Is your site stuck on a plateau or downright bleeding traffic?



You’ve seen Tony in…

👉 At the end of last year, my traffic took a nosedive. I lost a stomach-churning 60% of my income. We are talking 80k per month to 30k per month. Ouch.

As if it wasn’t bad enough, the mental toll was terrible. Everyday after waking up my emotions were all over the place, emotions that you might be sharing right now…

PANICK: “I can’t believe the traffic on my site is going down”
ANGER: “I’ve put so much effort into this”
FRUSTRATION: “I was doing things right” 
ANXIETY: “What if this was the end?”

I was getting beat down daily by Google and my own brain. The only thing keeping me sane was my mindset of “You only lose if you let setbacks defeat you” So I pulled up my sleeves to get my traffic back.  

Turns out I wasn’t the only one hit by an update. Many were in the same situation, including one of my forum members, Tony Hill. Google gave him a 50% haircut even though he had a large site. Since we were on the same boat he started sharing his turnaround method with me and we became fast friends.

As they say, it’s always darkest before dawn. Because the results of his methods were stunning: Not only did we rebounded our traffic, we actually broke record traffic and income levels.

Turns out, this wasn’t Tony’s first rodeo. He’s been around since 2005 and overcame 4 major algorithm updates and came out stronger every time. Since he helped me and already helped many other struggling niche site owners, I asked him if he would teach his breakthrough traffic and revenue recovery method to others and I am happy to report that he said yes!

Here’s what this is all about…

What you need to know about Tony Hill:

Started in 2005

Major update recoveries

Monthly Pageviews & Counting

Total Pageviews & Counting


👉 Does this sound familiar? You start a new site and you begin publishing content like crazy. You get more traction so you crank it up to 11. But then something happens sooner or later…

Your traffic hits a plateau or starts going DOWN after an update. You hope it’s temporary but it isn’t. Month after month, keeps going down and your revenue is starting to evaporate. You are even starting to wonder if it’s the end of the line for you.

Wasn’t the whole thing “just keep publishing”? The more you publish the more you make, right? Absolutely. But that is only valid if the content you publish is actually ranking and making you money. Otherwise adding more content often makes things worse.

Consider this: If you have a garden and keep planting but ignore the plants that you already have, you won’t have much of a garden to speak of at the end!

You are better served pulling the weeds out and watering the existing plants. So the path to recovery and breakthrough traffic is simpler than you think: Tony recommends spending 75% of your resources on EXISTING content and 25% on NEW content.

There’s 3 reasons why you should do this instead of adding NEW content:

✅ It’s likelier to succeed

Every piece of content you put out there is NEW and you never really know how Google is going to react to it. That is why it often takes a while to even get indexed. However, Google already “KNOWS” your old content so updating it is a much safer bet rather than taking a risk with new content.

✅ Faster to update

Content takes a lot of time to produce and while these steps are manageable when your traffic is increasing, when your traffic and revenue are in decline you cannot afford this luxury. If you do it right, updating content is much faster to update than creating content from scratch.

✅ Faster traffic turnaround

Since your livelihood is at stake, the faster the bleeding stops, the better. The good news is that Google already liked your content, you just need to rekindle the old flame it had for it. So your traffic turnaround will be faster than publishing new content that Google knows nothing about.

TLDR: Updating your content is the easiest way to a speedy recovery! See for yourself…

Before: 60%+ Drop. After: record-level traffic & revenue

This is Tony’s site. Before: 50%+ Drop. After: Even more traffic than before!

The screenshots above might not look like much to the untrained eye but fact is, if we didn’t do our content updates our sites would have likely died. We were down thousands and thousands of dollars and we were in a terrible mental state: We bounced between despair, anger and frustration daily. So, how did we go from catastrophe to record breaking traffic and revenue? It’s all because of Tony’s C.A.R.E.F.U.L.™ method….


Introducing The Breakthrough

C.A.R.E.F.U.L. Method™

By now you get it, spend 75% of your time and resources on updating older content and 25% on new content. But hold on there, partner. Don’t just go wing it. Let me make this clear:




Knowing what to do and how are two different things. You need to know what content to prioritize, what update to do & how to do it. Let me be blunt:

⚰️ If you don’t know what you are doing, you might be digging your own site’s grave.

🚀 If you do it with C.A.R.E.F.U.L.™ method, there might be record breaking traffic and income heading your way.

What’s that, you ask? It’s…



The C.A.R.E.F.U.L.™ method was developed by Tony in 18 years of being online and making constant content updates. It comes from the second meaning of the word “Careful”: Done with or showing thought and attention.

