How to Get Loads of Celebrity Photos Legally and How to Use Them in Almost Any Niche

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Our culture is obsessed with celebrities.

That’s good news for you if you publish niche sites.

The thing with celebrity obsession is it gets attention and attention drives traffic.

I’ve recently incorporated some celebrity angles in my niche, which is not at all a celebrity niche site.  That’s the beauty of it; there’s a celebrity angle for many niches.  If you’re not incorporating a celebrity angle in some of your content, I suggest you give it shot.

This article in no way suggests you should drop your project and launch a celebrity website.  The traditional celebrity website is difficult to do well, is crowded and the revenue per 1,000 visitors is usually terrible.

Instead, what I want to explain in theory and with examples is that with a little creativity, you can incorporate celebrities into you many niches; perhaps even your niche.

Why incorporate a celebrity angle?

It’s simple to do if you give it a bit of thought.

People’s attention perks up when there’s a celeb involved.  We recognize the name and when they’re integrated into subjects we’re interested in, we get even more interested.  Interest and attention equals traffic.

How to incorporate celebs in many niches

In some cases this may take a bit of research, but if you find the right info with the right angle, you can have a piece of content pull in some decent traffic.

What you do is think of ways that you can profile celebrities in a way that’s relevant to your niche.  Obviously not all celebrities will work for your niche.  There must be a connection between the celebrities and your niche.

Don’t just start publishing irrelevant celebrity gossip on your fly fishing website.  That would be weird.

But, you can showcase celebrities’ fly-fishing vacations and amazing resorts/lodges they stay at while doing it.

Celebrities are regular people with regular interests.  Some like fly-fishing, some like crafts, some like cooking, some are really into fitness, many of them are into luxury vehicles… the list goes on.

In fact, next, I set out several examples of how you can incorporate celebrities in many niches.  Hopefully the examples inspire you to figure out how to incorporate celebrities into your niche.  It’s actually fun content to produce.

Examples of Incorporating Celebrities into Your Niche

Sports niches:  Obviously you can profile celebrity athletes, but you can also feature non-athlete celebrities who watch and perhaps even play various sports.  For example, a list of celebs spotted at the US Open (tennis tournament).

Automobiles:  Celebs drive amazing cars.  You can publish endless posts about celebs and their cars.

Beauty: Are you kidding me?  This is a mega celebrity opportunity.  You may have to wade through interviews (TV and magazine), but there’s no shortage of celebrities discussing their beauty routines.  Many endorse all types of products too which you can reference.

Finance:  Celebs have been swindled and made fortunes.  There are also celebrity financiers.  Ever hear of Warren Buffet?  He’s kinda famous.

Yoga: Loads of celebrities do yoga.  If you publish a yoga site, there’s plenty of solid celebrity content you could cover.  For example, “Celebrities who do Yin Yoga”.

Cooking:  Not only are there celebrity chefs, but many celebrities are into cooking at home.  Again, you need to do your research, but you can definitely find some interesting angles between celebrities and cooking.

Photography:  An interesting angle would be writing about the paparazzi and their line of work making a living getting celebrity photographs.  I think it’s a fascinating job.  You could have tons of fun with that.

Pets: Celebrities have pets.  They talk about their pets.  They show off their pets.  No shortage of ways to showcase celebrity pets.

Babies, kids and parenting:  I’m not too big on this because I don’t want to drag kids of celebrities into the limelight, but you could cover topics in a way that focuses on how celebrities parent their kids.  It’s an interesting topic given their fame and wealth.

Hobby niches:  I’m sure there are celebrities interested in every hobby imaginable.  Some hobbies may be harder to find celebrity interest, but some would be easy.  Again, I’m not saying there are celebrity angles for every niche, but there is for many niches.

Luxury anything: Celebs are rich and buy expensive things.  The luxury niche is ripe for celebrity coverage.

Business/Entrepreneur: Many celebrities are also entrepreneurs.  You could profile these celebs and write about their entrepreneurial pursuits, including but not limited to, their businesses related to their main celebrity line of work. An example is celebrities that produce movies via their production company.  Of course, there are many entrepreneurs who become celebrities which is another celebrity avenue for your business/entrepreneur niche site.

That’s a short list of examples I came up with 15 minutes.

How to Get Celebrity Photos for Cheap

is the best celebrity photo source I’ve found for the money.  I pay for 750 images per month and if i wanted to, I could use all those downloads for celebrity images.

That said, you won’t necessarily get celebrity photos of them participating in any particular activity; however, you’ll get plenty of photos that you can frame into other photos.

Here’s an example of a celebrity framed into a photo using Canva:

Brad Pitt starred in “A River Runs Through It” which is a slice of life movie revolving around fly-fishing. I loved this movie.

A Word of Caution

When publishing about celebrities, you need to be accurate.  Do your research.  Source your references.  You may want to play it safe by remaining neutral or positive.  Do not ever make any inference or suggest a particular celebrity endorses or uses or likes something unless you know for a certainty that it’s true and can prove it’s true.

It’s fun

I’m a bit of a gossip hound so to write about it is kind of fun for me.  The fact I generate some revenue from it is a bonus.  Celebrities aren’t the focus of my niche site; just a part of it… a light-hearted side of my niche site which I typically cover more seriously and in-depth.

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