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Valid until seats full (Offer sent to 18,000 other niche site owners)



You’ve Seen Taylor in…

👉 Nothing helps more than having a coach by your side. Steve Jobs (Apple), Larry & Sergei (Google), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) all had a coach guiding them along the way. As a niche site publisher, this is something I desperately wish I had because I would have “made” it 5x faster. What took me 10 years could have been 2 years (or less).

Hence why I used to offer such a program a long time ago…but quickly shut it off. Why? It was taking time away from my portfolio of sites (my priority) and since I was in so many niches, it started to create a conflict of interest.

So I shelved this program. Until now.

Months ago, I met Taylor Kimball through a friend. His unique background piqued my interest. He was mentored directly from some of the best SEOs in the world (Matt Diggity, Kyle Roof & others), built a content team for a 7 figure SEO agency. 

Moreover, if you are into A.I., he’s been leveraging it for SEO early on. He even taught a course on the subject!

So it didn’t take long before I asked him to work on Fatstacks and I was thoroughly impressed by his action plan that will likely 5x my traffic.

His strategic & content-first approach was a delight in a world where SEOs rely mostly on backlinks. So I took a gamble and asked if he would work with a select few Fatstackers….and to my delight he agreed!

Here’s what this is all about…


Taylor Kimball, my SEO guy!

“His strategies produce real results”

I highly recommend Taylor’s SEO coaching services. He’s a pro at breaking down complex SEO concepts into practical steps, and his strategies produce real results. I’ve referred several people to him already, and they’ve all been impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. – Matt Diggity


👉 Picture this: you sprained your ankle and walk into a clinic. The Doctor rushes you in, doesn’t even ask your name, and prescribes you chest pain medication and eye drops without a word about your actual problem.

Shocking, right?

But the truth is, as niche site publishers, we’re just as guilty of this kind of reckless behavior when it comes to SEO. Just like eye drops won’t heal a sprained ankle, generic SEO tips won’t fix your website if you don’t have a clear “diagnosis” of what’s wrong.

That’s where coaching and consulting come in. It’s the only way to get a personalized plan to diagnose and treat your website’s specific issues, like navigation, content optimization, site speed, etc.

That’s why an SEO tactic can work phenomenally for one site, and be a waste of time for yours: Your site, your situation is unique!

I mean, does any of the below sound familiar?

📉Your niche site isn’t growing

🤷 You are questioning if this is all worth it

👁️ Publishing like crazy but losing impressions

🖱️ Pushing content out but losing Clicks

💥 You are downright losing traffic


♟️ You don’t have a clear gameplan 

🔋Unsure how to grow your site

🥱You ARE making money but overworking

🧮 You want to have a site portfolio

📝 Overwhelmed at the idea of scaling

In short, no matter where you are in your niche site journey and you are feeling confused and overwhelmed…This is for you!

Long term, evergreen growth “

I have known Taylor professionally for several years. His SEO area of expertise is content based problem solving. I have seen him work on many sites and achieve long term, evergreen growthKyle Roof


If any of the “symptoms” above ring true, Taylor can most likely help. But if you are a bit apprehensive about  letting a stranger near your niche site, I totally understand…

Because it’s just too damn easy to add the letters “S”,”E” and “O” in your Twitter bio and call it a day.

So who’s Taylor exactly? Long story short, he was a chef that traveled the world. Once he landed in Chiang Mai (SEO Capital of the world) it wasn’t long before he was bitten by the SEO bug, learned from the best and built a solid reputation as a guy that gets results.

In order to make him more familiar to you, I’ll give you 10 reasons why you should get a consult with the guy:

Traffic growth from Taylor’s strategies

1️⃣ You get my personal SEO guy

First and foremost, Taylor is my personal SEO guy, responsible for a lot of positive changes you’ll see soon with Fatstacks. Unlike previous SEOs I’ve had who served me a bunch of reports and platitudes, he genuinely cares for my site, treating it as his own.

Just like a devoted caretaker, Taylor will also treat your “baby” – your site – with the same level of dedication and attentiveness.


2️⃣ Mentored by the best SEOs in the world

Where does Taylor get his SEO chops? Not Youtube but directly from the best SEOs in the world. Not a hyperbole, he learned directly from Matt Diggity and Kyle Roof, two of the most highly-regarded names in the SEO industry.

