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The funnest article topic to write about

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And no “funnest” is not an accepted word.

I’m embarrassed to say I had to look that up. I wasn’t sure.

I guess the saying “we learn something every day” is true.

How should I phrase the subject?

“1 article topic that is fun to write about”

Mmmmmmhhh. Not as catchy.

Let’s break the rules.

What is the funnest article topic to write about?

It’s YOU.

I like the saying “I’m gonna go home and think about myself for a while.”

So true.

We like thinking and talking about ourselves. It follows then that we like writing about ourselves.

If that’s the case, do it, but do it with a twist.

The twist is doing it in a way that serves your audience. You serve your audience by providing:

  • Information
  • Education
  • Humor, and/or
  • Entertainment

That’s about it.

Content falls into one of those four categories and arguably humor and entertainment are the same and I find it hard to distinguish information and education. I digress.

‘YOU as a focus could provide plenty of fodder for website content. Here are some examples:

  • Product reviews: Review stuff you already have, use, love and/or hate.
  • Service reviews: Same thing but regarding services.
  • Store reviews: Do you shop stores in your niche? Review them from your experience.
  • How-to: Do you know how to do things in your niche? Write about it.
  • Opinion pieces: Pick any product, concept, idea in your niche and give an opinion about it. For example, if you publish a tennis website, choose a game rule or tennis etiquette rule and write why it sucks. Or perhaps, write why a tournament should be added to the 4 grand slams. Golf – explain why such and such tournament should be included as a major.
  • Favorites: Back to the listicle, but based on your opinion – give your list of favorite whatever and explain why.

Fatstacks is really all about me and my online publishing business. That’s what makes it so fun and easy. While not for everyone, many people get something out of it.

I’m doing a lot more of this with my niche sites. I’m cherry-picking articles that I can bang out and make them best-of-the-best because I know it firsthand. Don’t get me wrong, I do additional research to really beef it up and make it thorough, but the meat and potatoes of it is all me.

One of my writers pens plenty about her personal experiences and the articles are amazing. She does plenty of additional research, inputs data etc. but the article goes into depth about her experience. She loves writing this stuff and it shows.


Expertise is important when publishing and who else is more expert about your experiences? Nobody.

This is why TripAdvisor, Amazon reviews, etc. are so popular… they are accounts of all kinds of personal experiences and opinions.

The biggest upside of doing this is it’s fun. I love writing about my firsthand accounts, experiences and opinions. In a nutshell, I like writing about me.

Give it a shot.

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