins on a sub-topic that I didn’t think would work.

I didn’t come up with the topic either.

A friend did.

The one topic he suggested resulted in 50 articles.

Several of them rank well to this day.

They’re fairly commercial, which is why I didn’t think they’d do all that great. They earn a couple hundred per month on Amazon plus decent ad revenue.

That entire series was a pleasant surprise.

I had no intention of ever doing it.

But I did do it.

And it worked out great.

Those 50 articles kickstarted that site into becoming a nice earner.

What does this mean for you?

It means when starting out you need to try out many different topics to get the lay of the land.

After a few months, check which articles are out-performing the others.

Don’t expect 250K visitors.

What you want to see is one or two topics vastly outperforming other topics.

That’s your signal to go all in.

No more blind betting.

Bet the farm on those one or two topics. Carpet bomb them covering every angle you can. Focus on low competition keywords but tying them all together with a pillar article. If the pillar targets a more competitive keyword that’s okay.

The odds are in your favor.

I don’t expect perfect odds.

I just want better than even.

And that’s yet another reason this publishing racket is so great. Getting rock-solid data is easy. You just need to publish a bunch of content across several topics and then wait for results.

You don’t have to interview people, or sell anything or do any physical exercise to collect data. You just have to sit and wait for the data to roll in.

Once you have the data that reveals a winning topic or two, it’s best to target as many low competition keywords within the topic as possible.

Don’t forget to interlink them.

Then what?

Do it again.

Maybe after more time has passed you notice another topic doing well.

If that’s the case, you know what to do.

If not, do another round of blind betting. Push out content on some new topics.

You can simultaneously flesh out your winning topic(s).

Just keep on publishing.

Gather more data.

Get the odds in your favor.

Bet the farm.


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