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12 of the Top Chat Plugins for WordPress

Add a live chat service to your WordPress website to improve conversion rates and customer service and even add a personal touch with the use of these top chat plugins for WordPress.

Live Chat for WordPress Websites

Most of the content on the internet is shaped in the same way for almost all sites since visitors only interact as viewers. Whether you choose to display videos, images, text, or any other content format, visitors rarely get the chance to directly interact with the website owners.

This is great when you want your visitors to learn something or be entertained. However, sometimes your visitors may have questions sometimes since the content might not be detailed enough. If you don’t have an option where people can directly contact someone, they may exit the site. This can actually harm your conversion rates, as well as the profits for eCommerce sites. The best solution for this is to install a chatbox on your WordPress website.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins that you can use to add a personal touch to your blog. You will be able to improve your customer service which can be really appealing to customers. It is also quicker than email-based support systems. Since no customer likes to wait around, this can be really helpful for turning over visitors into paying customers.

There are plenty of plugins that can add live chat service to your website. Here are some of the best WordPress chat systems that you can use to improve the site.

Facebook Live Chat for WordPress

Facebook Live Chat for WordPress

The Facebook Live Chat is a WordPress live chat plugin that can bring the features of Facebook messenger live chat to your website. This can make it really convenient for your visitors to maintain contact with you. The plugin is also really easy to install and use since there are no complicated setting options that you have to deal with.

The plugin will help you convert the visitors into loyal customers since you will be able to clear any doubts they may have. This will also help you be live on your site and makes it easier to interact with potential customers. The free WordPress plugin allows you to chat with the customer in an unlimited session with any amount of users you want.

The best part is that you will also be able to see the chat history of the customer. This can help you make the chat more personal, which many customers will prefer. Once your website starts to expand, it will also be easier to track the customer details even if different members of the staff are engaging.

The chat system is also mobile-friendly, meaning that you don’t have to sit on the computer all day long to support your customers. You will be able to install this plugin and carry the business with you everywhere you go.


Chatwee plugin for live chat

The Chatwee plugin is an impress WP live chat support system. This plugin will ensure that you can have the highest quality of customer engagement as soon as you set up the plugin.

It can help your conversion rates by a lot if you make it easier for your visitors to connect with you. This will reassure the customers buying products from your website that there are real people behind the WordPress site.

This is one of the best live chat systems since it increases the two things that matter most for a website: engagement and interactions. The modern chat interface of Chatwee allows you plenty of interesting options and features that will integrate perfectly with your website.

There is a free version as well as a pro version of the chat plugin as well. The free version has some limited features but they are enough for a newer website with fewer visitors each day. It can handle 5 users simultaneously at a time. The paid version can go up to 1000 users, which is better for bigger websites with loads of viewers each day. The group chat option is also really amazing since some customers may need different staff members helping them out. This is available on the paid version. You can always upgrade to the paid version when your business begins to grow.


GetSiteControl plugin for live chat

The GetSiteControl plugin provides users with many different tools that can help you develop one of the best customer engagement systems online.

Not just the live chat plugin, the GetSiteControl tool is a bundle of different tools that you get for a very limited price. Once you have this tool, you will not need any other tool for email marketing, online poll & survey or live chat.

The tools offer you a lot of control of live chat widgets that other plugins may not be able to. You can change the feel and look of the tool as much as you would like. It also provides you with plenty of comprehensive targeting options that can alleviate your business to a whole new level.

You will also have the option to integrate different email marketing and CRM providers with the plugin. This can enhance the customer service options for you since you will be using many different ways to target your users.

The plugin is a really comprehensive tool for live chat systems. You will able to use the tool to offer high standards of customer support. This can increase your overall revenue to a whole new level since you will be able to engage with the customers more efficiently.

The plugin also offers you considerable customization options that you can use to make your live chat much more attractive. You will be able to blend it seamlessly with your WordPress theme so that everything seems professional and visually appealing.