This is important because like I said, if you don’t do things carefully, you might just make matters worse.



When your traffic and revenue are going down the drain, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. It seems like you should be doing everything at the same time. The result is you are stressed, burned out and to be honest some days you wonder if it’s the end of the adventure.

There is hope. Lots of it. Tony recovered from 4 updates with this method and an early version of it. So did I and many other niche site owners that Tony helped in the background.

Here’s how it works:

1️⃣Spot an underperforming article

2️⃣Deploy C.A.R.E.F.U.L.

🔁Rinse & repeat

✅Traffic snowball

If you look at the Search console screenshots on this page, some articles have been written and completely abandoned for months and even years. Once C.A.R.E.F.U.L.™ was deployed, the traffic started surging in as little as 10 days (The time to turnaround depends from site to site, of course)

But here’s the thing: ONE article bringing in more traffic than before might not do much in terms of overall traffic, but the traffic wins you get at the article level compounds bit by bit.

So the small wins you get end up becoming a huge snowball and that’s when you see the traffic and revenue start trending back up.


Article was ignored for a year. Bump is 10 Days after C.A.R.E.F.U.L. 

Article brought a trickle of traffic before dying. Then revived!

Completely ignored article for months. Huge traffic bump afterwards

Originally bringing traffic then not. Huge traffic increase after

Before: Moderate traffic. After: Huge traffic gains

A published & forgotten article is now bringing in huge amounts of traffic

Each article revived with C.A.R.E.F.U.L. = Huge compound traffic!

The C.A.R.E.F.U.L.™ Method is ONLY available in “Content Renaissance” 





It’s everything you need to…


I’ll be blunt: If your traffic and revenue is at a standstill or trending down, the last thing you need is more information. You need more action. That is why “Content Renaissance” is barely a “course” and more like an action-packed gameplan to soar your traffic and revenue to new heights. 


Leverage your most underutilized asset: Existing content that is not bringing in any traffic or revenue. Deploy the C.A.R.E.F.U.L.™ method to get the traffic you deserve from Google instead of taking the risk on new content.


There’s a time for new content. When your traffic and bottom line is taking a nosedive is NOT one of those times. Google already knows your older content so it makes your recovery that much faster if you focus on it instead.


The faster you can get your pre-existing content ranked is the faster you can make back the revenue you lost. That’s not all, C.A.R.E.F.U.L.™ also elevates your site in general so your ad revenue will also improve as an added benefit


You’ll also get access to closely guarded in-house tools that Tony developed for his site. This is the tools he uses daily to keep on top of his competitors and it’s all yours as part of this course


This is NOT theory. The C.A.R.E.F.U.L.™ method has been developed over 18 years and successfully recovered Tony’s site from 4 major updates. Tony’s methods even impressed the folks at Search Engine Land so much that they invited him to be a contributor.

 What if my traffic isn’t going down?


You might think you don’t need a content update because your traffic isn’t diminishing (it might even be growing). All I can say is: You need this more than you know!

I didn’t think it would happen to me until it did. One day my traffic was growing, the very next day it started to go down at break neck speed. Before I knew it 60%+ of my traffic and revenue evaporated. Tony himself was losing 50% of his traffic

So if you feel things are good for you right now, you have a golden opportunity skip the devastating consequences of an update (and the tears that go with it) by refreshing your content.

It’s not a matter of if but when an update hits 🥊 your site. Content Renaissance is for traffic recovery📈 AND safeguarding your site 🛡️against future updates.


What’s Inside Content Renaissance

Below is a fraction of what’s inside the “Content Renaissance” training program:

✅ Unfair advantage: How to reverse-engineer why any site is ranking above you

✅ Discover the keywords that’s been standing between you and your SEO success.

✅ Making your te********y sheet: It’s like Imagine having a magic map for your website’s content

✅ Skyrocket your site’s quality, consistency & traffic with your content “North Star”

✅ How to entice industry gurus to contribute to your site!

✅This simple tweet can lead to an expert interview.

✅ How to make your site irresistible to users AND Google


 ✅ What’s causing sites to plummet left and right and how you can avoid being next

✅ Discover a simple strategy that prioritizes pages to be updated for a fast turnaround

✅ The simple way to make boring content more digestible and engaging (users & Google love this!)

✅ What to put in your content to keep your readers glued to the page (for increased ad revenue)

✅ The simple way to attract more clicks even if you are NOT on the top spot

✅Traffic Magnet: 10 ways to make your content helpful in the eyes of Google

Optimizing your pre-existing content to win the featured snippets

Using ChatGPT to come up with angles that are irresistible to users and Google alike

Let GOOGLE itself show you how to interlink for more traffic & revenue


✅ Step-by-step to a crystal-clear blueprint for crafting SEO-rich content (for writers and editors alike)

✅ How to transforms GSC raw data into a powerful action plan for your website.

