CASE STUDY: 0 to 1.1 Million Monthly Page Views and $45,000+ Monthly Profit in 8 Months

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If you’re new to my blog, this is definitely the “Get Started” page to check out.

This is where I provide links to key FAT Stacks posts that step you through what I did and do to build a niche website (home and garden niche) generating more than $40,000 monthly profits in less than 8 months.  FYI – that $40K profit is from display ads and affiliate promotions.  I don’t sell products. Read my first 8 income reports here.

I started this niche site in February 2014. Currently it generates more than $40,000 in monthly profit. It’s worth more than $1 million dollars. It’s growing like crazy every month.

I hope my blog helps you with building a popular and profitable niche magazine site. Enjoy!

FYI – this is a work in progress.  I’ll be adding more links to key posts over time.  Sign up to our newsletter for updates via email.

1.  WordPress Theme Used to Earn $40,000+ Profits Per Month with Display Ads

A big part of my earning a decent revenue with display ads is the WordPress theme I use.  It’s definitely a unique theme.  I reveal which theme I use here as well explain the subtleties as to what makes the theme so great for display ad revenue.

Click here to learn which WordPress theme I use.

2.  Winning Content Strategy that Generated Over 0,000 in Profits During the First 7 Months of a New Niche Website

My most profitable type of content is valuable, entertaining, shared frequently and works very well with display ads and/or affiliate promotions.

My niche site generates the lion’s share of revenue from this content format.

Click here to learn all about this winning content strategy.

3.  Video Tutorials Revealing How Install WordPress and Set Up My Niche Blogs (6 Videos)

This post is a series of 6 videos that step you through exactly how I set up my niche blogs with WordPress.  Every step is shown including how to register a domain name, install WordPress, how to install my preferred theme and the plugins I use.

Click here to watch these video tutorials.

4.  4 Criteria I Follow for Choosing a Niche for “BIG Traffic, BIG Profit” B2C Niche Blogs

Choosing a niche can be extremely frustrating.  However, if you follow a particular blogging model for traffic and monetization, it makes it easier.

Click here to learn how I go about choosing a niche for my large, big traffic B2C niche blogs.

5.  How I Get an Additional 20,869 Page Views Per Month (for FREE) with 2 Minutes of Work

This gem of an article quickly reveals a free piece of software I use that generated an additional 20,869 page views per month.  I also reveal exactly how I configure it.

Click here to learn how I increased my monthly page views so quickly.

6.  How I Added $6,281 Monthly Revenue By Adding Display Ads to Category Archive Pages

If you use display ads, you must consider adding ads on category archive pages.  These pages can attract a lot of page views and generate a lot of revenue.  One of my niche blogs generated $6,281 in 30 days from ads on my most popular category archive pages.

Click here to learn more.

7.  7 Tactics I Use to Drive Huge Traffic (293,522 Page Views in 5 Months) to Category Archive Pages

Discover 7 on-site tactics I use to funnel a lot of website visitors to my well-earning category archive pages for more revenue and more page views.

Click here to read this post.

8.  How I Got 102,509 YouTube Views for Free (Plus How Make these Videos in 10 Minutes)

This post reveals my YouTube video strategy for my niche site.  In addition to plenty of views, I’ve generated over 5,800 clicks to my niche site (free traffic) and generate over $70 per month in YouTube Adsense.

Click here to read my niche YouTube marketing strategy.

9.  How I Get an Additional 600 to 800 Social Shares PER DAY

This post profiles a free plugin I use that is the best social sharing tool I’ve ever installed on a website.  I strongly recommend it.

Click here to learn how I get 600-800 additional shares per day.

10. 125,000 Organic Google Search Visits Per Month without Building a Single Backlink (in Under 1 Year)

Here’s a great article (with screenshot proof) of how I got to more than 100,000 Google organic search engine visits per month within 8 months of launching a new niche website.

Click here to learn how I did this.

11. Ads Can Generate a Lot of Revenue (In Addition to Adsense) 

I earn $400+ per day from ads.  It’s a great earner for my niche sites.  I recommend you use them in addition to Adsense if you’re going the display ad route.

Click here to learn more about ads.

12.  Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin Ads $4,011 Per Month to My Bottom Line

This is a terrific free plugin that every WordPress website publisher should use – whether building a list, doing affiliate marketing or earning from display ads.  See how this simple plugin earned me $4,011 in 30 days (and does so month after month after month).

Click here to learn more about this free plugin.

13.  The Social-SEO Hybrid Blogging Method

Learn the importance of publishing content that attracts both Social and SEO traffic. More importantly, learn the key differences between social and SEO traffic.

I strongly recommend harnessing the power of traffic from social media and SEO.

Click here to learn more.

14.  1,835 Adsense Earnings with ONLY 10 Blog Posts in 8 Months – 9 StepsHere’s a great post explaining how you can make a great deal of money with only a few blog posts.  The post includes proof of revenue earned from only 10 blog posts.

Click here to learn how it doesn’t take many blog posts to generate a decent revenue.

15.  How to Get 1 Million Monthly Page Views – 10 Weekly Tasks

If you like big-traffic websites and would like to hit 1 million monthly page views, read my detailed article setting out my 10 weekly “traffic-getting” tasks.

Click here to read this article.

16.  How to Make $10,000 Per Month Online (As FAST as Possible)

This is an extensive article outlining several online models I’ve used to earn $10,000 per month online.  I then explain the model that’s worked the fastest for me (i.e. getting to $10K/month in 3 months with a new niche site).

Click here to learn how I got to $10,000 per month online very, very fast.

Resources I Use – Click here

4 thoughts on “CASE STUDY: 0 to 1.1 Million Monthly Page Views and $45,000+ Monthly Profit in 8 Months”

  1. Hi Jon
    I was still reading this post. It’s a fantastic post and really inspiring!. I have a question for you, as mention, you started the niche site in February 2014 and it was 2 years ago. Any thought in term of competition in 2016 and onward for someone to just started the niche site like parenting, health, nutrient, sports, etc. etc?

    BTW, keep up the great work!


    1. Hey Imer,

      The more competition the better. In 2014 the niche I jumped into was super competitive. There are full magazines and TV channels dedicated to it. I like big competition because that means there’s a huge audience.

      If you’re asking from an SEO perspective, I think a lot of competition is good too because there are soooooo many long tail keywords you can go after. The larger the audience, the more long tail keywords to get started with.

      1. Awesome Jon. Thanks for the respond. Yes, I’m asking from an SEO perspective and the reason I’m asking is because of I’ve planned to build an authority niche site. BTW, thanks for the advice.

  2. Great Post! I have been blogging for a year now and reaching around 6k pageviews per month. Your blog post is quite interesting and enlightening, i realize that i still miss something to be able to scale to bigger pageviews numbers. Would love it if you can come to visit my blog and leave a comment or feedback. Keep up the great work!

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