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2 Tips for Using Tables for More Ad and Affiliate Revenue


You can increase website revenue in one of two ways:

  1. Get more traffic; and/or
  2. Generate more revenue with existing traffic.

I pursue both as much as possible.

This brief post and video showcases a super simple way to increase revenue with existing traffic.

In a nutshell, this tip explains how to earn more ad and/or affiliate revenue with tables.  Specifically, I show you how you can create attractive and attention-getting ads with tables that you can insert anywhere in your posts.

You can totally customize these “ads” by customizing the table.

Concept in a Nutshell

Insert ads and/or affiliate links in small tables that you pepper throughout your website.

Here’s an example of such a table:

AdSense Link Unit
1.Up to 70 per cent OFF Blue Jeans
2.Up to 70 per cent OFF Blue Jeans
3.Up to 70 per cent OFF Blue Jeans
Ad Unit

Video Tutorial

Here’s a brief video stepping you through setting these high-earning mini-tables.


I'm using a different ad management plugin.

This new one makes it much easier to inject ads above/below images and tables (plus much more).

Find out what I'm using and why. 

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In case you don’t like watching videos, here are 2 screenshots showing you how to set up these simple mini-tables with Tablepress plugin.

tablepress-screenshot-for-ad-units-and-affiliate-links tablepress-screenshot-of-table-set-up

You can take this concept much, much further.

I cover several more great ideas in my flagship course Niche Tycoon.

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Pierre Eustache Chardavoine says November 15, 2016

I really like the concept!

I’ve seen people using tables on their blog and they look beautiful. But now, I realized that I saw them because they catch attention.

I will implement this and see how it goes!

Krishna Rungta says November 18, 2016

Have you used header bidding networks?

    Jon says November 19, 2016

    Hey Krishna,

    Yes. Monumetric uses header bidding. So too does Ezoic.

Rhys says January 9, 2017

There really is a lack of decent WordPress plugins for creating tables efficiently. I’ve always had issues with Tablepress so not a huge fan, do you have any other recommendations? I was considering using html tables with a responsive tag around it. Thanks

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