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13 of the Best Calendar WordPress Plugins

Add value to your site by using the best calendar WordPresss plugin that will create reminders for events, appointments, or bookings to ensure the best user experience.

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There are many plugins that have been designed to enhance your WordPress website. You can use them to develop a booking system with payments that can help with an eCommerce business. You can also use the calendar plugin to create reminders for an upcoming event, appointments or bookings, as well as to create a Google widget system. These can actually come in handy when you are looking to create an interactive site that visitors will follow regularly.

Here are the 13 best WordPress calendar plugins that you can install to improve the overall look of your website.

EventOn EventOn calendar plugin

The EventOn WordPress has amazing features, which is why it has become so popular. The design is minimal and clean, which allows you to have your site up and running in no time. The plugin is also designed for fully-optimized mobile use so that you don’t alienate your smartphone audience.

You can use featured images on your calendar to make it look more interesting and interactive. You can also add your own data fields so that it is customized according to your specific needs and WordPress website. The calendar is also integrated with Google Maps, so your visitors can easily follow the maps to attend any events that you have scheduled. The plugin will also generate a shortcode for you so that you can easily insert it into the website content page. You can also use calendar widgets to add to your content page.

You can also use custom colors for certain events like red for business, blue for marketing or green for workshops. You can also use images, maps, and icons to customize the events so that the calendar looks interesting and easy to use. EventOn also has many other unique options such as the slider add-on, which allows the calendar to pop up in an interesting way.

SUMO WooCommerce Bookings

SUMO WooCommerce Bookings plugin

SUMO WooCommerce Bookings is the best way to completely transform your plain website into a booking powerhouse. It is designed to take the normal calendar to the next level by turning it into a full-fledged booking powerhouse.

The plugin has the ability to integrate with Google Calendar so that your calendar is always updated. Your visitors will also be able to manage the bookings through the calendar on your WordPress site. The calendar will also configure bookings and reservations so that you never miss an appointment. There are options to set up booking detail notifications.


Bookly plugin

Bookly is a really interesting and incredible booking system that users can use to make their sites more interactive. You will be able to schedule and book anything through this WordPress calendar plugin. The plugin is designed to essentially to combine the benefits of a WordPress website and web application system. This ensures that the users get the efficiency and features of both.

The plugin is really well-designed which makes it really easy to use. It is also fully-responsive since it even supports gestures, which makes it really fun and interactive to use. You can also build forms through the plugin which can make it easier to collect feedback and extra details while making bookings or appointments.

The calendar also syncs up with the Google Calendar so that any new appointments and bookings are updated into your phone at once. The plugin will also integrate with WooCommerce, so will have plenty of features that you can use to enhance your site. The site also has email and SMS notifications so that you as well as your visitors are updated with upcoming events and bookings. Your visitors can also avail the several online payment gateways available on the plugin. This ensures that you can expand your website as an eCommerce platform.

Customers can send payment, book their appointments, and include personal information and details. They will also be able to cancel the appointments they have set up through the confirmation email system. You can also block out holidays and create different schedules for every staff member.

Bookly is also really useful due to the many customization options that can help you make it your own. It ensures that you have a way to serve customers well with its many features.

Calendarize it!Calendarize it! plugin

The Calendarize it! WordPress Plugin works with WPBakery Page Builder to enhance the overall look of your website and improve the user experience. You can also use it on your own but it is definitely more powerful with the page builder.

The plugin comes equipped with full features that make it easier to use and expand your website into something better. The design is very simple, so you won’t have a hard time choosing the plugin. It can also fit into any style or WordPress theme that you have used for your website.

Useful features of the plugin include the role of the user in events. You can use it to set up recurring events, single events, recurring events with exceptions and arbitrary recurring events.  You can also use shortcodes or widgets to insert the calendar into your content page. The plugin also has Custom Post Types support, which makes it easier to make your blog look even more interesting. There are also advanced filtering settings that allow you to comb through custom taxonomies.

