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  • When starting out, it's certainly not easy building a successful niche site... let alone 2, 3 or more.
  • I own a fleet of successful niche sites and have earned a good living from these sites for 5 years.
  • When I started, I wish I knew then, what I know now.
  • I'm excited to reveal a few key methods I use across my growing digital business... keep reading.

Jon Dykstra, Publisher of Fat Stacks Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Jon Dykstra, niche website business owner and publisher of Fat Stacks Entrepreneur.


"Over the course of 6 years I've developed 2 very different, but both very effective approaches to niche websites... that can be combined for something even better!"

You can do one, both or combine them for what I call the "hybrid" approach.  Read on for all the details!

I remember like it was yesterday when I realized how FUN, EXCITING and PROFITABLE the internet could be for businesses.  I was a new partner in a professional services firm and needed clients.

I didn't have a big marketing budget.  I certainly couldn't take out a 2 page spread in the Yellow Pages.

Interestingly I wasn't a tech guy at all either.  Other than a Hotmail account, I only used the internet to the news.

Faced with a need for more clients and knowing ziltch about internet marketing, we decided to focus the marketing budget into online advertising.  The big investment was a website and more importantly, a web developer that also knew SEO.  While there were many website developers who could create a site, we splurged on a firm that also did and advised on SEO.  The cost was three times other quotes, but in the end it was worth every penny.

Long story short, the web developer we hired set us up with a blog (before WordPress was all that popular) and told me to start blogging for our firm.  I became a blogging maniac.  I published articles as often as I could.  I regurgitated everything I knew about the profession into an ever growing series of blog posts.  

The thing is, once I understood SEO, blogging made sense, so I did it with gusto.

Within 6 months we were getting quite a few new clients. Within 12 months we ranked for many excellent Google searches.  I was busier than ever.  The internet proved to be insanely powerful as a marketing channel.

What happened next was life-changing! 

I was busier than ever with new clients and of course blogging for our business.  I also read everything I could about SEO and blogging.  It didn't take long to realize I could make money blogging on all kinds of topics.  I gave it a shot.

Within 2 years, I had built sites that combined generated 5 figures per month.

It became clear to me I was more interested in blogging and marketing online than practicing my profession.  I made the switch.

3 Years ago I changed the way I monetized my sites and have never looked back!

Unfortunately early in my online career I read and believed some very, very bad advice.

That advice was "display ads are the worst way to monetize a website."

I took that to heart and focused on affiliate marketing and doing marketing for local businesses.  I really internalized the "AdSense is bad" mantra.  That was a HUGE mistake.

Fast forward to 3 years ago... I decided for the heck of it to try AdSense.  I was feeling experimental so that's what I did.  Amazingly I made something like $50 the first day with terrible placement on a mediocre website.

That blew my mind.  

I was hooked on display ads.  I never looked back (although I still do plenty of affiliate marketing of course... it's just now I'm nicely diversified).​

I wish I had built niche websites like this when I started my niche site business

TI don't even want to think about how much money I gave up believing display ads are bad for monetizing websites.

The truth of the matter, display ads are bad for SOME types of websites, but are AMAZING for most niche sites.  I was never told that before; sadly, I figured that out on my own.​

Now I have total freedom to earn far more publishing the type of content I like publishing!

If you've done any serious affiliate marketing, you know the drill; you must write and publish the most boring websites on the planet.  It's long form e-commerce.  Plenty of reviews, charts and anything that pre-sells products.  It gets old.  The worst part your creativity is shackled.

AdSense and display ads in general unshackle the affiliate marketing constraints because you can monetize almost any topic.  It's so enlightening to be able to earn money writing about what you like to write about (or publish about).

 ​Building a great website you're proud of is only possible when you're free to publish on topics you and your audience care about.

3 Mistakes I Used to Make:

  • Only 1 revenue stream.
    For way too long I focused on affiliate marketing.  I don't even want to think about how much I lost with this limiting mindset.
  • Swung for the fences (along with everybody else).
    Because I focused on affiliate marketing, I targeted the same keywords as everyone else in every niche.  Sure, ranking for a great "buyer" keyword is great, but it ain't easy.  It's much easier to publish on very specific topics that don't sell by going after longer tail keywords.
  • Failed to truly leverage sites for optimal revenue.
    For years I published a variety of affiliate sites, but failed to really blow them up to their full potential by serving broader audiences and getting WAAAAY more traffic.  These days I fully leverage every niche site enjoying multiple revenue streams whenever possible.

