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Freelance writing is a great way to start earning online and at home. As long as you can write English reasonably well, you qualify and can find gigs fairly quickly with the writing agencies and/or freelance websites.

The key is landing recurring clients and then scaling up by hiring your own writers (if you wish to turn it into a business).

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Freelance writing is one of the fastest ways to start making money at home online.

Prerequisite (Barriers to Entry):  Ability to write English reasonably well.

While freelance writing is open to many people, it isn’t available to everyone.  You do need to be able to write in English reasonably well.

If you wish to write to top-tier publications (and get paid), you must be an excellent writer.

Fortunately for beginner freelancer writers, there’s demand online for different quality levels of writing.  Many publishers don’t wish to spend a fortune and therefore will accept mid-tier quality writing.

Earning Potential:  You can make a lot of money as a freelancer, but most don’t.  That said, if you’re decent and you have a stable of clients, you can make a good living.  $20 to $35USD per hour isn’t out of the question. That’s not bad working from home with almost no overhead.

Passive Income Potential:  It’s quite low. You’re trading time for dollars.  However, if you’re entrepreneurial, you can write guides and sell them or PLR and sell that.  It takes time to build such a business, but many people have done it.

Alternatively, once you have quality clients placing orders repeatedly, you can outsource the work and pocket the difference.  Just be careful that quality isn’t compromised.

The best part of being a freelance writer:  You can earn money quickly.  You get paid up front or immediately upon completing the work.  This is great if you need cash fast.

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