Can you blog with your phone?

Wordpress on smartphone

Yes, you can blog with your phone. I don’t. I’ll explain why I don’t below, but you can.  I also explain how you could feasibly blog on your phone below.

Why I don’t publish blog posts on my phone

It’s inefficient.  It’s inefficient because I publish mostly long articles on my blogs.  I’m not interested in typing 1,200 words on my phone.  If I were in a jam, I could do it but if my desktop or laptop is available, I prefer that.

Part of my problem is that I’m not very good, nor have I trained myself to become good using voice-to-text software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking or Apple’s built-in voice-to-text software.  The fact is I’m a better writer typing than I am speaking.  My guess is it’s due to not practicing dictation or writing via voice.  After all, many professionals run their entire business and do all their work via dictation.  If good at it, it is faster.

However, typing speed isn’t my problem.  I can type reasonably fast.  It’s thinking up what I’m going to write next that slows me down.  Between the last sentence and this one, I paused for 15 seconds to come up with it.  Since I don’t have much of an incentive to become better at voice to text, I haven’t.

That said, if you are interested in blogging on your phone, probably the best way to go about it is to create your content with voice-to-text software.

How to blog with your phone

There are a variety of ways to blog with your phone. Here they are.

Log in on Web browser and start blogging:  You can log in via Web browser into your blog and publish as you would on a regular computer.  I use WordPress for my blogs. I can log into my WordPress sites on my phone.  I can create posts as I normally would.  While all this is possible, it’s not terribly efficient or easy to do with the small screen.

For this post I logged into on my phone and the WordPress interface is quite good.  Check it out:

WordPress blog interface on iPhone

If I had a keyboard to connect to my phone, blogging on my phone could work pretty well. It would be a bit more cumbersome getting photos and formatting but it’s doable.

Like I said above, if I became adept at blogging via voice, blogging on my phone would work well also.

Use an app version of your blogging platform: WordPress has an app version of its blogging platform you can use. I do NOT recommend this.  I do not recommend launching a blog on the platform because you do not own it.  You are much better off launching your blog on a self-hosted website because it’ll be on your domain over which you have full control with respect to ads, content, features, etc.  Other blogging platforms have apps as well but again, I wouldn’t bother.

Blog on a parasite website such as Medium: If you’re preferred way to blog is to do so on a community-based blogging platform such as Medium or similar, you can use the app version. Medium has an app version you can download.

Types of blog posts that are best to create on your phone

I can only guess because I’ve not ever created and published a blog post on my phone but my guess is short blog posts with not a lot of photos is best.  While it might seem adding photos to a blog post on a phone is easy, it’s not if you want to resize and compress the images first, which you definitely want to do.  In other words, you don’t want to upload an image you snapped with your smartphone because those images are huge and are massive files.  They’ll slow your site down a ton.

If you’re blogging on Instagram or Medium, then by all means just upload those images and let the platforms optimize the images for you.

So, text-based shorter blog posts are ideal to create on your phone.

Can you launch a blog with your phone?

Yes, in theory you could do everything you need to do to launch a self-hosted blog on your phone.  It would be mightily cumbersome to do so but it can be done. I can log into GoDaddy to deal with the domain details, log into my website hosting service ( and of course log into the self-hosted WordPress blog once launched on my phone.

I would be able to do all this much faster on a desktop or laptop but it could be done.

My hunch is that launching a blog on a blogging platform such as wouldn’t be that difficult or cumbersome via the app.

I do manage WriterAccess on my phone?

One part of my blogging business that I do manage on my phone is dealing with messages from writers in WriterAccess.  I also reply to emails that keep my blogging business moving forward.  I don’t work all the time so if away from the office and something important comes in, I like to deal with it immediately on my phone.  The Gmail app is quite good. WriterAccess on mobile is excellent.  In this regard, I do blog from my phone; after all, it’s the writers on WriterAccess that provide the lion’s share of my content for my niche sites.

Will I start blogging from my phone?

I doubt it.  Heck, I don’t really like blogging on my laptop.  My workstation is a Mac desktop with three monitors.  I can get so much more done at my desk than on a laptop or a phone.  Unless it’s urgent, I wait until I’m at my desk to do any blogging work including writing this blog post.  The same goes with writing and sending emails to my various email newsletter readerships.


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