Niche Site Income Reports (Updated October)

Welcome to my Niche Site Income reports. This is where I reveal how much I’ve made for the month on all my sites. Right now I’m mostly focusing on one main site, the rest are not my focus and will likely sell some in the near future.

Why do I share my niche site income reports?

Fair question. I’m not the wealth flaunting type of guy. Quite the opposite actually, I’m just your regular guy next door…so why share how much money I make from my niche sites? I have two reasons. The first is to prove to you that my strategy of fun & simple blog (What I show in my niche site course) works and the second is transparency. As a Fatstacker said:


There’s too many out there start their first blog as “How to make money with a blog” and then use this as proof that they are successful. Kind of reminds me of this guy who made money teaching trading…and never really traded a dollar himself. So that’s why I share my niche site income reports: It’s proof that I practice what I preach!

Need the older reports?

These will be available soon. The old reports will be phased out as they are very old!

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