3 tweaks to my approach made all the difference in the world...

My first foray into AdSense was surprisingly successful.  I was delighted because I immediately recognized the potential of display ads.  

I went on to spend 3 years building out a huge niche site that earns the lion's share of revenue from display ads.  During those 3 years I've spent countless hours testing what does and does not work.

The Secret Formula for a Successful Niche Website Is...

The formula for a successful niche website is:  Traffic + Monetization = Revenue.

That's it.

While seemingly easy, there are a lot of moving parts.

For 3 years I've built up a few insanely successful niche websites, all of which are monetized in different ways... but my most profitable website makes its money from display ads.  Yup, it totally bucks the trend from so many other niche sites.

I'm not saying you need to give up affiliate marketing; far from it.  What I'm saying is expand and diversify what you're already doing with display ads.  Affiliate commissions + display ad revenue = diversified revenue, which is important for longevity.  

And then there's traffic.  You need it to earn a living online.  That's also something I've spent thousands of hours working on and testing.  Fortunately these days there are many traffic sources including Google, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and even many low cost paid sources.

I've done 'em all.  I still do them all.  The more traffic, the more revenue.  It's that simple.

And while I'm not the only person to build up a successful niche site business, the fact I earn over $20,000 per month doing so means I know a thing or two about this type of business.

And that's where my course comes in...

Introducing my Popular Course (1,400+ Sold):

"Niche Tycoon"

Niche Tycoon, which was fully updated at the end of 2016, contains over 50 video tutorials as well as 30+ written lessons setting out in minute detail exactly how I built up my niche site business.

In fact, I don't share just one type of niche site I publish.

I reveal 3 different types of niche sites I publish.  It's 3 courses in one.  You can pursue all 3 or choose one model and run with it.  The 3rd is what I call a hybrid of the two, which isn't always possible in every niche, but when it is possible, you can build something very, very powerful.

Course Lessons:

Niche Tycoon consists of 87 lessons, 50 of which are video lessons.  Here's what you get:

  • The BIG Picture
  • Proof of Success
  • Choosing a Niche
  • Website Set Up
  • Keyword Research
  • Content
  • Monetizing with Display Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing (deploying a hybrid monetization strategy is very smart whenever possible)
  • SEO
  • Facebook traffic
  • Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and Twitter
  • Buying Traffic (Facebook)
  • Email marketing
  • Video Traffic
  • The NEXT Level: Database Niche Sites
  • B2B Niche Sites (Lower traffic, higher value)... also covers the hybrid B2B/B2C concept.

Niche Tycoon has undergone 3 MAJOR updates and sold over 1,400+ copies since it's launch in 2015.  It was fully updated with my latest methods in 2017.

What started out as a modest PDF e-book has grown into an extensive 87 lesson course which includes 50 video tutorials.   

Here's what a few customers have to say about Niche Tycoon

Hey Jon,

just wanted to touch base about your NT product and a complaint I have about it. I thought about this product and purchasing it for about 3 days before deciding to go for the purchase. Usually I am pretty spontaneous but monetary restrictions and lack of success with past programs have taught me to be more selective.

So I took the leap yesterday and spent my last dollars to buy it. Started reading the material right away but had to slow due to life demands. Woke up at 4:30am to make time to go through the material, right now I am at Lesson 15. Then went and looked at a few of the lessons further down the list.

Here is my complaint, you see I am having trouble because there is so much damned good - no great information here that I am chomping to get through the info to get started! I am so excited with the level of detail and the sharing and the way you made the training easily digestible, but there are soooo many and the information provided is soooo goood! that my ADHD is taking off and distracting me.

So to calm myself down and stick to the plan to FINALLY make some money online - dude, I have been doing this for over 13 years with no real success! I think I am finally getting it and your program is helping pave the way for me.

