The Niche Sniper guide has been added to Niche Tycoon and will no longer be sold as a stand-alone guide.

Niche Tycoon has been fully updated and now incorporates the B2C/B2B hybrid concept for total niche domination which is my model going forward in 2016.  I apologize for any inconcenience.

I Actually Do this Stuff...

I've been a niche website publisher for years.

The type of niche website this guide teaches is what I call a "high-value" niche website.

What this means is that these sites do not need all that much content (compared to an authority site).  In fact, my high value niche sites don't get all that much traffic either... about 4,000 visits per month (free organic search traffic).

Yet, the site generates over $7,000 per month.

Introducing "Niche Sniper"

Section 4: Keyword Research

Section 8: Traffic

Section 6: Monetization

Section 3: Website Set-Up

Section 5: Content

Section 7: Email Marketing

This Ebook Steps You Through Everything You Need to Know to Plan, Launch, Get Traffic and Monetize... FAST.

I don’t provide step-by-step tutorials for building your site, but the guide does explain briefly how I format these types of blogs. They’re very simple to set up.

The guide provides a list of specific keywords you can use for the suggested niches to get started. Once you understand the concept, keyword research is a breeze.

Section 1: The Big Picture

The guide provides a list of 20 specific blog post titles you can use to get started right away. The monetization section (a very valuable and extensive section) provides ideas for many more “high-value” blog posts.  I'm handing you a business on a platter.  You just need to write the content.

Quickly steps you through the big picture concept I use to create profitable, “high-value” niche blogs.

The guide’s monetization section is extensive offering specific products to promote on your blog and in your email newsletter. The guide also explains exactly how I successfully sell these products as an affiliate (i.e. the type of content to produce to sell it). Most importantly, the guide reveals recurring commission products you can promote (which contributes nicely to the passive income aspect).

Section 2: Niche Selection

This guide explains exactly how to leverage your high-value, passive income blog traffic by creating an email marketing funnel. Included are the exact incentives I use to attract new subscribers every day on auto-pilot.

Niche selection is easy and there are many niches to go after.  This guide hands you niche ideas on a platter.  It couldn't be easier.

The guide explains exactly where and how I get traffic to my high-value blog. It’s pretty simple and doesn’t involve back linking or buying traffic. However, it does require some patience.

There is a fair amount of work up-front. You must publish content and set up your email autoresponder sequence and get set up promoting various products as an affiliate. However, once this is all set up, the amount of work each month is minimal (I publish 1 to 4 posts per month… some months I do nothing).



I don’t. I don’t recommend it in the guide. However, if you’re very good at SEO and building quality backlinks, it will help. I simply prefer not building links.

How much will it cost to set up my website?

What does "high value blog" mean?

This model will work on free blogging platforms if they permit affiliate links. However, I do highly recommend a self-hosted WordPress blog with $5 to $7 per month hosting. Free WordPress themes will work fine.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an OTO or upsell?

How much money will I make?

I don't, but you could certainly sell digital products in these niches.

Unfortunately, I can’t answer this. It’s important you understand that this guide simply shares what I did and do. I do not guarantee similar results at all. All I’m offering is a detailed guide setting out my approach to launching and building niche websites.

Does "Passive Income" mean no work at all?


No.  I don't use Adsense or any display ads for my high value niche blogs.

Do I have to pay for ads?

Do I have to build backlinks for SEO?

No. All of my traffic to my high-value, passive income niche blog is free (mostly from the search engines… even after all Penguin updates). The key is that these are “high-value” long tail niches.



Yes. There’s an upsell, but it’s an unrelated guide (my other guide).  

Are there other costs involved?

Do I have to sell physical products or create a digital product?

The guide includes a section on email marketing which requires an email autoresponder.



“High Value” refers to the potential revenue per visitor and email subscriber. These niches are very targeted and includes people who spend money on products they want and need (you promote the products as an affiliate). While blog traffic potential is fairly low (relative to popular magazine style sites), the value per visitor and email subscriber is high if you promote the right products.

What's included?


The guide is 43 pages (11,140,000 words).

Do I need an Adsense account?



You can easily scale this blog concept by doing it over and over and over.

Traffic = Opportunity. I’ve only scratched surface with my niche authority blog. It just keeps on growing. I’ve learned that more traffic equals more opportunity.

While I don’t guarantee you’ll have the same success, I can say this. My course, Niche Sniper shows you exactly what I did and continue to do with my authority niche blog. Yes, I’m still running it BIG time.

I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if what I teach isn’t for you.

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There are unknown risks in any business, particularly with the Internet where advances and changes can happen quickly.

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Adsense Disclaimer: This guide includes information about using Adsense for revenue. Please understand that an Adsense account can be terminated at any time. It’s not risk-free. I cannot guarantee that following what’s set out in the guide will prevent you from having any problems with Adsense.

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