✅ Easily steal featured snippets with this AI prompt

✅ Transform your subheadings and watch your page soar to the Top!

✅ Look for these 4 things in your competitor’s headlines to beat them

✅ The AI prompt that adds missing keywords in the relevant place for you


✅ Keyword master: Command Google’s attention with stellar sentence structure

✅ Uncover the secrets to crafting Google-friendly sentences and paragraphs

✅ Here’s 19 places you can get a goldmine of highly relevant keywords ready for the picking

✅ Uncover the hidden treasures lurking in Google’s FREE tools that most SEOs overlook.

✅ How to ensure every article gets an expert’s touch.

✅ 170 Most common words found across the TOP RANKING articles for the most competitive keywords

Methods You’ve NEVER heard of before

I’ve probably spent over $20,000 over the years in my own niche site building education. I’ve learned more from Tony about driving traffic to a site than anyone else. He’s got tricks up his sleeves that you’ve probably never heard before in any course, even SEO. He’s the first you’ll hear talking about how sentence structure, not just keywords are the key to get Google to pay attention to you. There’s more but I’ll keep his techniques secret to keep the competitive advantage for those who get his course.

Better than content optimizers

If you think all you need to update your content is running through them to a content optimizer, you are simply missing out. You are not the only one using them and all that does is push out content that will be the same as your competitor. I like content optimizers myself and they are useful for getting your content up a few positions, but if you want to win the top spots, Tony’s methods are able to point out the 90% that content optimizers are blind to. His billion pageview track record is a testament that this works wonders.

A.I. prompts, Tools & Checklists for everything

Now is the absolute BEST time ever to update your site. Why? Because A.I. just makes everything that much easier. There’s tons of unique prompts in “Content Renaissance”. Everything that can be handed off to ChatGPT or your favorite chatbot is included. Also included are a suite of custom tools and checklists that Tony runs in-house to manage his main site that draws in 8 million pageviews per month.

Set it & Forget it: AUTOPILOT updates

What if your content could update itself while you are sleeping? It’s possible when you get your very own “Content Update System” that systematically deploys C.A.R.E.F.U.L.™ on your site. This system works for small publications just as well as large ones (Tony’s team updates 300 pieces of content a month without his input). So after the initial setup & outsourcing to get the ball rolling, you can truly set it and forget it and have your content updates on autopilot.

Includes forum access

Tony is always experimenting with new techniques and new prompts. If he changes something in his system and finds it to work better than before, it will be added to the course. Not only that you also get a special Fastacks sub-forum access where you can ask Tony questions if you ever need more clarity or added pointers.


Content renaissance is what Tony learned having 18 years of experience and generating well over a BILLION pageviews. It’s designed to take you by the hand on how to update your content for more traffic and revenue. So it’s pretty simple. This action-packed course is either helpful to you or we don’t want your money. That’s why we have a 30 day money-back guarantee. Give it a spin and see what it’s about. All we ask is PLEASE do not reveal anything you find in the course online.



" Our sites have been recovering "

I was hit hard by several Google updates. I’ve been using some of Tony’s tactics and feel they formed at least some of the reasons our sites have been recovering in Google. He had some ideas no others had prioritized, and helped me a lot with NLP, entities, and entity salience that are now so central in our SOPs.

– Jamie I.F.
Affiliate SEO and founder of Increasing


" Blows me away "

Every time I have a conversation with Tony, he blows me away.

Tony is next level when it comes to SEO, Pinterest traffic, content upgrades, Google discover traffic, and scaling your content. Behind-the-scenes, he’s doing things that most people would never even think about.

– Kim Roach
Founder of Insanely Good Recipes


" Learned more From him than anyone else"

Tony is someone to pay attention to in this business.
His mind-blowing threads in the FatStacks® forums are mini-courses on how to get traffic from several sources.
I’ve since gotten to know Tony and have learned more from him about driving traffic to niche blogs than probably anyone else I know. He’s methodical in doing and teaching all he does.

" Tony impresses me "

Tony’s expertise in SEO and web publishing is truly remarkable. His approach to these complex subjects is innovative, refreshingly practical, and highly effective, as evidenced by his swift recovery of search traffic following a major Google update.

