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Why I Don’t Check Google Analytics Often

I’m HUGE smartwatch fan. So much so I have a website dedicated to them. I’ll expand into other smart gadgets, but for now, it’s pretty much all smartwatches.

I know some of you are now thinking “if Jon is doing a smartwatch site, it must be a great niche.”

Or maybe you have a low opinion of me and my approach in this blogging biz and take this as a niche to avoid.

Regardless, hold your horses before registering that smartwatch domain.

It’s a great niche for me because I love these gadgets.

That’s the only reason it’s a good niche. When I was a kid I had a calculator watch. I loved that thing. I also really wanted a video game watch I saw in the Sears catalog (that ages me, doesn’t it). I never got that watch so I make up for it now buying dozens of smartwatches haha.

I’ve long been fascinated by watches that can do things other than telling time.

FYI, it’s an insanely competitive niche. Objectively, it’s a terrible niche. All the big tech sites write about smartwatches. Major publications as well. Everyone and their dog writes about the beloved Apple watch.

I will likely never rank for “Smartwatch X Review”. I don’t care.

While there are some decent long tails, this site is a very long term project for me. I’m still in the red after a couple of years. I expect it will pay off big but it will take a few more years.

In order to produce good content you need to buy the watches. I do. They run from $200 to $2,000. I’ve bought dozens of them. I do so, because I like them; I guess I fall into the smartwatch collector category.

The traffic I do get doesn’t generate all that much affiliate commissions. In fact, the affiliate revenue is disappointing. I earn mostly from ads.

Still I soldier on out of passion for this tech.

Still want to jump into this niche? Go for it.

What do I like about smartwatches?

I can’t put my finger on it, but having all kinds of capabilities at my fingertips is something I find fascinating.

The text and email notifications are brilliant. Saves me from checking my phone. I know at a glance what’s important and what’s not.

But my favorite feature is the heart rate reporting feature.

I like tracking my heart rate throughout the day. I’m not a health nut, but I think the data is interesting.

When I play video games, my heart rate drops to its lowest point. It’s very relaxing. I play 15 to 20 minutes per day after work. It’s a relaxing winddown for me.

When writing and doing all this blogging business, my heartrate is reasonably low.

When I blast out 5 sets of squats or power cleans or do sprints my heart rate shoots off the chart.

Fascinating stuff, right?

Heart rate is an indicator of stress which is why I like seeing a long, steady low heart rate line when working.

Spikes aren’t good. Spikes while sitting/working is stress.

I actually seek out to avoid stress working in this biz.


The best way to avoid frequent stressors is to avoid checking traffic and revenue numbers constantly.

I check Analytics 3 times per week just to make sure sites are on track. Sometimes more if I need screenshots for Fat Stacks or I need to look for content opportunities.

I’ve heard accounts of people checking stats 10+ times per day. Specifically, they check the real-time traffic levels and compare it to same hour the week before. Fortunately, I don’t even know where to find this feature in Analytics. I have no interest.

That’s 10 potential instances of inducing stress.

Every time traffic is down a smidgen, they get stressed.

Same with revenue numbers.

I avoid these stressors as much as I can. The simplest way to do so is to not check the numbers all that often.

Maybe I’m taking the ostrich head in the sand approach.

But it serves me well.

I had no idea the recent Google glitch occurred until I read about it. I avoided a big dose of cortisol there.

My traffic goes up and down. Some days it a tad lower than the same day week before. Some days higher.

In the long run, these fluctuations are meaningless, but in the moment, they are stressful because you start thinking your traffic is at the start of a downward plunge.

Those are bad, cortisol-inducing thoughts.

I don’t like that.

I avoid that.

They disrupt my zen-like workflow.

I prefer laser-like focus on publishing tons of content. I love publishing tons of great content targeting low comp KWs. My course bundle tells you everything you need to know about building up quality niche sites from scratch getting traffic without link building and so much more.

If there are big problems, often Search Console will alert me or I’ll spot something awry on one of my scheduled “Analytics and Revenue” checks.

In between, I prefer a low, steady heart rate.

I do that by staying ignorant.



P.S. Here’s a challenge for you: Jot down during your day how many times you check Analytics and revenue reports. If you’re a traffic and revenue checking junky you’ll be amazed at how often you check.

P.P.S. What’s my favorite smartwatch? I hate to say it but it’s the Apple 5 Smartwatch. The Garmin Fenix 6 is awesome especially for outdoor adventuring types, but Apple really knocked it out of the park with the watch.

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