Through their guidance and mentorship, Taylor has gained invaluable insights and knowledge that he will use to take your site to the next level.


3️⃣ Grow your site with content alone

Taylor’s main focus is on-page so if you don’t like the whole link-building thing, this is his strength. He is heavy on content optimization, content siloing, topical mapping and interlinking (Did I mention he learned from THE On-page SEO guy, Kyle Roof?). You’ll get a LOT from him if you are allergic to link-building.


4️⃣ Or with backlinks if you prefer

To each their own, right? If you want to build backlinks, Taylor is also well versed in Linkbuilding. In fact he got himself hired at a linkbuilding agency just so he could master the link-building aspect of SEO. Add to that his experience scaling teams and I consider him a one-man SEO army.


5️⃣ Increase your Ad rev & affiliate income

Want to increase your ad revenue? Taylor will help get you more traffic and point out where you can optimize your ad RPMs. Magic happens when you increase traffic & RPM!
That’s not all, Taylor’s got a lot of experience in affiliate SEO, he knows what converts and what doesn’t, the optimal content vs commercial ratio & more. (Did I mention he learned from THE Affiliate SEO guy, Matt Diggity?). So if you’re looking to increase your affiliate income or want to start exploring affiliate keywords, Taylor’s your guy.

6️⃣ Proven track record

Not going to get too much into that here, I’ll let the testimonials and traffic charts do the talking below. I’ll just say that (in my opinion) one of his most impressive feats is bringing back a site from the dead. It got hit by a huge algorithmic penalty and Taylor did some serious SEO magic here.


7️⃣ Leverage A.I. safely

Unless you want to be left behind in the dust by your competitors, you’ll have to use A.I. Taylor’s been leveraging this early on, way before it was a “thing”. In fact, he’s even got a popular course on the subject. Best of all? He’s developed a few strategies to integrate A.I. content in a manner that is unlikely to your site in Google’s crosshairs.

8️⃣ Scale your publishing operation

If you want to scale your site, you’re in luck too because Taylor has experience here. (Did I mention he’s like a one man SEO army?) He scaled a content team of a million dollar SEO agency from 2 to 12 members and cranked out the output from 70 to 200+ pieces of content (100,000+ words every month).

For the math inclined, this is more than your average novel! He created templates for all content orders, along with tracking spreadsheets, checklists and briefs for writers and editors. If you’ve dreamed of having a well oiled publishing machine, Taylor can really help there.

9️⃣ Experienced in multiple niches

Taylor has optimized multiple sites in different niches to improve on-page ranking factors in many niches like fintech, blockchain, manufacturing, eCommerce, SaaS & much more. What that means for you is that this guy actually DOES SEO and not one of those teachers that suspiciously all hang around Twitter. 

🔟 Get the best of both worlds

For those who’ve been around Fatstacks a while, you’re aware of my unique approach to niche sites. Naturally, Taylor is well-versed in my techniques, but what makes this collaboration exciting is the blend of his deep understanding of on-page SEO, interlinking, and siloing with my methods.

Together, it creates a potent SEO cocktail capable of elevating your site’s traffic to new heights.

#️⃣ Just an all around nice guy

Fatstacks is my baby and wouldn’t let anyone I’m not comfortable with near any Fatstackers. After being impressed by his SEO work & getting to know the guy, I can safely say that Taylor’s just an all around nice guy.

But don’t let his soft spoken demeanor fool you, this guy is a lethal SEO!




Site 1

This site was doing well enough as-is but wanted to expand. Progress was slow because of their content output but the results speak for themselves. What they needed:

✅ On-page optimization
✅ Content Gaps
✅ Reverse silo
✅ Small Link-building campaign

Site 2

This site is an Ecommerce store in a VERY competitive niche. They tried SEO before but didn’t quite work out and they were on a plateau. After a consult here’s what they needed:

✅On-page SEO
✅Reverse Content Siloing
✅ Content strategy




Site 3 was interesting because they wanted to STOP the traffic dip more than anything. They did and the traffic shot up anyways. What they needed:

✅On-page SEO
✅Reverse Content Siloing
✅Content strategy



This site was ranking well for a few years and got an algorithm penalty. They recovered with no backlinks and only 50% of recommendations. What they needed:

✅Topical authority
✅Technical issues
✅Site speed & design
✅ Indexing





Valid until seats full (Offer sent to 18,000 other niche site owners)




