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  1. If only I would have found this site sooner!
    I’m the owner, or perhaps, I am owned by my company I bootstrapped over in 2018.

    To be clear I’m the first to ever attend college and used my savings to start a biotech laboratory specializing in Multispecies genotyping, DNA/RNA automated extractions, and a few other things I won’t bore you with.

    I came across your podcast after listening to other’s that kept mentioning your method of creating passive income via blogging. This was something I knew the lab needed to do.

    While listening to one of your recent guests speak about his children’s book success, he said something that floored me. He stated (paraphrasing) “I ‘invested’ $300 needed to make sure I got my money back”. What’s amazing is his dedication to his idea and investment of $300 was no more and no less important than an investment to start a biotech company. The only exception is he realized a ridiculous ROI.

    Assuredly your guests represent a diverse spectrum of experience and education forcing me to realize my previous corporate experience and education (MBA and Law degree from a tier one university) is meaningless if I do not have the insight and expectations of ROI regardless of the initial investment.

    Should you be asked if formal education is a prerequisite to entrepreneurship please share this comment. Please. Nothing prepares you to compete except competition. No Ivey League teaches Pinterest 6100, or the difference between an Rinsta and a Finsta. Rather the focus is bifurcated, you can either choose a path of accelerating the growth of other people’s money or doing social good for other people’s businesses.
    Trying to hybridize that model started my company with great intentions first, not how will I make money. After nearly $1M invested, I’ve had just enough business to keep going (often a curse) and I’ve not yet paid myself.
    Still I’m not giving up, rather, I’ve rallied my team and we’re determined to leverage content in a way the competition has not!

    In Summary
    The cliché “Go Big or Go Home” was either never good advice or from a bygone era. It seems $300, believing in yourself, and hard work “Goes Big enough to stay Home!”
    Thank you for creating this site and bringing real entrepreneurs to share their success!

    M T

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