You can customize it with date formats, as well as select any of the multiple languages so that you can target a larger audience. You can also set up detailed venue pages with Google Maps integration as well so that your visitors are more likely to come to your events.

WordPress Pro Event CalendarWordPress Pro Event Calendar plugin

WordPress Pro Event Calendar has certain features that set it apart from other plugins for calendars. You can use these advanced features to really set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. The plugin is fully responsive to the needs of the user and visitors. It is also well designed so that you can create the calendar efficiently.

The calendar plugin has WPML support and several flexible settings for events. You can also integrate Google Maps into the mix so that your visitors are aware of the details of the event. The visitors can also subscribe to the calendars in case they want to be notified about the incoming events. This will ensure that you always have interested visitors willing to attend your sessions. You can also customize the date ranges and fields to ensure that the calendar is always up to date.

The plugin is really different since you can easily import events from Facebook and ICS feeds. This makes it easier to keep the calendar updated, as well as ensure that visitors can always get more details about the events via such social media platforms. You can also enable the plugin to accept events from any front-end users so that they can easily add events to the calendar at their leisure.

Event Booking Pro

Event Booking Pro plugin

Event Booking Pro is the best option for people who want an event booking system that serves multiple purposes. The premium version is available for advanced users and has 500 amazing settings that they can use to take their website to a whole new level.

There are a lot of features that will come in handy for such users already but they also keep adding more every few months. This ensures that you are updated on every new trend and function. This allows you to keep your site above the rest of the competition by a huge margin. You can avail all the different settings from the handy AJAX control panel.

You can have unlimited events recorded on the calendar, which is great for an expanding website. People can even perform multiple bookings with you, which is great for photographers, counselors, therapists, live coaches, entertainers, and more. You can even receive and make booking offline, which makes it easier to expand your visitor base.

The plugin also integrates with coupons, CVS and PayPal. This ensures that you have paying customers who want to invest in the site, as well as attract more with special discounts on your products and services. You can also customize emails that are sent to the admin and booker. There is also no shortage of shortcodes that you can use to style and customize your calendar. This ensures that you can fit the calendar into your content according to the WordPress theme that you have selected.

Event Booking Pro is surely one of the best calendar WordPress plugins that you can install.

Timetable Responsive Schedule for WordPress

Timetable Responsive Schedule for WordPress plugin

The Timetable Responsive Schedule for WordPress is very unique since it offers different approaches and looks. It is especially designed for those users who want to stand out. You can create a timetable of events through this plugin, which can ensure your calendar is always up to date with lots of fun things.

You will need to use the Timetable shortcode generator for the WordPress event scheduler. You will be able to create timetable views for nightclubs, workshops, medical departments, staff responsibilities, tutoring, and so much more.

You will be able to add a new event through categories like time and date. You can also configure or adjust the appearance and design based on your personal preferences and tastes. You can pick out the right color and font, which will also allow you to match the WordPress theme you have set up. You can also generate a shortcode to place the calendar on your page or post. It also has a great widget lineup, which allows you to make your website stand out.

Booked: Appointment Booking for WordPressBooked: Appointment Booking for WordPress plugiin

Booked Appointment Booking for WordPress is a solid option for those users who deal with appointments and bookings like tutors, therapists, counselors, entertainers, photographers, wedding planners, bands, and more. If you are someone whose site is based on appointments, then Booked is defiantly the right plugin for you.

The plugin is friendly for mobile users, which is useful because that can expand your visitor base. The clean design makes it easier for visitors to use the plugin. You can also enable customer profile pages so that it will be easier to track them for appointments and bookings. You can also display multiple booking agents through separate assigned calendars, which can be great for websites that deal with things like ticketing.

The calendar will have custom fields and slots that you can use to organize it. You can also customize the emails to the admin and customers so that the process is more efficient. You can use widget and shortcode options to display the calendar on your content page.

