Keyword Snatcher Review: My 125,000/Mo. Search Visits Secret Weapon

Keyword Snatcher Review & Demo

Don’t ignore the long tail.  It’s pure gold.

Keyword Snatcher is one piece of long tail keyword research software I use regularly in my niches (and I own a lot of KW research software).  Yes, I use the Google Keyword Planner, but it’s Keyword Snatcher that helps me find the real long-tail gold.

In fact, KW Snatcher is largely responsible for getting one of my niche sites to over 125,000 organic search visits per month in under 1 year.

What does Keyword Snatcher do?

In a nutshell, this long tail software pulls the most frequent Google search auto-suggest search queries and puts them into a list.

For example, if I enter “Hotels with” into Google search, the following auto-suggest phrases appear:

  • “Hotels with waterslides”
  • “Hotels with free shuttle to Disneyland”
  • “Hotels with bed bugs” (this made me laugh, but it’s definitely a reasonable search).
  • “Hotels with pools”

Now, if I add an “a” to the search phrase, the following suggestions appear:

  • “Hotels with aeroplan”
  • “Hotels with airmiles”
  • “Hotels with aeroplan miles”
  • “Hotels with adjoining rooms in Niagara Fals Canada”

Now, if add an “ab” to the search phrase, the following suggestions appear:

  • “hotels abroad with water slides”
  • “hotels abroad with water parks”
  • “hotels aberdeen with swimming pool”
  • “hotels aberdeen with parking”

So far that’s a decent list of keywords.  The thing is, I can continue with every letter of the alphabet… “hotels with b”, “hotels with c” and so on.

This method is very time-consuming.  That’s where Keyword Snatcher comes in.  It automatically creates a list of every keyword you input and pulls the top auto-suggest phrases for each letter in the alphabet resulting in 100’s of long tail keywords.

Keyword Snatcher Video Demo

=> Download Keyword Snatcher Here

What makes KW Snatcher different from other KW research software products?

Most keyword software piggy-backs onto Google’s Keyword Planner.  That doesn’t mean the software is useless, because it offers filtering and competitive research.  While this can be helpful, it doesn’t really help find reams of keywords that nobody else is targeting.

Keyword Snatcher does NOT pull from the popular Google Keyword Planner.  Instead, it pulls data from Google’s auto-suggest, which opens up a lot more long tail keyword options.  In fact, these are the real, undiscovered long-tail keywords that are often super easy to rank for because no other websites target them specifically.

How do I use Keyword Snatcher?

I use it with Google Keyword Planner.

I start keyword research with the Keyword Planner.  I input seed keywords from my niche.

I dig around looking for any phrases that I think will generate a good list of long tail keywords.  You have to turn your brain on for this and think about what types of keyword phrases make sense.

I also just go to Google and see what the auto-suggest does on its own with various searches.  When I see something I think could be a good starting phrase from which to generate a list of great long tail keywords, I’ll then fire up KW Snatcher.

I also keep track of my keyword researches in all of my niches.  That’s actually how I discovered “hotels with” was such a great phrase.  I did the “with” part in another niche that worked out really well.

Now it’s a standard phrase I use in Keyword Snatcher in many niches.  Most importantly, because I discovered it simply by digging and trying different keywords in Google Keyword Planner and Google auto-suggest in other niches, it’s a search phrase not targeted by a lot of websites.

Taking it a step further…

Continuing with the “Hotels with” example.  Don’t stop at “hotels with pools”.  You can add locations.  This alone will offer literally thousands of keyword options.

Use Keyword Snatcher for Niche & Content Ideas

I don’t solely use KW Snatcher to find long tail keywords.  I use it for content ideas.  You can also use it for niche ideas.  I’ve published a lot of content because I discovered the top from the massive lists of keywords it generates.

PLEASE NOTE:  I’m using the “Hotels” niche as an example to illustrate how I go about keyword research with Keyword Snatcher.

Monetizing Non-Commercial Long Tail Keywords

Before I used display ads, I restricted keyword research to competitive buyer-intent keywords because I monetized with affiliate promotions.  This is fine as long as you rank.  The trouble is the buyer-intent keywords in any niche are competitive.

That’s why monetizing with display ads in addition to affiliate promotions is so great… you can monetize any keyword phrase.  And that’s what I do.  I publish a lot of content that will never pre-sell products, but it does earn me revenue from clicks on my display ads.  This means I can go for keywords many other publishers won’t bother with.

Suppose you pay for a piece of content.  If your site gets 200 organic search visitors per month to that content and you earn RPM, you’ll pay for that content, you’ll have that content paid for in 10 months.  After 10 months, it’s all profit.  You do this enough and in time you have a very profitable site just from long-tail organic search content.

FYI – Don’t rely solely on organic search.  I actually pay off the cost of my content in 1 to 2 months because I promote it across my social media channels and to my email newsletter which gives it a great surge of traffic for about 1 week.  Sometimes, this initial surge of traffic will pay for the cost of the content and after that the organic traffic is all gravy.  I explain how I do all this in step-by-step detail in my advanced niche blogging course.

Also, and this is important… because you rank for non-commercial long tail keywords, it’s not likely you’ll have fierce competition trying to outrank you.  Once you rank, it sticks for quite a while.

This is one aspect I take with my niche sites.  For one blog, I generate about $6,000 per month just from organic search traffic targeting long tail keywords.

Keyword research requires thinking…

The best keyword researchers think.  Yes, they use software and they dig around the web, but at the end of the day, finding those nuggets requires thinking.  When you see a phrase, ask yourself “is this a phrase that offers multiple long tail keyword search options?”  In other words, “is this something people will use to find information and products on the Web?”

Is Keyword Snatcher Worth It?

Absolutely.  It’s one of the few pieces of software I’ve purchased over the years that I still use consistently.  Even though much of my traffic is from social media and paid sources, I sure love the 125,000+ organic search visits per month I get because I publish plenty of content targeting long tail keywords.

=> Download Keyword Snatcher Here

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