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WordAgents Review (Content Service): Worth the Money?

I'm very particular about the content for my niche sites. I'm fanatical about it actually. I've used dozens of content services and sources. WordAgents is one such source. Read my review to find out if it's a niche site content service you should try.

WordAgents Content Service

In my quest for scaling content output while retaining excellent quality, I’ve worked with many writing and content agencies.

Generally, most that employ native English writers are good, but some are better.

WordAgents, at least for me and my niches, is one of the better content agencies I work with.

I’ve ordered hundreds of thousands of works from them over the last 18 months.  I can’t recall any serious revisions being necessary.  In fact, I’m often pleasantly surprised at the degree of research that goes into the content.

It really boils down to research for niche sites

Writing a properly constructed sentence that’s informative isn’t terribly difficult.  Writing a critically acclaimed novel is very difficult, but niche sites aren’t trying to win the Man Booker prize for writing.

Niche sites are about helping people via providing really good information presented in a easy-to-consume format.

Niche sites are non-fiction books in digital form broken up into chunks.

While the writing must be easy to read and well written, the research that goes into the bulk of the content is equally, if not more important than the writing.

In my experience, WordAgents writers excel at both research and writing content for niche sites. That’s why I’ve ordered so much content from them.

WordAgents Overview
  • Writing Quality
  • Research Quality
  • Convenience / Easy to Work With
  • Timeliness

Easy to work with

In addition to providing great content, WordAgents is easy to work with.  I’ve provided several brief training videos; usually one for each type of article.  They take it from there.  I love that their writers actually watch the video and follow the instructions very carefully.

Moreover, WordAgents writers spend time finding plenty of photos for my content.  This saves me and my VA’s a tremendous amount of time.  I can tell they actually take image selection serious because it’s not often I need to swap out the images they chose (and I’m very particular about image selection for all content).

Formatting taken care of

In addition to well-written content and solid research, they deliver the content properly formatted with heading tags, bold and alignment in .docx format.  From there, My VA need only import the document into my WordPress visual editor via the free Mammoth .docx Converter plugin (I highly recommend this amazing time-saver).

At that point, my VA adds alt descriptions to the images, chooses a featured image, adds links and saves it for my review.  I jump in and spot check everything and hit publish.

It’s an amazingly efficient process which all starts with WordAgents.

Timeliness – How Long for Content Delivery?

Typically I order in bulk which means 30,000 to 100,000 words at a time.  I would not expect any content agency to deliver all of that inside of one month.  But, what I do like about WordAgents is they will deliver to me content as it’s finished in batches of 3 to 5 articles.  Since I publish 3 to 7 articles per day, receiving them in batches is perfect for my workflow.  As it comes it, I can have my team set it up for publishing and I have a smooth content workflow.

Generally, WordAgents delivers a large order entirely within 2 to 4 weeks, which works perfectly for me.

MOST IMPORTANT:  WordAgents Content Ranks in SERPs and Generates Money

I have many articles from WordAgents that rank well in the SERPs and pull in traffic daily.  I’m talking thousands of monthly visitors.  Time on site is solid, which means visitors like the content and find it useful.  Here’s a few examples of search traffic for some WordAgent content (30 days as of April 12, 2018):

  • Article #1: 4,890 organic search visitors (last 30 days from April 12, 2018).
  • Article #2: 1,489 organic search visitors (last 30 days from April 12, 2018).
  • Article #3:  1,677 organic search visitors (last 30 days from April 12, 2018).
  • Article #4: 1,579 organic search visitors (last 30 days from April 12, 2018).
  • Article #5: 1,459 organic search visitors (last 30 days from April 12, 2018).

I could go on and on.  The point is the content is well written, informative and ranks.  Of course, I did the keyword research, but that’s only part of the ranking equation.

WordAgents Cost:

The cost varies, depending on the type of content you order.  I order pretty standard niche site content but do expect a lot of research.  For this I pay $.06 per word ($60 per 1,000 words).

TIP:  Instruct the writer to not include an intro or conclusion.  I find this content is typically fluffy.  It only takes me a few minutes to pen an interesting, personal intro for pretty much any topic.  For me, it’s worth the time.  This way, you pay for only informative content that does the heavy lifting.

My 1 Complaint

My one complaint is WordAgents doesn’t have a backend into which I can log in and manage all my content.  Content is delivered via Google docs which puts an onus on my to organize and keep track of the content.  I’m not very organized and probably never will be.

However, The owner, Vin D’Eletto tells me he’s working on a major website infrastructure upgrade that will include a backend for clients to manage content.  That will be a very welcome development.

When it comes down to it, I’d rather receive great content without the bells and whistles.  It’s content I pay for, not some fancy backend.

Overall: Do I recommend WordAgents?

Yes, I do recommend them.  I use them extensively for content and am very happy with the content.

The key is to invest time providing really good instructions.  Video instructions seems to work best.  I find it’s also great to have an example article published very similar to the type of content you’re ordering so you can refer the writers to it as an example.  I do this for every order.


5 thoughts on “WordAgents Review (Content Service): Worth the Money?”

  1. Jon. This is amazing. Thank you so much.

    I appreciate the honest review, too. I absolutely swear we’ll have a new backend dashboard VERY soon. Will make life much easier for us and, most importantly, our clients!

    • Hey Vin,

      thanks for stopping by. I’m definitely looking forward to a backend dashboard for content/order management. Thanks again for the great content.

  2. Hi Jon,
    About the image selection from wordagents: Do they ask also for permission to use the images or they just grab images from the web? Is the whole thing (i.e image selection, asking for permission, formatting etc) included in the price of the article?


    • Hey Harris,

      They won’t contact dozens of site owners asking for permission. They get images from merchants and provide source/attribution links. This is why I like Skimlinks… the source links for a lot of images are to merchants and with Skimlinks I don’t have to go through and add affiliate links to all the merchants. I also have a subscription to Shutterstock so they get images from there. I’m sure if you asked for images from free image sites like Pixabay, they will.


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