Income Report for April 2022 (Niche Sites)

April 2022 income report slide

April was great due to the fact that I breached $12K ($12,647 to be exact) in ad revenue from my smaller sites (all together).  My batch of smaller sites are growing slowly but surely.  I don’t put nearly the amount of time or money into them individually as my largest site but I do want them to one day earn a sizeable amount together so that I’m more diversified.  I see no reason my smaller sites can’t hit $20K per month all together by end of year.  That will definitely make my portfolio a tad bit more diversified.

  • Revenue: $92,886
  • Expenses: $9,851

Content investment: Must join the Fat Stacks courses for this information where I break down content investment and return in extensive detail for each site in my portfolio.

Revenue set out above does NOT include Fat Stacks revenue.

Screenshot (just Mediavine ad revenue… doesn’t include other revenue sources such as Amazon):

Mediavine Revenue April 2022

Sites with zero earnings are new sites added in May which is when I took this screenshot.

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