Leveraging Your Quick Wins

Ad & RPM Optimization

Pinpoint Technical SEO Issues

Recovering Traffic Drops

Integrating A.I. Content Safely

Keyword Research

Selecting Your Money Niche

Creating Your Topical Map

Creating Your Content Strategy

Optimizing Your Site Architecture

Brainstorming Your Backlink Strategy

Creating Reverse Silos

Anchor Text Management

Buying Quality Links

Mastering Google Search Console

Optimizing Your On-Page SEO

Scaling Your Content Output

Help With Hiring & Training Staff 

Optimizing Your Schema

Setting Up Processes & SOPs

Get help, no matter what stage you’re at

No matter where you are in your niche site journey, you can get that much more ahead with a consultation. The more advanced will love Taylor’s scaling and in-depth SEO experience while beginners will absolutely love his ability to make complex concepts simple. 


No website, no niche, no problem. Taylor can help you get the best head start. If you do have a site that’s just starting you can get a helping hand with your keyword research, topical map, etc.


If you have a site that’s starting to have traction, or maybe it stagnated, Taylor can help take it to the next level with SEO audits, On-page optimization, reverse silos & more


If you are ready to move to the next site & scale, or maybe you are spending too much of your own time on your site. Taylor can help you scale with hiring a team & making processes. 


If you need help with anything related to niche sites, SEO, affiliate & display ads, the answer is likely YES, Taylor can help you with it. He’s got mentored by the best SEOs in the biz, and to give you an idea of what kind of guy he is…He even worked for a link building agency to fill in the final gap in his understanding
of SEO (!) What a guy.



“I highly recommend Taylor’s SEO Coaching”

I highly recommend Taylor’s SEO coaching services. He’s a pro at breaking down complex SEO concepts into practical steps, and his strategies produce real results. I’ve referred several people to him already, and they’ve all been impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. – Matt Diggity

“Incredibly valuable”

What sets Taylor apart is his ability to simplify complex concepts and provide actionable steps that are easy to follow.

He is a patient, knowledgeable, and supportive coach who has helped me to fill in the gaps in my SEO knowledge and develop an effective strategy.

His insider tools and tricks have also been incredibly valuable in helping me to optimize my website and improve its ranking.

– Jen

“Smart about SEO & strategy”

Right now, my website is way different than it was before, and it’s moving into the authority, real business direction. It’s not just another niche website anymore

The most important thing is, Taylor is not only smart about SEO but also about business in general.

He can choose the proper strategy depending on which level you are currently on and can tell you what long-term plan you should stick with.

Can’t recommend this guy more! – David

“Clear & actionable insights”

I already had a solid understanding about the concept of SEO, but did not really know how to get started with it.

Taylor helped me with clear and actionable insights to put the puzzle pieces together and to finally kickoff my website content marketing strategy.

– Benny

“Significantly impacted our rankings”

I was amazed by Taylor’s extensive knowledge and ability to explain complex concepts clearly and concisely, which made it easy to understand and implement SEO strategies.

His ability to customize strategies to fit our business needs sets Taylor apart from other SEO consultants.

He takes the time to understand our goals and target audience, and his recommendations have significantly impacted our search engine rankings.

– Zee 

Long term, evergreen growth “

I have known Taylor professionally for several years. His SEO area of expertise is content based problem solving. I have seen him work on many sites and achieve long term, evergreen growthKyle Roof

He’ll treat your site as his own “

I never believed I’d let anyone near Fatstackers whom I protect…But Taylor impressed me. He’s been mentored by the best (Matt Diggity, Kyle Roof & others) and his work on my site has been eye-opening.

That’s why I fully trust him to help you with your niche sites. He’ll treat them as his own

Newbies will love him for making concepts & the next steps clear, advanced site owners will enjoy his process-oriented approach that drives results. – Jon Dykstra

Select your package:

If you’re someone who wants to focus on a specific area or two (like Interlinking, On-page, etc), then the on-off packages are an excellent option for you. However, if you’re seeking additional support and guidance, then the monthly package would be more suitable. And, if you’re looking for an SEO expert to be your sidekick and work closely with you, then the monthly Done With You package with Taylor is the perfect choice.