WordPress Events Calendar Registration & Booking

WordPress Events Calendar Registration & Booking

The WordPress Events Calendar Registration & Booking Plugin has plenty of features to keep even the most advanced users satisfied. There are plenty of options that you will be able to find in the add-ons of the plugin. It has plenty of unique solutions to enhance user experience and make your website stand out.

You can generate a simple shortcode to display the calendar and customize it. There is a color picker which makes it easy to customize the calendar according to the WordPress theme you have set. The plugin also offers multilingual support, which can help you expand to a larger audience. You can also integrate the calendar with Google Maps so that people can follow directions to your events with ease. You can easily set up recurring events as well as incorporate coupons and tickets to expand your business.

The best feature of the plugin that many critics have regarded highly is the countdown timer that you can set for your events. This poses as a reminder for visitors as well as the developer. This plugin has been designed beautifully to help you out with the essentials.

BookiBooki plugin

Booki is one of the best WordPress calendar plugins that you can get. It is a full booking system that developers can use to improve their websites. There are many applications of the plugin that will definitely enhance your content. It has a very unique appointment management process that can make your whole eCommerce site more efficient and effective.

You can set up unlimited service providers and booking projects. This can help you increase your earnings through affiliate marketing programs, as well as provide more varied products and services to expand your visitor base. You can also add optional extras if you want to do bookings. Your visitors can also pay online through PayPal Express, which ensures that you can set up a good business site.

People will also be able to make offline payments, meaning that they can book offline and then pay later to confirm the order. The admin stats page is also updated regularly so that the developer can keep an eye how well the site is doing. It even presents the information in summaries so that it is easier for you to see how your site is growing.

The calendar will display the appointments and bookings that you have made. You can use inline, popup and a lot more to make your website more interactive. Booki is the best solution for you if you want to display multiple service providers and projects.

As for the calendar itself, it displays your booking and appointment calendar with a popup, inline, and more.

Team Booking: WordPress Booking SystemTeam Booking: WordPress Booking System plugin

The Team Booking was designed keeping in mind that the creators did not want to reinvent the wheel. They wanted to include a host of different options that will ensure that their users can set themselves apart from the others. The Team Booking website integrates Google Calendar and then enhances it using a bunch of different features.

It uses Google Calendar to check whether the schedule is free before assigning appointments. It allows you to book entire teams in such a way that it checks whether every member is free. You can also export or keep your data on the plugin, including any old bookings.

Visitors will be able to pay via PayPal and Stripe. You can also enable the appointment approval system to confirm bookings efficiently. You can also design customized forms for each type of booking to get all the information you need to approve and confirm the appointment. Other nice features include options to cancel and displaying other reservations.

WP Booking Calendar

WP Booking Calendar plugin

The WP Booking Calendar has a rich set of features that make it a great all-in-one solution. It provides a very straightforward and refreshing approach to calendar design and display. There is minimal configuration required to make your calendar display the best it can be.

You can easily set up unlimited calendars on your content pages. You can also set up available time slots, approvals, confirmation, and a lot more. The plugin also allows CSV export which can help you store data more carefully. You can use PayPal so that your visitors can pay for the bookings, reservations, and purchases easily.

The plugin helps you send confirmation emails so that you can ensure that no unconfirmed appointments take up space. Users will also be able to make multiple reservations if they need it. There are also unlimited duration and time slots that can be used. You can also set up a timeline of when users can make a booking and when they can’t.

Goo Calendar

Goo Calendar plugin

Goo Calendar is the best option for users who want a dynamic looking website. It allows you to build WordPress calendar for all sorts of pages and posts. Once the calendar is all set up and designed, you can publish it and run it through a simple shortcode. You can also display it through widgets as some users love that.

The plugin is a very straightforward and simple design which allows you to display a nice looking calendar onto your website without any issue.


WordPress websites are the most used by businesses and blogger throughout the world. Since 27% of all websites are made through WordPress, it can become difficult to stay different from the rest. You can use these plugins to give yourself an edge over the competition.

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