Tony’s course goes beyond mere theory, offering tangible tools and intelligent AI prompts to streamline the process of content improvement. His deep and comprehensive understanding of web publishing continually impresses me

– Anne Moss
Portfolio owner /


" Unmatched "

Tony’s willingness to share the ins and outs of growing a site is unmatched—from the step by steps of improving salience scores to deep dives on driving a heap of Google and non-Google traffic to sites. Plus, he’s got a great last name.

– Shawn Hill
Successful niche site owner


" A wealth of insights"

 Tony has a wealth of insight on not only understanding what it is that Google’s algorithms and systems are built to reward, but also in translating that to actionable advice. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading his breakdowns of how he works to better understand what it is the user needs and meeting that need in the content he produces.

– Marie Haynes
SEO Consultant


" Deep experience & Expertise "

Tony clearly had deep expertise and experience in SEO, so I reached out and recruited him to write for Search Engine Land. His articles have not disappointed – and his first article will likely be one of the most-read contributor articles of the year. I look forward to reading much more from him in the future.

– Danny Goodwin
Managing Editor of Search Engine Land 

" Unique & Fresh "

 Tony looks at SEO from an engineer’s mind – and that means an insane amount of detail and, more importantly, a fresh perspective. Things that I’ve seen Tony accomplish are often predicated on techniques and strategies that are unique, fresh, and ever-changing – which is a huge advantage in today’s SEO climate, where AI is constantly pressing into efficiencies.

– Jesse Cunningham
SEO & YouTuber 

" An invaluable asset "

Tony Hill has proven to be an invaluable asset to our SEO agency. With his deep expertise and first-hand experience in SEO, meticulous approach to process, and unparalleled clarity in communication, he delivered an exceptional Deliverable that exceeded our expectations while staying under budget.

– Jared Bauman
201 Creative



🛑 This course is NOT for everybody. It’s only for action takers that are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. If you are the kind of person to twiddle their thumb while their traffic & revenue evaporate, please do us a favor and skip buying this course. This is for you if…

📉Your traffic and revenue is taking a nosedive. Don’t even think about it, just get this course because it was designed as an escape hatch for those who’ve taken a revenue & traffic hit. There’s all the training and custom tools you need for a swift turnaround.

📊You’re site is chugging along. Your traffic is either at a standstill or even growing. Well you need this course more than you know. Because it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when Google will throw you a curveball. After losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t update my content sooner.  

😓Newbie struggling to rank. Fair warning, this is an advanced course. But if you know the basics of keyword research, site building, etc. This is right about the best “How to make content that ranks like crazy” course out there. So if Google keeps ignoring your site, this course might just as well be your ticket to increased traffic & revenue.  


Wait, there’s MORE!


You not only get the main “Content Renaissance” course, you also get 5 free bonuses to go along with it. There’s tools and additional training to get you quick traffic & revenue wins. Read on for all about them…



With the keyword scanner tool, you can immediately spot your keyword gaps. Runs on your own Google Drive so you can keep it forever.

Want to know what keywords you’re missing on your page? Paste your article and your competitor’s articles in and you’ll instantly see the keyword gap between the articles. 

Yup, this is exactly what many SEO tools ask hundreds of dollars per month for that you get for free. Plus you are not limited to the top competitors either, paste in any article and you’ll instantly see what keywords you need to beat them. 

Run the list of 170 words that keeps popping over and over on the top ranking websites and you’ll immediately spot what you can add to boost your content.

Don’t be surprised if this in-house tool becomes a go-to to boost your site’s traffic. It is also extremely simple, making it fool-proof to send to a VA to figure out what needs to be done at all times. 





If your traffic isn’t going up or if it’s crashing down, it can all be boiled down to your site not being credible in the eyes of Google and users. The point of updating your content is of course to regain that credibility, but chances are there are a few things you can do to stop the bleeding right away.

If a user lands on your site and immediately hits the back button, it’s a strong signal that your site isn’t up to par. In this bonus training Tony reveals about 20 tactics that signal to Google (and users) that you are a credible source and that you deserve all the traffic you can get.

Best of all? You can do everything in 24hours (much less for a smaller site or 3 days for a huge site) and this is easily handed off to a VA to outsource.


Find out the 20+ things you can do to start earning Google & user’s trust in 24 hours




Get an unfair advantage: Easily decode what your competitors are doing to rank on Google

Your competitors are always showing you what to do if you want to rank. Page Optimizers are really good at analyzing text and images but they are mostly blind to other page factors.

This in-house tool helps you or your VA analyze your competitor’s pages for 50 elements that might be missing on yours. Simply add a check on what’s present on your competitor’s pages and you’ll have a ready-made gameplan to beat their content. 

It gets better. For a quick win, paste in your content’s URL and you’ll get a ready-made prompt for your A.I. Chatbot. It will guide you on what to add to your page & why.

