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Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Review (Start Your Engines!)

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For the first time in a long time, I’m speechless (wordless) for an article intro.  I can usually come up with something mildly interesting, but for this write-up I’m still reeling over the improvements Ezoic’s site speed tool made to all my sites over the last 72 hours.

I was going to publish this sooner, but I wanted to monitor things for a bit to make sure all was well.  This is a technical tool which you know… can have glitches.

Since I’m speechless, here’s the overview and results.  Please read the FAQ below as well as I set out quite a bit of detail in it.

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What is Ezoic’s Site Speed Accelerator and What Does it Do?

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator

Site Speed Accelerator is the latest tech offering from Ezoic.  With this technology, Ezoic is becoming a tech platform for websites, which is very interesting.  Ezoic is definitely carving out a unique place for itself in the world of website performance and monetization.

Specifically, it’s a tool designed solely to speed up websites and dramatically improve Site Speed Insights score.

My Site Speed results

I had heard mumblings about this tool a bit ago.  I thought nothing of it.  When recently launched, the kind folks at Ezoic nudged me to give it a shot.  I had nothing to lose so I said sure.

They were so confident it would improve display speed for all my sites, they actually took the time to get Site Speed Insight Score screenshots of all my sites before we flipped the Site Speed on.

After it was deployed, the same kind folks at Ezoic took screenshots of the same pages on all sites for both desktop and mobile.

They then sent me the results.

I took a gander.

The improvements were nothing short of spectacular.  Every site score improved many times over.  I have big, resource-heavy sites and the scores moved into the high 70’s and some well into the 90’s.

I dropped everything and loaded in some other pages from my bigger sites into Site Speed Insights (lots of images and ads).  BOOM! results were just as good.  While I didn’t score high 90’s my scores were well within the very respectable range for any site.  I daresay they were incredible for extremely image and ad heavy sites.

Before and after Site Speed Insight score screenshots:

Below are several before and after scores for some pages on Fatstacks.  I enjoyed similar improvements for all my niche sites.

Also, I thought Fatstacks loaded reasonably fast. I was wrong.  Now it does.

Blog Post #1

Before Ezoic Site Speed (Mobile)

Website Site Speed Insights Score without Ezoic Site Speed

With Ezoic Site Speed (Mobile)

Website Site Speed Insights Score with Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Turned On

Blog Post #2:

Before Site Speed (Mobile):

Another website Site Speed Insights score without Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator

With Ezoic Site Speed:

Web page Site Speed Insights score with Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Turned On

Niche Site Example (Monster post with 51 images)

Check this out.  Here’s a mobile score for a post on one of my niche sites with a whopping 51 images spanning 3,800 words.  These types of posts are notorious for having terrible site speed scores.  While it’s not in the 90’s, I can tell you from experience that 79 on mobile is incredible.

Site Speed Insights score for mobile for huge image-heavy article using Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator

=> Try Ezoic Site Speed here

My other sites experienced similar improvements.  Also, desktop improved quite a bit as well, but it’s mobile that usually needs the most help.


Were there any tech hiccups with this software?

I deployed this in Beta so there were some hiccups, primarily dealing with the script delay feature.  For example, my OptinMonster opt in forms didn’t display on Fatstacks for a day.  I told Ezoic about this and they fixed it quickly.

There are endless scripts to account for and while Ezoic accounted for many, there are no doubt various scripts out there that they haven’t taken into account and so you’ll need to tell them about it.

If you notice any script-based feature on your site not loading, just tell them and they’ll make the necessary adjustments (they did for me).

IMPORTANT:  Once you turn Site Speed on, check out your site on the Web on both desktop AND mobile, especially pages with any unique scripts such as embeds or others to ensure they’re loading properly.

TIP:  When you go and deploy Site Speed, you need to realize this is a very technical tool.  It’s similar to changing web hosting.  Every time I’ve switched web hosting, there are a number of tweaks and issues that crop up.  It’s a process, but in the long run worth it.