Well, back to my FOCUS. Thanks for a very very good training program with too much fantastic information. The reviews on the sales page seemed to be real and now I can see that they were, its up to me to take action now.

JM Stax 

Hi Jon.

Thank you again for the help, my blog has shot up from 100 visitors a day to over 600 in 3 months time. All thanks to you.


When it comes to easy-to-follow, highly detailed and incredibly lucrative business blueprints, Jon is THE man. I was lucky enough to have Jon walk me through his new business model a few months back.

Within my first 30 days of launch, I’m already seeing a 150% avg ROI on my ad spends and revenues approaching triple digits per day. I’ve also been able to replicate CPCs as low as $.05/click across multiple ad campaigns. The beauty of this system is that you only need a few bucks a day to get started, and how fast you scale it is totally up to you.

For anyone looking to get started with paid traffic, this is definitely the fast-track. Jon’s a massive action-taker who puts 110% effort into everything he does online, and this guide is no exception. Jon’s also an amazing teacher. All of the steps are laid out for you in painstaking detail and the results can easily be duplicated. You couldn’t ask for a better guide. This gets my highest recommendation.

Mike E.

1,400+ Sold to Date!​

Sorry, no longer available


I offer a no-questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. 

A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

Jon - You deserve a hardy thank you for your customer focused, spirit of service and value delivered.


Hi Jon, It’s only been about 5 days since I first contacted you. I just wanted to let you know that if this keeps up (and even gets better after the holiday ads are gone), then you have sincerely changed my life.

I was profitable on day 3, and incredibly profitable yesterday and even more so at this point today. Not every article is a winner, but you can manage that with targeting and optimizing. I only really have 2 really profitable articles out of 13 or 14 so far, but maybe 2 or 3 others are showing potential once they are optimized. Beyond that, I’ve already thought of an absolutely killer niche for another site that I’m starting this week.

I don’t know if this is typical or if I just got lucky. It seemed like the stars aligned with your process because it makes use of all of the skills that I have. I’ve done niche websites. I’ve managed a writing company with over 30 contractors so I know how to write content, how to get it written, etc. I’ve dabbled in paid traffic the past few months after selling my writing company. The only thing I’ve never done is the social media. I haven’t even started that or the Youtube videos yet, and I’m getting results like this. It’s amazing.

I followed your blueprint very closely without deviating much. I studied all of your blog posts and income reports for any extra tips. Just know that your course, as is, works tremendously well if people follow it.

Justin S.

Hey Jon, Just wanted to say THANK YOU for such an amazing course! I’ve been publishing niche websites for around 5 years with my main traffic source being organic SEO.

I was having very good success until Google started to roll out with all their Panda and Penguin updates which affected a lot of my rankings and revenue. After reading your course, I’m now taking a different approach on how I publish content on my websites. I’m still creating content for organic search engine traffic but I’m also creating content for paid traffic.

The results using paid traffic have been phenomenal! I started a brand new website 5 months ago and structured it following exactly what you teach in your course. Then I created some campaigns with small budgets on Facebook. At first a lot of the campaigns were just breaking-even or losing money. I kept on testing with different types of topics that my social audience liked and shared. I started seeing some profits with some campaigns, so I optimized and scaled all the winning campaigns and paused all the losers.

Today, I’m now consistently profiting around $200.00 a day off this one website!!! And this is just the beginning for this site, as my Facebook fan page audience keeps growing and my email list grows, and I start getting some organic search engine traffic, this site will be way more profitable. Using paid traffic as a traffic source makes it really simple to scale up your winning campaigns, something I could never do with just organic search engine traffic as a single traffic source.

Thanks to your course I’m not worried about Google updates anymore since now I have multiple traffic streams coming into my website! Again THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating such a great course! I’ve purchased some expensive marketing courses in the past, some around the $3,000 mark! Those courses don’t even come close to this one! Your course is filled with actionable steps, which can be easily implemented.

Lionel C. 

First of all I’d like to say thank you for the awesome Niche Tycoon guide. I found your blog a few weeks ago and I instantly purchased both your ebooks, because I really liked your concept about website monetization.

I paid for various courses from $20 to $3,000 before and it was only Niche Tycoon which helped us to grow dramatically within a short period of time. It’s actionable, easy to understand and INSPIRING!

