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Case Study: 39 Articles, DA 16, 1.5 Years, No Link Building…

This morning a friend and fellow publisher sent me this:

I found a topic in Google Search Console for one of my posts so I decided to produce an article on it.

AHREFS says the Keyword Difficulty is 0 and the Search Volume 30.

AHREFS reports traffic on the site as 2.4 over the last 30 days.

I published the article on Feb. 20, 2020.

So far the organic in the last 30 days is 2,690 organic visitors.

BAM! BOOM!  I put the BAM! BOOM! in.

Overview of My Small Site (that’s chugging along)

  • Date domain registered: September 2016
  • Total # articles published: 39
  • Date first article published: Nov. 19, 2018
  • Date last article published: March 9, 2020
  • DA: 16 / DR (Ahrefs): 2.9
  • # of Referring Domains: 28 (all natural)

Traffic Screenshot

Screenshot small website traffic

  • Traffic last 30 days (Apr. 2020): 12,423 Users
  • Yesterday (Apr. 29, 2020): 542 Users


  • Fairly broad niche
  • Content quality: Mid-grade
  • Long-tail keywords with low low keyword difficulty and low reported search volume.
  • Long-form content (listicles – nothing to write home about)
  • Monetized with display ads (Ezoic)
  • EPMV: $6.02 (I need to improve placements – quickly slammed them up)


  • DA not the be-all and end-all
  • Long tail, low (or no) reported search volume can actually result in very good traffic.
  • Other sites will link to you in time if content decent.
  • It doesn’t take tons of powerful links to get traffic.
  • The simple secret to growing traffic…

A little story.

In high school, there was this guy who was tough. Liked brawling.

He joined the wrestling team which I was part of.

We became friends. Turns out he’s a super nice guy with a fearsome reputation.

He did brawl his fair-share. Seemed to like it. Always won.

Not that I was a brawler, but I asked what was the secret to winning in brawls.

His advice: “Never stop swinging.”

Applied to blogging and niche sites

Never stop publishing… good content

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