This Site Speed tool is comprehensive and very technical so there may be hiccups as a result of the script delay feature.  Initially, I was annoyed about the issues, but once I realized that I was dealing with quite the technical tool, I accepted that it would take a bit of tweaking to get it just right.  I’m glad I settled down because after a day or two, it’s humming very smoothly.  I’ll continue to monitor it closely for a week, but the speed improvements make the effort worth it.

I suspect that over time, deployment will get smoother.  The trouble with website tech is the software providers get their best testing from live sites so early adopters help iron out the kinks.

At the time of this writing, I’ve had Site Speed activated for 72 hours and everything is working smoothly.  There were some adjustments needed, but they were handled quickly.

Is it easy to turn on and set up?

Yes.  It’s very simple.  You can have it up and running in minutes if you have an Ezoic account.  If you need to set up Ezoic, there is a little more legwork, but overall it’s not difficult.

Is Ezoic Site Speed a Plugin?

No. It’s cloud-based operated inside your Ezoic account.  I’ve used website speed optimizers in the past and this is just as easy, if not easier to set up and turn on.  I STRONGLY urge you to ask Ezoic support to review your set up if you have any doubts.  I worked with support quite a bit to ensure everything was running smoothly.

In fact, Site Speed will not work with Ezoic’s plugin integration.  You need to use Ezoic’s Cloudflare integration (which is better IMO).

Can you exclude URLs from deploying Site Speed?

Yes, you can.  In fact, if you have any pages that run a particular script that you don’t want delayed, it may be worth adding these URLs to the exclusion list.  I have a handful of such URLs that I’ve added (special landers with iFrames, etc.).

Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: open your live Site Speed version:

Ezoic Site Speed Panel

Step 2: Input URLs that you wish excluded

Ezoic Site Speed URL Exclusion panel

Do social media embedded posts work with Ezoic Site Speed?

Yes, they do.  I have one website using Site Speed with Instagram posts embedded and it works well.  Please note I have not tested with other social media embeds.

Do you have to use Ezoic’s display ads in order to use Site Speed?

No.  This is a stand-alone product offering from Ezoic that any site can use whether you monetize with them or not.

Does Site Speed cost money?

You get a free trial, but yes, it will cost money at some point.  They’re still hammering out the pricing so I can’t tell you how much it’ll cost.  I would if I could, but I can’t so I won’t.

Can Site Speed be used on sites that use ads from other ad networks?

Yes.  I’m darn happy Ezoic isn’t restricting this to sites that only monetize with Ezoic.

Can you keep Cloudflare with Ezoic’s Site Speed?

Yes, you can. I use both Cloudflare and Ezoic Site Speed.

How do you connect Site Speed to your website?

You need to connect via Cloudflare.  Sounds hard, but it’s not. You simply turn on the Cloudflare app inside Ezoic, insert your Cloudflare credentials and Ezoic takes care of the rest.  It’s easy (even I was able to turn it on).

After that, you turn on and set the dials you want to use for Site Speed.  I turned everything on except for resizing images.  I didn’t want my images messed up.  I’m not saying images will get messed up, but that’s something I’m particular about, especially on my visual sites with tens of thousands of images.

That’s all there is to it.

Is Fatstacksblog.com using Ezoic’s Site Speed?

Yes, I use Ezoic’s Site Speed on this site and the speed improved dramatically.  Other than Ezoic banner ads on this site (hardcoded) I don’t use display ads from Ezoic’s network.  In other words, I don’t earn any display ad revenue on this site yet I’m able to use it here.  Eventually I’ll have to pay but I’m willing to pay for speed improvements.

Should you turn “Delay Ads” off?

My initial reaction was to turn it off.  However, Ezoic told me to turn it on because it improves ad revenue while improving Site Speed score.  I’ve read that some people prefer it turned off.  It’s an option.  I decided to simply heed Ezoic’s advice with the entire set up so I have the delay ads feature turned on.

Here’s a screenshot where you can turn ad delay on or off:

Ad Delay toggle in Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator

How quickly does Site Speed Score improve?

It’s almost instantaneous.  Impressive really.

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Overall Ratings
  • Effectiveness (Does it actually speed up sites?)
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Support
  • Overall Value (is it worth it?)


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