This is the first guide where I implemented nearly all of the suggestions and results were instantly delivered. Stable DOUBLE INCOME in 30 days. Two of our niche sites are making $5000 a month now.


Your new videos alone are worth the price.

I just wanted to thank you for this really great update of your already fantastic course. I bought it a few weeks ago and was just blown away by the density of information. Your course is one of the very few I honestly can and do recommend.

Others demand 200 Dollars or even more for less valuable content. You provide really great guidelines potentially worth many thousands of Dollars if someone is willing to put in the necessary work.

Alex K. 

Jon makes the course simple and comprehensive. What needs to be done and how needs to be done is clearly presented. I highly recommend you this course so that YOU can avoid the pain of overwhelm and GET extraordinary results in shortest time

I bought the first version of Jon's course more than 2 years ago. It was one of the best courses I've ever taken in terms of showing a person how to build an online media property that could generate a 6-figure income from ad revenue, while also building an asset that could be sold for a large exit. Even 2 years later, Jon is still providing free updates ALONG WITH creating additional modules showing his newest strategies. He's done this without charging me a penny or asking for anything in return. This should tell you two things:

1. He really cares about the continued success of his customers. But more importantly...

2. He actually makes his money from the strategies he teaches. If he didn't, he wouldn't be able to continue updating the course and providing his previous customers with the newest strategies that he's using. Instead, he would be too busy trying to launch new courses he could sell me - like most of the self-proclaimed internet marketing experts out there. That's how you know Jon's the real deal and knows what he's talking about.

Thanks a bunch Jon!

Robert B.

As an Affiliate Marketer since 2011, I appreciate cutting-edge information on what is working in 'Niche' marketing. Jon Dykstra's Niche Tycoon not only teaches an excellent system step by step but as Jon discovers new methods that are working for him he constantly updates the course and shares it with us. I recommended it as one of the best Niche courses currently available.
Steve Cooper

Niche Tycoon is one of the most comprehensive training systems I have ever encountered at an unbelievable price.

What Jon Dykstra shares here with Niche Tycoon is a step-by-step method for creating a real business, complete with suggested resources (both free and paid), and an updated model for 2017 that looks extremely powerful.

If you're looking for an online business model that can generate multiple streams of income from various traffic sources, get Niche Tycoon.

E. McKearney

Thanks for the most excellent updates for your course, now based in video. I have been impressed with the quality of your teaching and the radical thinking, of which you are unique in the IM world, in my opinion. What impresses me the most is that you have provided updated material to your course free of additional charge! I have seen few if any marketers do this and I can't tell you how impressive this is.

I also like reading your Blog, which contains a wealth of information including updates on your income streams.

In summary, I think your great and a real breath of fresh air in a world full of cash grabbing marketers. You deserve the highest praise and please keep up the good work.

Paul T.

"I highly recommend Jon Dykstra and Niche Tycoon. I've used Niche Tycoon as the basis for my success.

You need to learn from one person, someone you can trust, when you start in Internet marketing. Niche Tycoon is the product, Jon Dykstra is the teacher. Jon has my highest recommendation.

Michael Mace

here's an old saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." If you are done with trying multiple courses from the same old "gurus," then Jon and his Niche Tycoon course is exactly what you've been looking for.

His course is very comprehensive, well laid out, and is focused on results. While it's simple to follow, his process is not some "get rich quick" scheme, which is all too common in internet marketing. After all, anything worth doing requires work. Jon is the real deal though and truly wants to see his customers succeed. His information and process (and updates!!) are

truly worth every penny.

Mark T.

Jon Dykstra, Publisher of Fat Stacks Entrepreneur

Jon Dykstra
Creator of Niche Tycoon

About Jon Dykstra

Niche Tycoon is based on my niche site business that I've built over several years.  I hold nothing back.  I cover 3 different types of sites, all of which are an important part of my niche site business.

I'm absolutely positive you'll learn something, if not a lot of new ideas and approaches in my course (I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee).  Much of what I teach and do is based on trial and error as I built up my niche site over time.

When I'm not running niche sites, I hang out with my beautiful wife and 2 amazing boys!


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