Live Chat Unlimited & Live Chat Complete

Live Chat Unlimited & Live Chat Complete plugin for a live chat

The Live Chat Unlimited and Live Chat Complete plugin will allow you to interact with your customers in real-time. This offers support to your website in a fully customizable way. You will be able to perfectly mold your website according to the design language that you have set for yourself.

The plugin has several beautifully designed skins that you can apply directly to your live chatbox. Your website visitors will love the visually appealing chatbox since it will look professional. The plugin also gets regularly updated with awesome features that you can keep improving your website with.

Speaking of features, the plugin offers complete liberty to create or delete operators from the support team as per your needs. You will also be able to add multiple operators to the live chat system. They can all interact with a single user. This means that if the user requires advice from different departments, they can easily do so in one sure-fire way.

The plugin also has a really useful email integration features that you can use to maintain further contact with your customer. You will also be able to enable pushover notifications that your visitors can see once then log into a chat. The chat logs will also be available so that you can interact with the visitor based on their chat history. If no operators are online when the customer is trying to engage, they will be provided with a contact form they can fill out.

Awesome Live Chat

Awesome Live Chat plugin for live chat

The Awesome Live Chat plugin is focused heavily on customization of live chat systems. It offers plenty of classic and fancy themes that you can use for your chat box, as well as interesting color schemes to match your website with.

The main thing is that it will definitely enhance your quality customer services since you will be chatting directly with potential customers. The free live chat plugin is basically an online help desk that will increase your conversion rates substantially.

The plugin also provides a list of features that have a really responsive design. It also has options to connect with infinite departments and operators. You will also have detailed analytics that you can use to find out where the customer is visiting from i.e. their country or IP address. This can help you deal with them better in terms of services provided, as well as customize your website according to the customers’ profiles.

Visitors will also love the offline messaging service for when there aren’t any operators available to talk. Visitors will also have the ability to receive a transcript of the chat session in case they may want to refer back to some point later on. There are many other similar helpful features that will improve your website.

FluentChat – WordPress Live Chat

FluentChat – WordPress Live Chat plugin for live chat

The FluentChat plugin is a unique plugin which offers visitors with translation chat boxes. This can be really helpful for service caters and business that work with the international audience.

The customers and visitors may be talking to you in their native tongue, which can be really hard to deal with if you have operators that don’t speak the language. This can result in losing that potential customer but you will definitely be able to secure them with the translator chatbox system. This will also build a better relationship with the customers since you will be able to engage with them in their native tongue.

Besides this amazing feature, there are also plenty of other notable options that you should consider when selecting a WordPress plugin. You will have access to SMS notification, chat history archives, multiple active conversations, operator profiles, user role management, online operator hours, and a whole lot more.

The plugin doesn’t have that many customization options though. You will have to work with a generic chatbox but this doesn’t mean that the box will be unaesthetic. The clean design can blend in with any WordPress website.

WordPress Live Chat Plugin

WordPress Live Chat Plugin for live chat

The WordPress Live Chat plugin is a free plugin that offers users a clean and fresh design. This will help you create a really professional looking chatting option that can enhance your business.

This comprehensive solution for customer support allows you to create custom canned messages. You will also have customization features that you can use to enhance the chatbox visuals. The amazing widget settings also make it easier to customize the look of the website for you. There are also plenty of color options that you can use to ensure that the live chat box resembles the rest of the WordPress theme.

You will also be able to make the chat system full-screen which is a really user-friendly option. You will be able to have a better grip on your potential clients. You will also have the chance to engage with avatar and emoticons to make the chat system more relatable and interesting to use.

PHP Live Chat Pro

PHP Live Chat Pro Plugin for live chat

The PHP Live Chat Pro plugin has a lot of features that most other chatting plugins don’t. There are many features that will allow you to get into a conversation with a real-time visitor, which can increase conversion rates for you.

