RPM to EPMV Calculator
Welcome to my RPM to EPMV and EPMV to RPM calculators.

First, what does RPM and EPMV mean?

  • RPM: Revenue per 1,000 page views.
  • EPMV: Earnings per 1,000 visitors.

What’s the difference between RPM and EPMV and why does it matter?

The difference is significant. RPM will be a smaller number and if you buy traffic, is not the best number to rely on. RPM simply reports how much your per page views. If a visitor on average visits 3 pages, you have no idea how much you pay per visitor. Since most paid advertising platforms charge per click or report per click, it’s really important to know how much you earn for each click or per 1,000 clicks.

For example, suppose you buy Facebook traffic. Facebook reports to you that you’re paying $.10 per click. However, AdSense reports a $20 RPM and 8 page views per session. That’s not apples to apples. Sure, you can do the calculation on your own, but if you prefer not thinking, this page can help. The EPMV in this example would be $160, which is $.16 per visitor. If you’re paying $.10 per click, that’s a very profitable Facebook ad campaign.

The first calculator converts your RPM to EPMV. We also provide the earnings per single visitor to save you having to divide EPMV by 1,000 in the event you track ad costs per click. The second converts EPMV to RPM in the event you need that calculation.

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