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What is the Rank n’ Bank blogging strategy?

Read the definition of the Rank n' Bank content strategy.

Rank n’ Bank is a term I coined for a content strategy that focuses on ranking lucrative keywords (high traffic and/or high buyer intent).  It’s the opposite strategy to Crank n’ Bank.

Because these keywords are highly competitive, inbound links are necessary.  In most cases, a link building campaign must be deployed.

Most content of this nature is monetized with affiliate links which can generate extraordinary revenue per 1,000 visitors (EPMV).

A site that deploys Rank n’ Bank seeks to earn vast sums of revenue from relatively few pages.  The site may have additional lower-earning content but it’s there solely to aid in ranking the “money pages””.

This is a great strategy for folks who like doing SEO – both on site and off site SEO.

Link Crank n’ Bank, this strategy takes time to see results because even with an aggressive link building campaign, it can take time to rank for highly competitive keywords.

Note that while most of these pages rely on affiliate marketing for revenue, this strategy can be monetized with display ads on pages that target keywords with huge monthly search volume (50,000+ monthly searches).


The keyword “best running shoes” is an example of an article that deploys this content strategy.