Ideal if you have one site with one main issue you need help with


  • One off payment
  • Initial discovery call
  • One consultation call (2h+)
  • Call recording
  • Actionable SEO plan


Ideal if you have multiple sites or one large site requiring extensive help


  • Monthly, ongoing consults
  • Initial discovery call
  • Two monthly calls (2h+ each)
  • Call recordings
  • Unlimited email access
  • Actionable SEO plan
  • Cancel anytime




Ideal if you have one site with multiple issues you need help with


  • One-off payment
  • Initial discovery call
  • Two monthly calls (2h+ each) for 3 months
  • Call recordings
  • Unlimited email access
  • Actionable SEO plan
  • Save $590



Actionable priority list comes with all packages

1️⃣ Initial 15 Minute discovery call

Once you select your package above, you’ll receive a short questionnaire about you and your goals. Once complete, you’ll get an initial 15 minute discovery call so that Taylor can 100% understand you and your site.

2️⃣ Your site gets a deep-dive

Based on your answers and that discovery call, Taylor will do a deep-dive on your site to figure out your quick wins, technical SEO issues, growth opportunities & more.

3️⃣ 2 Hour Consulting call & action plan

Once he’s done, you’ll get another call where it is the consulting proper. In this hour-long call (usually more) Taylor tells you exactly how to grow your site based on his findings. Once that is done you’ll get your personal “Just-tell-me-what-to-do” actionable SEO gameplan.


4️⃣ MONTHLY PACKAGE: All the above on an ongoing basis

Selected a monthly package? The initial steps are the same. The difference is you get 2x calls per month and unlimited email access. Not sure about linking A or B? Shoot an email. This group of keywords or the other? Shoot an email. Excluding holidays, you’ll get an answer within 24 hours on weekdays.

5️⃣3x MONTHS PACKAGE: Same service level as monthly, but for 3 months

Selected a 3x Months package? You get everything in the monthly package: 2x calls per month and email access to Taylor. But the big difference here is that this is not on-going, it is only one payment and you will get access to Taylor’s expertise for 3 months. 

Fatstackers ❤️love Taylor!

“Incredibly Eye-Opening”

Working with Taylor was incredibly eye-opening. We went through every section of my site and he helped identify a number of quick wins and longer-term fixes that will improve not only SEO, rankings, and traffic, but every visitor’s overall experience.

The process was relaxed and not rushed at all. Taylor took his time explaining everything and answering all my questions. The best part of this consult is working with a trusted and knowledgeable expert who’s able to provide actionable takeaways so I’m not just shooting in the dark when trying to make my site better.”

Barron Cuadro

If your site has issues, he’s qualified

“I had a consultation with Taylor, and found him to be extremely on the ball and keen to get into the nitty gritty. He was always keen to hear any questions that I had, and to make sure that everything was fully understood.

He’s not the kind of person with one eye on the clock and I didn’t at any stage get the feeling that he was in a rush to get finished.

Overall I’d give him 5 tacos, so if you’re thinking that you have issues with your site that need fixing, he’s definitely qualified for the job.”


“Practical/actionable advice”

“I have to give a big thumbs up to Taylor. He knows his stuff really well, has practical / actionable advice for almost every issue, explains everything in an easy-to-understand manner and put together a very helpful, customized action plan. When I had more detailed questions he went the extra mile to put together videos just to answer them. Way to go!”


“Highly actionable”

“The consulting call with Taylor was very comprehensive and highly actionable.

It provided great clarity on the way forward, and I’m currently implementing the follow-up plan. I found the call valuable, and I highly recommend Taylor’s services.”


“Exceeded my expectations”

I recently had the pleasure of joining Taylor on a consultation call and the experience exceeded my expectations.

The moment we began, I was struck by Taylor’s warmth and his knack for making complex technical SEO strategies accessible. His insight was not confined to SEO alone; he went above and beyond, offering comprehensive advice that opened new avenues for the growth of my online business.”


“Fantastic Insights”

“It was a pleasure to work with Taylor. He was organized, timely and thorough. He gave me some fantastic insights into the performance of my site and really clear and actionable next steps. I am recommending him to everyone I know who needs help with their website.”

Amanda O Brian

📝 Terms & Conditions

While Taylor’s gonna give you all he’s got, sharing his SEO experience, skills, and focus…we can’t promise any specific results. There are just too many things we can’t control. So by proceeding with payment, you acknowledge that results are not guaranteed, and you agree not to hold Fatstacks (Including associates) or Taylor responsible for the outcomes related to this service.

Also, since we can’t get time back, we cannot do refunds – all sales are final.

