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How I Set Up My Highly Profitable WordPress Blogs: Video Tutorials

Here’s my free set of video tutorials that will step you through precisely how I install WordPress and set up my highly profitable niche blogs.

Before I get to the videos, here’s a screenshot mashup of some key stats for just one of my niche blogs (launched in Feb. 2014):

Proof of blog earnings, traffic and Facebook fans

FYI – these videos show the process with Bluehost and Genesis Framework.

1.  Register a Domain

=> Get Bluehost Web Hosting here.

2.  How to Assign a Domain Name

=> Get Bluehost Web Hosting here.

3.  How to Install WordPress

4.  How to Install the Genesis Framework and Child Theme

=> Get the Genesis Framework and Eleven40 Theme here.

5.  Basic WordPress Blog Set Up and the Plugins I use

6.  4 Reasons Eleven40 Theme is so Profitable with Adsense and Media.net Ads

=> Get the Genesis Framework and Eleven40 Theme here.

Learn More…

If you’re interested in learning more about how I publish highly profitable niche blogs, check out my advanced guide here.  My guide steps you through every step and includes detailed video tutorials (that aren’t included here) as to how I format my posts, where I place display ads, get traffic, additional monetization strategies… everything.

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