While the course is one of the most rigorous when it comes to more traffic from existing content, this tool is pretty much worth the price of the course alone






Want a quick revenue & traffic booster? After reviewing many sites, Tony discovered that there are 3 levers that will improve almost everything.

These 3 levers will lead to more time on page, more pages viewed & more ads served (so more revenue!). There is also the added benefit of restructuring what your site is about in the mind of Google, hence the name Topical Paths.

This bonus course goes through the concept of Topical paths, how to use those levers and improve your site’s revenue optimization and SEO.

Best of all? Just like the all of this can also be done in 24h, much less if you are fast (Allocate much more time for giant sites of course)



3 Levers are your niche site’s quick wins for a revenue and traffic boost




3 Levers are your niche site’s quick wins for a revenue and traffic boost

The genie is out of the bottle and will never be put back: A.I. is there to stay. The question is what you are doing about it. You could just wait it out and let others decide your fate for you OR you can get this bonus course on how to A.I. proof your website.

Good content is no longer enough, you have to do a few things so that your website still thrives when everyone will be using an AI chatbot like Google SGE. There’s techniques in this training that you’ve likely not heard anywhere (and that’s a good thing, the last thing you want is your competitor using this strategy).

A.I. is here to stay so this is like a seat-belt for your niche site that ensures your site keeps earning and ranking in the future.


Note: These 5 bonuses are worth $1185 by themselves!


Tony’s “Content renaissance” course ALONE is worth $2997 and that would put it mildly. Why? Because it’s peanuts compared to the amount you’ll make when your traffic & revenue gets back. Add in the custom in-house tools (worth $594 alone) and the quick traffic & revenue boosters and the whole package is well worth  $4182.

Value: $2997 + $197 + $497 + $97 + $397 + $197 = $4182

You get $4182 worth of value for just… 


PRICE: $4182  ONLY $597

1 YEAR ACCESS TO Step-by-step Training + Forum + Tools – Guaranteed 30 days

✅ Content renaissance training
✅ Instant credibility formula training
✅ Content gap analysis tool
✅ Keyword scanner tool
✅ Topical Paths training
✅ A.I. Proofing your website training

✅ C.A.R.E.F.U.L.™ method
✅ A.I. prompts, checklists & tools
✅ Put content updates on autopilot
✅ Actionable, zero fluff training
✅ Private Fatstacks sub-forum access
✅ Guaranteed 30 days 


A whole year’s worth of access

You’ve got a full 365 days to go through the course at your own chill pace. After a year, it’s just $27/year to keep accessing the course and forum. By the way this is NOT a subscription, you will get the option to renew a few weeks before the time is up.

Since Tony commands 8 million pageviews per month that $27 is pocket change to keep access to his freshest tactics & the ability to ask questions on the forum.

If you don’t want to renew, the content update skills you get and your notes on the course are yours to keep forever. The tools and checklists, once copied on your account are also yours to keep forever!

But just so you know, Tony is a heavy tester and is always innovating, so the tiny annual renewal is simply an option for those who want to stay updated with the latest and greatest from Tony. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest, after all.




Here’s the bitter truth: If you haven’t been hit already, get yourself ready. It might be tomorrow, next month or maybe next year but the Google update will eventually detonate. You don’t think it will happen to you, but sites much bigger than yours with unlimited resources get hit, so it’s inevitable that yours too WILL eventually get hit

So your only choice is to either deploy C.A.R.E.F.U.L. on your site now or later. Here’s how both paths play out:



I hate to say it but I took the second path, thinking this would never happen to me. Let me tell you, watching your hard work going up in smoke and having your revenue evaporate isn’t fun. But probably the worst part is having to wake up everyday and having the happiness sucked out of you for months on end.

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. So…

👉 If your site is being hit right now, stop reading and consider this course your escape hatch

👉 If your site is on a plateau or chugging along fine, consider this course your insurance policy against Google throwing you a curveball at any time. With it you might just escape any evil plans Google has for your site.

I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of months because I didn’t have C.A.R.E.F.U.L.™ deployed. Once I did, I hit record revenues & traffic and so did Tony.

If your traffic is going down, get this course right away. If your site is stagnating or even growing a bit, you could wait until you get hit or your traffic goes down further to get Content Renaissance, but by then, it may be too late…so why take that risk and live with regret? Get this now and protect your site.




Fatstacks is trademark pending. Earnings disclaimer: All business implies risk and work. Please note that Tony and my results set out above are atypical and that there is no guarantee that you will enjoy similar or any results when you buy my course or any other materials. This is the same for all of the results that others are enjoying.

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