For the monthly packages, feel free to cancel whenever you want. A little heads up would be nice, though! If you change your mind and wanna come back, we can’t promise it’ll be right away. We’ll do our best to squeeze you in, but only when a spot opens up.


👉 This is not for everybody

I’ll be blunt: The Fatstacks coaching program is NOT for everybody. If you are lazy, impatient and unmotivated, this is not for you. If you have sites that are in gambling, adult or anything remotely illegal, this is not for you (Political topics are A-OK)

If you have no funds left after the mentorship investment, again this is not for you. Please budget at least 3-6 months if you already have a site up and running, more if your site has little traffic.

If however you are a dedicated person that is in it for the long run, who sees the incredible value coaching can bring to your site, you are the perfect candidate.


Get Personalized  advice on growing your site

“Boost in my rankings & earnings”

When I met Taylor my website was stuck and I felt like my business is not moving forward.

Few months earlier I had an audit, no one talked to me about my website and at the end I only received a few pages of reports from various tools, without actual analysis or clear tasks to do to improve my website.

The consultation with Taylor was a completely different experience. He took his time to analyze my website and talk with me about my goals, important pages and what should be done to get more traffic.

He found mistakes that I was making and some quick wins – changes that I was able to make very easily to boost my rankings and earnings in a short period of time.

After the consultation Taylor prepared for me a spreadsheet with all important and urgent things to do on my website, each with a specific priority – which helped me a lot to implement all those changes on my website.

He also gave me a lot of tips for hiring the right people to push my business to the next level.

Overall super helpful consultation! -Martyna

Results from just ONE Consult


Are you ready to get more traffic & income to your niche sites? Then don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the Fatstacks coaching program and have Taylor personally guide you every step of the way.

But hurry, there’s only 12 seats available and they always go by FAST, sometimes in an hour. Once the seats are filled, the program closes and you’ll miss out on this exclusive chance to work with Taylor until spots open again.

And remember, this offer is being sent to thousands of others, so there’s a chance the cart will refuse the order (it’s capped at 12), in this case you will be put on a waitlist.

So Invest on your site now. Click below:





Valid until seats full (Offer sent to 18,000 other niche site owners)



100% Traffic increase

Our organic traffic has increased by 100% over the past four months. Taylor’s way of communicating ideas and next steps were clear and concise, which made it easy for me to understand what needed to be done.  -Liam 

Do you need Jon's course for this?

While getting my course is recommended, this is not a requirement. Just come as you are and Taylor will help you out. He’s loved by beginners because he makes complex SEO simple.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who is into niche sites, even if you don’t even have a site yet. There’s a handful of decisions that you will make that will make or break your site, so the earlier you are in the process, the more valuable an extra pair of eyes become.

If you are more advanced, Taylor scaled the content team for a 7 figure SEO agency and he will help you take your site to the next level.

What are the discovery calls?

The discovery calls are 15 minute long calls where Taylor discovers more about you, your site & your goals. This informs him what to focus on while looking at your site

How long are the calls?

Technically these are 1 hour long but they usually go to one hour and a half.

Are there requirements?

There are no requirements to enroll into any of the coaching packages.

However please understand that this is NOT for you if you are unmotivated or impatient.

If you also have no funds left after the coaching, this is again not recommended for you.

So while there are requirements per se, we only want SERIOUS niche site owners for this.

Which plan should I select?

If you have one site and one area or topic you need to cover, for example link-building or Information architecture, select a one-off session.

If you have multiple areas you need help with, the 3x month plan is suitable.

If you have a portfolio of sites or if your site needs extensive help, the monthly program is better.

Will keywords be provided for my niche site?

This depends on the plan.
For the one-off consults, no. It doesn’t makes sense unless thats all you want as part of your consultation focus.
For the Monthly plan/ 3 month plan yes it’s included, but it’s limited to to a few topics.

Do I need to give site access?

In order to fully understand your site, access to Google Search Console is a must. This is because AHREFS data isn’t accurate enough for his precise methods. If you don’t have GSC or really do not want to give access that is somewhat ok but recommendations might be inaccurate.

Fatstacks is trademark pending. Earnings disclaimer: All business implies risk and work. Please note that my results set out above are atypical and that there is no guarantee that you will enjoy similar or any results when you buy my course or any other materials. This is the same for all of the results that others are enjoying.

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