The live chat box has translation support which is a welcome feature for websites that deal with international clients or multi-lingual nations. You can also use the complimentary mobile app so that you are in touch with your customers on the go.

The features also allow you to see an in-depth overview of the customers. For example, you will be able to see the location of the customer you are chatting with. This ensures that you are able to connect with them properly. Imagine that you are connecting with a customer from Florida who wants to know the exact details of the delivery time. You can also tell them the correct details if you know their exact location.

You will also have the option to share files with the customer from the chatbox. This ensures that if they have a problem they will be able to provide screenshots of proof. You will also be able to send them details about products, location, screenshots, and more. A media URL can also be included in the popup as inline media files.

There are also many useful customization options that you can use to change the text and colors as you wish. Other interesting features also include the chat history logs, canned messages, full-screen modes, emoticons and avatar, widget display, and a lot of other features which can help you impress the customer.

Live Chat by OggFlow

Live Chat by OggFlow Plugin for live chat

The Live Chat by OggFlow plugin is a great option for WordPress users. It is one of the best live chat WordPress plugins since it gives users full control over the system. This live chat tool makes it easier to handle unlimited chats making it one of the best live support systems.

The free plan of the plugin will let one member of the team use the system at a time. However, you open unlimited chat window sessions. This is a great option for small business that doesn’t need to hire more than one operator to deal with the traffic.

If you are a large online business, you may want to upgrade to the paid version. The add-ons in the pro version will help you engage with the customer more effectively and improve your SEO and customer service.

As the plugin offers you some paid subscriptions with more powerful features, you can upgrade your subscription to paid version whenever you want.

ZenDesk Chat

ZenDesk Chat Plugin for live chat

The ZenDesk Chat plugin is one of the best live chat plugins for a reason. It has become really popular among bloggers who want to avail the best user experience on WordPress. There is a free plan that you can resort to but upgrading to the premium plugin is the best plan for online businesses.

The plugin is known for the high customizability options that it provides with which you can transform your chat rooms. It has many wonderful designs that include several stylish themes and layouts. It is very easy to use and is highly functional.

There is a mobile app that you can use to engage with customers on the go. The WordPress dashboard will also be loaded with detailed metrics. These can help you gauge chat performances, chat history, and customer profile.

There are also some chat triggers that you can enable. These will launch automatically when the user takes certain actions.


Olark Plugin for live chat

The Olark Live Chat plugin is another really popular live chat solution. It is designed to work well with different platforms, one of which is WordPress websites. The live chat software will integrate seamlessly with your website as soon as you set up the WordPress chat plugin.

You will also be able to integrate the plugin with other important tools such as Highrise, Zendesk, Salesforce, and similar platforms. There are also iOS and Android mobile apps that you can use to connect with your customers on the go.

The most impressive features of the website are the customization tools that it offers. This ensures that your website will look and feel professional. It is considered one of the best WordPress live chat plugins because it allows you to set up automated messing in case you can’t attend to a particular client.

There are also team management options that you will definitely need when your website expands, as well as real-time reporting options. This will allow you to evaluate your employees more carefully.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat Plugin for live chat

The Pure Chat plugin is also a great live chat solution if you want the best customization. It was created to focus on allowing users to change their chat boxes according to their preferences.

You will no doubt end up with eye-catching private chat boxes. You customers will definitely appreciate the aesthetics even if they think a chatbot is talking to them. They won’t mind waiting for your response either, which can be helpful for rush hours.

You will be able to work with unlimited colors, custom image support, amazing animations, and a whole lot more. This extensive list of tools will definitely help you achieve an amazing looking website.

There are also other premium functions such as analytic tools, proactive chat triggers, multi-chat windows and management, and scheduling live chat features. You can also convert the live chat boxes to an opt-in form that integrates with any MailChimp email list.

Live chat windows can definitely help you increase your customer engagement rates, as well as conversion rates. This will help you alleviate your WordPress website and profits.

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