Why Codeable is My Go-To Platform for Hiring Coders for WordPress Websites

I’ve been publishing WordPress websites for 10+ years but I still can’t code.  Never bothered learning.

Sure, I can do some basic HTML and some really basic CSS (with the help of online tutorials) but that’s it.

How on earth do I create and grow websites if I can’t code?

It’s simple.

First, I use WordPress themes which handle most of a website’s design and features.

Second, most hosting companies make installing WordPress super easy.

Third, plugins add features and functions without having to code.

Fourth, when I do need coding help, I hire a coder.

And that’s where Codeable comes in.

Before Codeable, I hired on Upwork. That was hit and miss.

Then Codeable hit the scene and I’ve never looked back.

What is Codeable?

Codeable is an outsourcing platform restricted to WordPress developers and coders.

It’s such a good platform for this one simple reason: Codeable vets all “coders” before allowing them to offer their services on the platform.

In other words, anyone holding themselves out as WP coder on Codeable has passed a technical exam, undergone a behavioral interview, made it through a 45-day trial period, and is monitored on an ongoing basis.

What kind of coding/development tasks can you hire on Codeable?

If it involves WordPress, you name it, you can hire it.

I typically require smaller jobs done such as a snippet of code to perform a specific function or some CSS for design customization.

However, you can hire for plugin development, theme development/customization, technical problems, ecommerce development, API integration, security, performance (site speed) and so much more.  If it involves a WordPress website, you can hire help on Codeable (at least in my experience).

How does Codeable work?

Once you have your account, you post a job.

In my experience, one to three coders will jump in with a response within 3 hours.  At this point you are not committed to hiring.  They usually have more questions.

Sometimes, they may request access to your site to get a closer look.  I give it to them (see Codeable Vault info below for granting secure access).  You are still not committed to hiring/payment at this point.

At some point, the coders seeking the job will provide you an estimate.  Sometimes coders bail on the project after getting more info.  But I have NEVER not been able to hire someone for a job.  Ever. That’s another thing I love about Codeable.

Once you have the estimates, you choose whether to hire or not.  If you have multiple estimates, you can pick.

Once you accept an estimate, you enter your payment details and the money goes into a Codeable escrow not to be released until you are satisfied and consider the job done.

IMPORTANT:  Sometimes coders/developers will work in two stages.  They will require you to pay a fee for “consultation” which is where they will take time to investigate further.  The second phase you pay for separately and that’s the actual work.  I’ve done this on numerous occasions and it works out just fine. The coders are very transparent and explain this.

It’s an ESTIMATE – you may end up paying more

The cost quote is an estimate based on the coders’ estimated number of hours to do the job at their hourly rate.  I’ve had it where a job took longer and had to pay more. They usually tell me pretty fast. I’m okay with that… I’ve never had it be outrageous.

How much does Codeable cost?

It’s not cheap.  I don’t really want cheap when it comes to paying for coding or any technical help. I want it done right.

You will pay $70 to $120 USD per hour.  If you need it urgently you’ll pay more per hour.

My jobs usually end up costing me $200 to $400.

TIP for Posting a Job

When you post your job you choose whether you’re flexible and the time frame or need it urgently.  I always select “flexible” because the “urgent” time frame is frightfully expensive and I’ve found that my tasks get done really fast.  I suppose if my site was down and my host couldn’t fix it, I’d pony up for urgent but that’s the only situation I would warrant paying urgent fees.

If you receive multiple estimates, ask who can get to it the fastest.  I have had it where I hired someone and then they told me the could get started 5 days later. I was choked by that. I should have asked… but in this case he was the only person applying for the job so I had no choice.

During the pre-hire discussion, ask them that if you give them the job, when they can get to it.

The Codeable Vault (for sensitive information)

This is a great feature.  In your account is what’s called a “Vault”.  In the vault you can place WordPress admin access, hosting access (although I prefer to send a user invite to hosting… I grant nobody login access to hosting which is keys to the kingdom).   Basically you put any sensitive info in the Vault and you choose who has access to the Vault.

How long does it take to hire someone on Codeable?

Every coder I hired I did so in about 3 to 4 hours.  It’s fast, which is another thing I love about the platform.  However, depending on their time zone they may not get to the actual work for a day or two. Sometimes it’s longer. Be sure to as pre-hire when they can actually do the job.

Have I ever hired someone who couldn’t do the job?

No. Amazingly this has not happened.  One of the conditions the coders agree to is to only apply for jobs they are 100% confident they can do.  I’m not saying it never happens or that it won’t happen, but so far so good.

How many jobs have I posted and hired for on Codeable?

I’ve posted and paid for 13 jobs to date.  Check it:

My Codeable Job History

What are examples of jobs I’ve posted to Codeable?

Here’s a partial list:

  1. Customize Infinite Scroll Autoload Next Post Plugin (I ended up using a theme with infinite scroll but I wanted to try this solution).
  2. Convert shortcode to PHP and place via code snippets
  3. Transfer Amazon AWS images to my hosting server
  4. Remove repeated ad script as a result of infinite scroll
  5. Submit sitemap to Search Console
  6. Fix website logo
  7. Fix 502 errors
  8. Site speed technical help
  9. Display text below the post grid on category & tag archive pages
  10. Fix images and optin forms

What happens if you’re not happy with the work done?

Codeable has a dispute resolution process in place. I’ve never had to deal with this so I can’t comment further.

The way I see it

For some of the jobs above I may have figured it out myself but it would have taken hours or days.  In the past I’ve spent days trying to figure out some CSS… a monumental waste of time.

A CSS expert can figure it out in minutes.

Same with PHP code.

I have no business wasting days risking my site with garbage PHP code.  I’m much better off paying a couple of hundred to an expert who will do it right.

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