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How an AdSense Ad Balance Experiment Resulted in 7% Revenue Increase Displaying 25% Fewer Ads

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When I first saw the AdSense Balance ad feature, I wasn’t interested. I was focusing on the AdSense experiments where I can test ad color performance.

Once I figure out what ad colors work best, I read up on the Balance Ad feature.  I came around and decided to give it a shot. The worst that could happen is I lose a bit of revenue over a couple of days.  The best that could happen is I could increase revenue and user experience at the same.

And that’s what happened.  In fact, the results were impressive.

After 2 experiments, I reduced the number of AdSense ads on my site by 25% while increasing ad revenue by 7%.  Talk about a win/win.

Here’s what I did.

Step 1:  Loaded up all my sites with AdSense ads

Please note I did not load them up to violate AdSense TOS which states to not place ads so they take up more space than content.  I merely added ads every X number of paragraphs, but it was spaced out enough that even if I kept the configuration, my site would not be in violation.

I implemented all types of AdSense ads, including text, banner, link ads, in-article, Matched throughout my content.  I wanted AdSense to figure out which ones would perform best on each URL for every site.

Step 2:  Started Balance Ad Experiment #1

I didn’t start with baby steps.  My first experiment I set to show 65% of my ads.  I wanted to see what would happen.  The result was okay, but I wanted to test more to see if it could be improved.  I stuck with my original AdSense configuration to test a different percentage.

Here’s the result screen for the first experiment:

AdSense Balance Ads Experiment 1 Results

Step 3:  Started Balance Ad Experiment #2

For my second Experiment, I set it to display 75% of my ads.  After 4 days, enough impressions occurred for AdSense to declare a result.  The result was fantastic.  Revenue increased 7% showing 25% fewer ads.  My visitors are happy and so is my wallet.

Here’s the result screen for the second experiment:

I did choose the Experiment results so that all my sites display 25% fewer ads.  After all more revenue from fewer ads is totally worth it.

AdSense Balance Ads Experiment 2 Results

Next step:  Further Tweaking is Definitely Possible

I suppose I could really tweak this out applying say a 90% of ads to my current 75% of ads to continue optimizing the number of ads and user experience, but for now, I’m happy with the current arrangement.  75% of my ad placements is not all that many ads (for the length of my content) and yet revenue is nicely optimized.

Other tweaks I could make is to add more ads to my sites in different configurations and then run more Balance Ad Experiments continually optimizing both AdSense revenue and user experiments.  However, this is time-consuming; I’m content with the current result.

While I’m all for optimizing ads (I do it a lot), there comes a point where my time is better spent on other tasks such as publishing more content and doing more keyword research.

How to set up an AdSense Balance Ad Experiment

It’s really easy.  Here’s how you do it in your AdSense account:

Go to Optimization => Experiments => Ad Balance.

Ad Balance Step 1

Next, name your Experiment and select a percentage.  Then click create.

Ad Balance Experiemnt Step 2 set up

Can you test AdSense ads against other ad networks?

No, you can’t.  This only tests AdSense ads across all your sites in your account.

If you want to test far more variables such as ads from different networks, placements and colors all at the same time, use Ezoic.

Things to know about AdSense Balance Ads Experiment

  • The Balance Ad Experiment applies to all sites in your account at the same time
  • Don’t load up your ads too much before starting testing.  Ensure that at all times your ads are in-line with AdSense TOS.
  • AdSense ads will automatically figure out which ads earn the most on each URL (this is what I love about it).
  • The more traffic you have, the faster the experiment will conclude


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