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Do you want to publish 1 million words of content? 5 million?

What if you were told that it was a sure thing that if you published 1,000 really good articles totaling 1.7 million words that you’d be earning $10,000 per month?

Please note that I’m not saying that this is a sure thing.

I’m putting it out there as a hypothetical. Lawyers love hypotheticals because it absolves them of any wrongdoing.

What would you do? What‘s your reaction?

To put 1.7 million words into perspective that’s equivalent to 17 novels.

Okay, that’s a weak comparison because it’s far easier to write non-fiction than fiction but you get the idea volume-wise.

People respond to this hypothetical in one of two ways.

Some folks get super excited thinking “dang, I can do that. I can write 1.7 million words. Once I do it, I’ll be on easy street.” They buckle down and write their brains out for 4 years.

Other folks have the opposite reaction.

1.7 million words? Are you nuts. There’s no amount of money worth that. There are a million better ways to make a buck.

Both responses are reasonable.

I understand both responses.

I fall into the first camp which explains why I’m still doing this.

In fact, I suspect I personally have written over 5 million words, but I lost track a few million ago.

I’m not kidding.

Before I outsourced content, I was a writing machine. I’d write 4,000+ every day. Often 6 days per week.

3,000 words x 200 days per year = 600,000 words per year x 9 years = 5.4 million.

I might be off by a million or so, but I can assure it’s a lot of words.

I never set out to write 5 million words.

Early on I didn’t measure this line of work by the number of words published.

In some ways, I wish I had. It may have clarified the path for me.

My strategy boils down to content, pure and simple.

Good content and as much of it as possible. I focus on it like a laser.

It works for me.

But, it’s not the only way.

I’m not a “my way or the highway” type of person.

There are many ways to succeed with content publishing.

Another method is to publish less content and promote like crazy hoping to rank for big keywords that pay.

Examples include “how to lose weight fast” or “best travel credit card”.

“Best travel credit card” is searched 56,000 times per month with a CPC of $18. If you ranked #1 for that keyword, you’d be financially set within a year unless you enter a spending contest with Biebs.

Making $10,000 per month by ranking for one keyword… the right keyword, of course, is very doable. Many keywords will earn you far more than that.

I’m not kidding.

Pre Google Penguin I earned $10,000 per month from essentially two keywords.

And they were moderately lucrative keywords.

I call it Rank and Bank.

It’s a viable strategy.

Instead of being a writing machine, you need to be a backlink acquisition machine.

Your day is different. Not worse. Not better. Just different.

How else can you get to $10,000 per month?

If you’re good at selling and have solid SEO skills, you can build up an agency to $10K per month pretty fast. I suck at selling so it’s not for me.

If you’re an ace at buying ads (Google and/or Facebook), the potential is limitless. You need just one good offer. Once it’s profitable, dial up the ad spend.

Notice a pattern?

The path to $10K per month and beyond boils down to honing one skill. If you can hone one skill, you can build up a great online business.

It takes time to hone a skill and then time to execute.

Nothing happens overnight.

But aside from buying ads, you can start with almost no money.

What‘s your one skill?

If you don’t know, figure it out and be maniacal about execution.

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