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Podcast about building a digital publishing business that includes blogging, publishing websites, website monetization with AdSense and other display ads, affiliate marketing, SEO and pretty much everything and the kitchen sink about launching and growing digital assets.

I love how simple it is. No lengthy intros and jingles that you have to skip, no ads to skip —just Jon sharing his experience and thoughts on the business in a very level-headed but also inspiring way.

The podcast has given me some ideas how to improve my website which I’m already implementing. I love the no-hype, keep it simple approach as that’s how I’m wired as well. It was fun to hear that Jon, just like me, hates having a schedule and loves a business that gives you complete time freedom (no deadlines, no clients, being able to work when you want).

Excellent work, Jon. I’m looking forward to new episodes whenever you feel like recording them

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